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I'm a student in the states that loves to read and hates math.

  • I need help on my math problem. Bobo the clown?

    Hi, I got this math project that is due tomorrow and its about a clown. Can you plz help me answer it and get lots of detail in how you got your answer? Here it is....

    Bobo the clown is daydreaming and walks onto a bridge. After he gets 2/3 of the way over the bridge he hears a train coming towards him in the distance. Because of his great mathematical skills he realizes that he has 2 options. He can either continue the way he is going and reach the end of the bridge just as the train does, or he can run back the way he came from and reach that end at the exact same instant as the train. (the train is going 45 miles per hour) How fast does Bobo run?

    Doesn't it fell like you need more information to answer that question? like how long the bridge is or how far away the train is from the end of the bridge? or is that just me?

    Well, plz answer fast this is due tomorrow and i still need to write up a paper about it? thanks

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