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  • Can I stop my network provider showing on my Sony Ericsson K800i display?

    I've got a picture of my girlfriend as my mobile phone wallpaper. However, right across her face is 'O2-UK'. I can't re-crop the picture as there is no room on the original. Is there any way that I can turn off the display so that it does not show my network provider? Thanks.

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  • How is Seville of a weekend?

    I arrive in Seville this Friday night and I've heard that the city effectively closes down after Saturday afternoon until Monday. How true is this? Will I find anything open in town or am I confined to my hotel until Monday morning?

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  • If I sell a property development for profit do I get my deposit back as well as profit?

    I pay a 10% deposit on a house valued at £70,000. I spend £10,000 on work for the house and sell it for £100,000. I have made a £20,000 profit and pay the bank the £63,000 I owe them for their 90% mortgage. I am left with £37,000 as follows:

    - £10,000 that I spend on building works.

    - £7,000 deposit.

    - £20,000 pure profit.

    Is this correct?

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  • Should I set my stop limit stock orders at the previous support level or at an R-multiple?

    I buy a stock at $50 and I'm willing to risk 3% of my equity to get it off the ground so I set a stop loss order at $48.50. My stock takes off and eventually reaches $60. I obviously want to scoot my stop loss up so that I can let this winner keep running whilst limiting any losses I might have. I can take four approaches:

    1. Sell my shares, take my 20% profit and be happy.

    2. Remain willing to risk 3% of my position so scoot the stop loss up to $58.20.

    3. Set the stop loss at the support level. For example on the way from $50 to $60 my stock took a little dip from $58 to $54. I can set my limit at $54 in case the stock takes another little dip as part of a longer climb.

    4. Try to estimate the next support level by ruling a line across all of the previous lows and setting a stop wherever this line takes me.

    Basically I'm wondering which exit strategy I should incorporate into my trading system. Is it solely dependent on my risk tolerance?

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  • Do stock brokers charge commission for stop loss orders not executed?

    If I scoot my stop loss order up based on an R-multiple will I be charged commission for placing all of the orders or just the one that is actually executed?

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  • Where can I find quarterly EPS earnings on a 10-k SEC filing?

    I can find quarterly EPS readings on the three 10-Q filings but can only find yearly ones on the 10-K forms. Does it depend on the company filing or should there be quarterly EPS readings somewhere also?

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  • Help me to understand avoiding paying capital gains tax on shares sold for a profit.?

    In the UK the Annual Exempt Amount of net profit from sold shares that can go untaxed is £9,600. Any more than that and you are taxed at 18%.

    Presuming I make £15,000 net profit on share sales within a financial year could I avoid paying capital gains by gifting the excess shares to my girlfriend and having her sell them within her own personal allowance?

    1 AnswerUnited Kingdom1 decade ago
  • Is my student loan a liability?

    I'm creating my first personal financial statement and on my balance sheet I don't know if I should class my student loan as a liability. I'm in the UK so it's not a private loan but rather a government loan tied to the rate of inflation and not payable until I am earning £15,000 per year. I know it's 'good debt', but I don't know if it is a liability. Can anyone advise me?

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  • How do I ensure the best first mortgage possible?

    n.b. I am in England.

    I'm twenty one and looking to buy my first house in the next few years.

    1. How can I ensure that lenders will be interested in giving me a mortgage of up to £140,000?

    2. How can I ensure that I get the best interest rate possible?

    I assume both answers are credit related. I have no credit history so have got a credit card from my bank and intend to buy my shopping with 1/3 of the limit each month and repaying it in full so that I never carry a balance. Perhaps in eight or nine months should I get another credit card and, say, pay all of my utility bills with it and pay off the balance? This way when I come to ask for a mortgage in three years time I will have had two, three or maybe more lines of credit on which I have never carried a balance and reliably paid in full every month.

    Is this the best thing I can do? Is there anything else?

    I am responsible and have enough savings to ensure that I would not run up a load of credit card balances.

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  • Is it possible to alter your mortgage terms?

    This might simply be remortgaging, but I'm a financial retard and don't know. I don't own a house so this situation is entirely hypothetical.

    I have a house that I rent out for £1,000 per month. The mortgage is £800 per month. Thus the rent I charge is 125% of the mortgage. I pay £800 per month towards the mortgage and put the rest towards an emergency maintenance fund.

