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  • 2003 F-150 (5.4l) Coolant Gauge Problem?

    Last night, while driving home from work, my 2003 F-150 (5.4l) coolant gauge started dropping out and returning.

    We've had a heat spell here and the ambient temp was about 95*. This happened AS SOON AS my fan clutch kicked in (I know this as my transmission temp gauge will be at 190* before the clutch kicks in)

    My coolant gauge never went above its normal range, it just cut in/out between op temp and cold.

    It was behaving as if there was a short of some sort.

    I got home, let my truck sit for about an hour and a half then took it back out. The coolant and trans temps had both cooled to about half and the gauge did not act up for a whole 3 mile drive.

    *EDIT* I forgot to mention that my coolant level is within the normal range and there are no signs of leaks

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    1 AnswerFord9 years ago
  • 2003 F150 5.4l Fan Shroud Replacment?

    I need a replacement fan shroud but cannot find one online for the 5.4l engine. All I can find are ones for the 4.6l engine, and while some sites say they are interchangeable, others say they are not. Any suggestions?

    1 AnswerFord10 years ago