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  • Are My Three Story Ideas Any Good?

    I like to read and write, especially fantasy. I have these three story ideas, and don't know which one is the best. Any thoughts, advice, tips, ideas, or criticism is welcome! All is appreciated!

    1.) An isolated country is beginning its Golden Era. Among it are empires and huge cities, abundant in crops and precious metals. Of course, with all this prosperity comes along thieves, monsters, conflict with rivals, etc. One city near the capital has just been visited by a group of entertainers. One of the fortune tellers, named Rielna, strays from the camping site, getting into mischief. When she is chased by a group of thugs, she is saved at the last moment by a swordsman that happened along. Feeling that this must be a sign from the stars, the fortune teller decides to use her specialty for good and not to con people for money. She feels that she should no longer steal and cheat, and change her ways. The only way she could do that is abandon the entertainers and tag along with the swordsman and his group. Of course, this will prove difficult for her to break her bad habits.

    2.) An old king has a person he is very close to. A young man (17-21 I'll call him "N") who he listens to for advice, very trustworthy, he sees him like a son. N, unlike the knights, doesn't enjoy "the thrill of battle" and yet was born into a life of battle.

    One day, a war ensues between the two countries, which are fighting for land. N has a great strategy plan, which the king agrees. On the morning of the start of the battle, the king's wife goes into labor. Since the king is very loving, he wants to see his child born. He asks N to go in his place as Leader of the army instead. When he does, he does quite well leading the soldiers, until the other army's Leader challenges him to a duel. The battle ends with both Leaders incapable of fighting, so the soldiers return to their countries. (N has a stomach wound and a cut on his face, while the other Leader has a cut going through his hand.) Later on while N is resting, (although he really wanted to brush up on his swordsmanship skills) the queen begins to show more appeal for him as she nurses him to health. Also, a very stern, serious, lover-of-jewelry female pirate and her gentle healer daughter arrive to the country.

    3.) A girl (15-17 I'll call her "C") is a noble, and lives with her parents and older brother. The four live a life of pampering, luxury, and lavishness. C is also bored of her life and wishes something interesting to happen.

    A powerful spirit animal, named Zephyra (I haven't decided what kind of animal) is given a bet by another powerful spirit animal. The bet is that Zephyra must find a young, ordinary female (she chooses C) and possess them for five years. In those five years, she has to change C's and everyone's life in the whole country; all the while controlling the girl. Then, Zephyra must kill the girl only if the task is complete. If the girl dies before the five years or the when the task isn't complete within five years, Zephyra loses her powers and must be reborn as a human. If Zephyra wins, she will gain the other spirit's powers. Also, Zephyra must limit her magic while possessing the girl (because it's "cheating").

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