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  • Didn't get hired for a job (at Sea world)? What should I do?

    I had a job interview for a part-time position at Sea World (San Diego) a few days ago. The interview went great, the lady loved me. She said that usually they would hire on the spot and if she could, she would but it's at the point in the season that they're running out of positions. I had told her that I would accept any position. At the end she stated (direct quote) "Well, if it happens that they don't hire you, I beg beg BEG you to come back. I would love to have you work for us"

    I got my rejection postcard in the mail today (and I am super bum due to the positive reaction at the interview and was hoping for good news). Do I just accept it as is? Or do I call and ask them for a reason (they did not state one). And what did the lady meant? Does she mean.. to go back this summer? Like I should ask for her and talk to her? Or does she mean come back next summer since I did not get hired this season? Or maybe I'm reading too much into it since this is my first real job interview and rejection?

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  • I need an isagenix coach?

    I recently bought the isagenix 9 days cleansing as an associate due to the overwhelming positive comments I read about it from this site.. I was wondering how I could get a coach? Anyone willing to be my coach? Etc... I don't really get the product..

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  • Best bank [for student], does Wells Fargo have fees? and are there fees to close a bank account?

    I recently got an account w/ Wells Fargo [they kinda pressured me into it and I fail at rejection]. Not sure if I should close down the account later. I was planning on opening up one with WaMu. Which bank is the best? Is there a fee to close down an account? Should I just stick with Wells Fargo? I heard WaMu is bigger and has more atm's. What bank has the most and best benefits for having an account there?


    I'm a new college student. Don't really have a job just some money from savings. Do plan to get a job soon.

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  • Best digital camera?

    I need to know the best digital camera to get.

    I like them as compact as possible

    Budget = $300-400

    Megapixels wanted = 5+

    I need large LCD screens.

    I used to have a Casio Exlim that was 7.2megapixels.

    I liked it a lot because it was super compact and had a huge LCD screen [it got stolen though and I'm not sure if I should just rebuy it] but it was shaky and didn't take the very best pictures.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!

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