    Five years later the market takes a downturn and my house value drops. Can I renegotiate the terms of my mortgage so that it reflects the new value of my house?

    I want to renegotiate the value of my mortgage to reflect the new value of the house. Payments remain at the same rate but are now £700 a month, but I keep my rent charges the same. The rent I charge is now 142% of the mortgage. I continue to pay £800 per month mortgage so I am now paying less interest, more principle and hopefully owning the house outright much quicker.

    Essentially I am asking if a fall in my house value is a short-term benefit as a land lord? This is assuming that (a) I want to pay the mortgage off asap to use rent as income only and (b) that owning the house is a long-term investment and I don't mind the value dropping for a few years.

    Or have I got this all wrong? Would it be better to buy a house that is undervalued and hope that it the value increases while my mortgage payments remain the same as they did when the house was of a poor value?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Are savings an asset?

    I'm writing up a list of my assets and liabilities. My savings are in a tax-free account (a UK ISA) so there is no expense and they provide me with income through interest so I believe they should go in the asset column. Am I correct?

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance1 decade ago
  • How do Interrail country passes work?

    My girlfriend and I are going to Seville for a week later this summer. We'd like to buy an Interrail Spain Pass Youth (we are both EU citizens and under 26 years old) so that we can spend some time in nearby cities.

    Does the pass have unlimited use on any day? For example, we would like to take the train to Cordoba one morning and then return to Seville later that night. We might spend the next day in Seville, and the following day take the train to and from Granada. Is this how the ticket should be used? We just want to double-check before paying for it.

    Also, has anyone had trouble using an Interrail pass in Spain?

    Please note — we're buying the Interrail pass rather than individual tickets because we want the peace of mind knowing that we've got the train tickets sorted before we get on our flight.

    2 AnswersOther - Spain1 decade ago
  • How can I improve my 100m time from terrible to decent?

    I'm a twenty one year old male. I weigh about 190lbs. I never ran track or played sports in high school. I'm now at college and want to play soccer just for a laugh. I don't intend to be on the first or second team, but I would like to be good enough for the thirds.

    Back in high school I ran 100m in about 18 or 19s, obviously terrible. Last night I ran it in 15.5s, still terrible but considering I have done no sprint work in the intervening time I'm quite happy.

    I know I can get this time down to at least 13s, a decent (but not good) time. Chasing down a soccer ball and having that extra 2 or 3 seconds of pace on my opponent would be a brilliant help. I don't expect to be a great sprinter but I know I can be better than I am now.

    What suggestions do you guys have? How should I train? Are my goals feasible? I have got in touch with my local athletics club but I don't know if having me on their books would be a challenge or a chore.

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  • Should I be concerned about gas?

    I just got into my girlfriend's house and one of the gas burners on the stove was burning (note: it was BURNING and not simply switched on). It has been burning for AT LEAST THREE HOURS. Should I be concerned? I figure not — you leave some meals to simmer all day on a low heat so three hours isn't so bad. Note it is 00:32am here and I can't call out a gas man to inspect.

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  • Is there any way in which I can use a sunbed safely?

    I'm pale as ****. I want a tan. Is there any way that I can use a sunbed safely? For example, only once a week, or only for three minutes at a time? I would rather not use it at all than risk a significant increase in my chances of contracting skin cancer, of course, but if it would be negligible then I might be interested.

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  • How can I improve my reading speed and comprehension?

    I'm an undergraduate student and would like to be able to read faster without reducing my ability to process and comprehend the text. This is not so I can get my work done more quickly but so that I can do additional reading to set texts. Has anyone got any experience, tips or tricks?

    9 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago
  • How do I stop being lazy?

    I am a fundamentally lazy person. I like to go to sleep late and wake up late, I like to procrastinate and put my work off as much as I can and once I do get working I am easily distracted. I need this to change if I want to graduate from university with a first.

    How do I stop being such a bum? I want to be up, fed, showered and out of the door to the library with a packed lunch first thing in the morning. I want to be organised, with my room and car tidy.

    Does anyone have any tips or advice? Good tricks I can use? Recommended food that might help my mind work better (it's not an energy issue)? It really isn't easy as 'just doing it' for me. This is the bad habit of a lifetime and I am at a point where I really need to undo it.

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