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  • Is race real?

    9 AnswersAnthropology4 months ago
  • Where do I fit in the political spectrum?

    So I'm for gun rights, against abortion, for freedom of speech, welfare state, free healthcare, against all drugs (except medical cannabis), anti-religion, amnesty for illegal immigrants who were here for a long time (but no open borders), against affirmative action, against the death penalty, for free markets, for school choice, global warming is real, evolution is a fact, for property rights, for same-sex marriage, but there's only 2 genders, limited government, social security benefits, help the poor; disabled, vets, & elderly, against war.

    So where do I stand?

    5 AnswersPolitics12 months ago
  • Am I a libertarian?

    I'm against abortion (I'm pro-life), I'm against the death penalty, I'm for gun rights, I'm for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, right to privacy, right to defend myself, I'm for small government, I'm against all drugs (except medical cannabis), I'm for same-sex marriage, I'm for amnesty for illegal immigrants who are already here, but I'm against open-borders, I'm against socialism, I'm for free healthcare, I'm for school choice, & against the public school system, I'm for separation of church & state, I support social security, I'm against affirmative action, I don't support transgenders, there are only 2 genders, I'm for free markets, Climate change is real, I'm for lowering taxes, & I'm for civil rights (for all citizens)

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  • What is my political ideology?

    I m against abortion, I m against transgenders, because there are biologically only 2 genders, I m against the death penalty, I m against war, I m for free healthcare, free education (even for college), Helping the disabled & the mentally ill, Legal immigration (but those who are illegally here, should stay, & get amnesty), secure the borders, I m for gun control, I m against same-sex marriage, so what political ideology am I?

    1 AnswerPolitics2 years ago
  • When should I have a kid?

    So I'm 19 years old (turned 19, last month), moved out of my parents house, last June, after turning 18, I have Bipolar Disorder & Autism (Asperger's), + plus some other stuff, I get SSI every month (about a little over $800), I just got my new apartment this month, I have a payee & my parents helping me with the bills, after living in motels for almost a year, I'mt trying to go to college, to get my bachelors degree in Anthropology, I currently have sleep issues, I have no partner, I'm currently unemployed, I want to start a family, but at the same time, am I ready?, or should I wait a few more years?.

    8 AnswersFamily2 years ago
  • How do I get a girlfriend in college?

    I been single most of my life, I just turned 19, I'm interesting in sciences (mostly Anthropology), I love watching TV shows (such as talk, gossip, & comedy-dramas, like Gilmore Girls, Law & Order, & many more), I love watching old commercials on YouTube, I'm working on getting my bachelors in Anthropology, I'm a night owl, I have Asperger's, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, & intermittent explosive disorder, I had a lot of weird, interesting, & traumatic life experiences, I'm 2/3 Spaniard, 1/3 Purepecha Indian, & 1/32 Afro-Mexican, I have a lot of knowledge in geography, science, politics, theology, religion, history, & much more, I have a very open-minded, overthinking, rational, freethinking, & learning personality, I'm catholic, I only had a few girlfriends in my life, & they didn't really last very long, all my of friends are guys, it's hard to talk to girls about many of my interests, personality, & experiences, so how do I get a girlfriend?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Am I a centrist?

    I support legal immigration, but support amnesty, to those who are innocent, & not hurting others, I'm against abortion, I'm against transgenderism, I'm against drugs, except medical marijuana, I believe in a better, big-box, progressive economy, I believe that we are one nation under god, I'm against abortion, I support gay marriage, global warming is happening. I'm against guns & the death penalty, I'm against the public education system, prefer homeschooling, christian schools, or charter schools, I'm for free healthcare, no life should be paid for, I stand for property rights, I believe in school prayer, & that god should be taught in schools, I believe that race should be taught in anthropology classes as a biological construct, I'm also against, I support need for the poor (ssi, welfare, etc), I'm against too many taxes, because why do we need to pay taxes so much, I support the environment, so am I centrist?

    3 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • Am I a catholic or deist?

    I believe in god, I believe that god is a big male spirit, but not a human, or another living thing, I believe that god created the universe, god can still do miracles to all life in the universe, I believe that we are not the only life in this planet, I was baptized catholic, but now I think I might be in between Catholic & Deist, I see god in a more scientific way, I believe in Jesus as my savior, but I don't really follow christian teachings, besides going to church, confessing myself, & drinking the church wine, I'm not sure about the afterlife, but I'm aiming for a personal heaven, I believe we go to heaven, but not the Christian heaven, for example, I go to Heaven, & I live a life, that I wanted to live, like living with the Brady Bunch, I talk to god every night, & when I'm in need, god has really helped me, but I'm not sure whether I'm a catholic, deist, or both, what am I?

