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  • Anyone know the decision split for Gates vs Collier?

    I'm doing this s.s. project and everywhere I look I can't seem to find what the decision split was. Anyone know?

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  • Some vampire story advice?

    I am writing a story called The Promised One. The main character Nathan lives in a village that was cursed with a plague many years ago. The plague first infected the animals, and caused them to become crazed and rabid at night, but eventually the plague was spread to humans, having the same effect on them. Although the small vampire family that lives in the small village that the plague started in has an immunity to it. Nathan is half vampire- his dad was human and his mom is a vampire. The reason that his parents had kids at all is because of the legend that lead them to believe that a vampire hybrid would save humans from the plague, Nathan's mom was the first vampire to agree to it.Therefore, Nathan is able to control his vampire side to be less monstrous, and more human. He fell in love with a girl- Tonya, and when she became cursed with the plague he became determined to save her.

    Is it too much like Twilight to have this bit of romance? I know how burnt out Twilight has made vampire romances, so I'm not sure if this crosses the line of "blah" (for lack of a better term) considering my circumstances in the plot.

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