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  • For each of the following.state which two populations are being compared?

    For each of the following.(a)state which two populations are being compared,(b) state the research hypothesis, (c) state the null hypothesis, and(d)say whether you should use a one tailed or two tailed test and why.

    1.In an experiment people are told to solve qa problem by focusing on the details. Is the speed of solving the problem different for people who get such instructions compared to the speed for people who are given no speical instructions?

    2.Based on anthropological reports in which the status of women is scored on a 10- point scale. the mean and standard deviation across many cultures are known. A new culture is found in which there is an unusual family arragement the status of women is also rated in this culture. do cultures with the unusual family arrangement provide higher status to women than cultures in general?

    3. Do people who live in big cities develop more stress related conditions than people in general?

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