    4 AnswersPhilosophy2 years ago
  • Where should I move in California?

    So I'm 19 years old (well almost), I'm from Humboldt County (Eureka), born & raised here, see I'm getting my doctorates in Anthropology, & associates in Psychology, I'm a roman catholic (Christian), I'm 2/3 Caucasian (Spaniard) & 1/3 Native American (Purepecha), & I'm a social conservative (Republican), I'm also looking for a place that is safe, mostly Caucasian, Christian, socially conservative, great benefits for disabled people, great healthcare, safe place to raise a family, good anthropology/psychology college, a urban-feeling, a medium-sized city, I'm not really a fun person, I don't need to live a place that has theme parks or places like that, just a place that is more urbanized than Humboldt County, any ideas where in California I should move, I also get SSI, & planning to get a job, I'm looking for somewhere no more than 2,000 for a apartment or studio to rent.

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  • Is 3 weeks too soon to ask a girl out?

    So I know this girl from my digital audio class, I known her for about 3 to 4 weeks, we hanged out at the college a couple of times before, & we hanged out last night around downtown (in my town), I bought her pizza, I really love this girl, but I don't know if 3 weeks is too soon, I just can't stop thinking about her.

    15 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • What am I fatigued, & what's wrong with my sleep?

    I woke up at 11am, then I watched old ads on youtube, I started feeling fatigued & my heart started feeling weird, so I went back to bed, I went back to bed around 11:45, & woke up at 3pm, I watched old ads & got ready to hang out with a friend, I then took my pills (Lithium 300 mg, 3 pills) & Latuda (40 mg), then I took a shower, I then hanged out with my friend from 6pm to 7:15pm, then we called it a night, because I was feeling fatigued again, my heart was feeling weird again, & I was feeling light-headed, I came back to my room, & I'm a bit less fatigued.

    The problem here is that I feel fatigued by energized at the same time, which is why I can't sleep, but why does my heart feel weird, I don't really know how to describe it, but it feels weird, I been having fatigue since last year I believe, but I also have Insomnia, which I had since I was 14, now I'm 18.

    I went to see the doctor this week, & they are going to refer me to the sleep center, however I got a request denied there by my insurance before, because I have no symptoms of sleep apnea.

    What should I do? my fatigue & insomnia are affecting my daily life.

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases3 years ago
  • What's my polticial idelogy?

    I support gay marriage, I support DACA, I believe in amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.

    I believe in free healthcare & free education,.

    I oppose abortion, I oppose guns (including the police), I oppose war, I oppose the death penalty.

    8 AnswersPolitics3 years ago
  • What political party should I register to?

    So I registered as Independent, but now that I'm moving, I have to register again.

    Pro-Life (no Abortion, no Guns, no Death Penalty)

    Against Same-sex Marriage

    No more Illegal Immigration, but the ones that didn't do much crimes could stay.

    Free health care

    Support more the mentally ill & disabled population

    Bring jobs back to the United States.

    Believe in Global Warming, but to not worry too much about it.

    Should teach about god in schools.

    Race should be taught in Anthropology classes again.

    Bring more economy to smaller towns.

    Doesn't support trans-gender

    Believes the the Hispanic/Latino label is corrupted, & should be removed from the census.

    4 AnswersPolitics3 years ago
  • What religion am I?

    so I was born to Catholic parents, I was baptized Catholic, I went to church all until age 14, then I became Lapsed Catholic (basically I stopped going to church, but still identified as Catholic), then around age 17, I started going to church again, but ever since I turned 18 I been questioning what religion I am, when I go to church, the priest always talks about things like gospel, which things I honestly don't really know about, then I never read the bible in my life, I believe in god, but I don't know who god is, god could be any race, sex, or even species, god could simply be spirit, I do believe that If you're in need of god, god can help you fix it, but with actual medical help as well, I don't know whether there's a afterlife, or we reincarnate, or we simply become nothing, so I think I could be a deist, or a mix of Christian & something else, or just something else, what do you think?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 years ago
  • Should I stay awake in order to get back on schedule.?

    So I been having this really bad habit of sleep really late (2-6am) but I want to go to sleep earlier (10pm), but I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to stay awake all night to get back on schedule, but I'm not sure if I'm doing right or not because It still might affect my aleep.

    Should I go back to bed or hold it.

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care4 years ago
  • How long should I wait until I ask her out?

    So I met this girl at my church about a week ago, & we hanged out only once, but we are hanging out tomorrow again, & I want to know how more I should wait, & I'm not too good at this but should I say "do you wanna go out with me" or "do you want to be my girlfriend".

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Are racial forums safe?

    So I been on this website called the apricity, & they start bringing up a lot of racist things, I talked to a friend of mine & he said that those of forum are dangerous, is that true

    2 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups4 years ago
  • Is Saenz a Basque surname?

    My great-grandmother's last name was Saenz, I wonder if it's Basque or not.

    1 AnswerOther - Society & Culture4 years ago
  • What's my personality?

    I'm 17, I'm a High school junior, I get anxious & stressed very easily, I'm shy around people (especially girls around my age group), I can be very gullible, I obsess over one certain topic, I like being alone in my room watching old ads on youtube or watching tv shows I like, I talk very fast, It's hard to for me to get out & do stuff, I'm a good person, I care about every human being, but sometimes I get mood swings which can make look like a bad person, & I have Asperger's.

    3 AnswersPsychology4 years ago