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  • What can I do to defend myself against a speeding ticket?

    I received a speeding ticket for going 51 mph in a 35 mph zone in Bexar county San Antonio on September 11, 2015 at IH 10 W access road at its intersection with Fresno Street. I was driving with my friend who was in the car with me and had just gotten off the highway and didn't notice the speed limit sign and assumed the speed limit was around 45-55 mph (most speed limits on access roads next to highways are 55 mph in San Antonio.) I had already made a safe and complete stop at a red light when a police officer who was on the road to the right of me ( I hadn't even passed him when I stopped at the red light) put his lights on and asked me to pull over which i fully complied at the time neither me nor my friend knew why we were being pulled over. He gave me a ticket for speeding and we were on our way.

    I believe giving me a ticket was unreasonable because i had already made a safe and complete stop when he put his lights on and pulled me over also that I was slowing down

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  • I need help with my statics project?

    I'm not asking for you to do the project for me I just want an example of an easy to solve for design of a Howe's truss bridge that can fit this criteria:


    Select a structure such as a truss, frame, or machine which is designed to operate in static equilibrium. Estimate the loads on the structure, and dimensions. Your structure should be an existing functional structure (examples would be bridge trusses, roof trusses, automotive engine hoists, etc.)


    If your structure is a truss, determine all of the reactions and estimate the forces in each member of the structure. Show your results in a diagram. Determine the member with the highest load. Examine the result if this member fails, by recalculating all of the forces with this member removed. Show these results in a second diagram. Discuss if the structure can no longer maintain static equilibrium.

    If you could also give me the relevant formulas to solve for what I need that would appreciated. I hope that this isn't too much to ask for.

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  • What areas on the body does the skin not stretch or alter significantly when you gain weight or muscle?

    I'm asking because I want tattoos and I'll (hopefully) be gaining a lot of weight in the near future (In muscle). By a lot I mean at least 50 pounds and probably not stopping there. I don't mind getting touch ups I just want to avoid noticeable changes in the tattoos if I gain weight and the skin stretches. If it means anything, I'm 6 feet, very lean but rather thin for my age (19), I only weigh about 140 lb. After I gain the weight I'll most likely be getting more tattoo's once I'm satisfied with my weight. I want one now because I'm pretty impatient and it's been a while since my first one.

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  • What is the "legal" difference between recording a show onto a disk and copying music from the cd?

    Please be detailed, and if their are any specific laws please state them thanks!! :D

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics7 years ago
  • I want to move out of the country how should I do it?

    I live in the U.S. and I'm fairly tired of living here and need a change of scenery, my first thought is the UK but I'd actually like to live and work in their for a while and I'm not sure how to go about that, any help would be nice thanks!

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  • I need help solving and understanding an electrostatic question. I Need help please!?

    An electron traveling at 6*10^6 m/s enters a 0.09 m region with a uniform electric field of 84 N/C. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the electron while in the electric field. The mass of an electron is 9.109*10^-31 kg and the fundamental charge is 1.602*10^-19 C.

    1 AnswerPhysics7 years ago
  • How did the the American frontier promote democracy & individualism?

    I'm writing an essay for my American history class and I could use some help finding reliable sources of information to put into it. The prompt:

    How did the frontier promote democracy & individualism? Address ideas and cultural practices that developed on the frontier including religion, politics, and division of social classes. Does American society still promote democracy and individualism? Why or why not? keep in mind the regions. Give specific examples.

    what I'm really looking for are some examples and sources to write with, if you'd like to put in your own opinions that'd be great too. thanks!!!

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  • What is the connection between the GOP and Domestic spying?

    Please be detailed. give the names of people, organizations, and programs.

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  • What should the GOP congressional leadership do about domestic spying?

    Be as detailed as possible please.

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