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I think therefore I spam.

  • Small dimple on my head?

    I have a small dimple on my skull, on the center of my backside 5/8 of the way up from the bottom of the back of my head. Do you know what implications this has for my brain functioning/life?

    3 AnswersBiology7 years ago
  • Thought broadcasting?

    I've asked many times and read many opnions, but does anyone have any straight answers on how I can train myself to stop leaking my thoughts at loud volume and with extreme regularity?

    I bought a gun today and I can't seem to kill myself yet but getting this cry for help out of the way is one step closer to pulling the trigger.

    2 AnswersParapsychology7 years ago
  • Hard to pull the trigger?

    I have a moral imperative to kill myself. I just spent 400 dollars and most of the day purchasing the means, but my mindset completely changes once it's pointed at me. It's nothing new, I got the same way around the 20 minute mark of carbon monoxide exposure and whenever the knife starts cutting deep enough.


    4 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • Thought broadcasting?

    Please tell me anything about thought broadcasting besides its inclusion on symptoms of mental disorders.

    1 AnswerPsychology7 years ago
  • How do you get off the phone?

    How to stop thought broadcasting?

    1 AnswerPsychology7 years ago
  • Where do babies come from?

    I might be a parent one day, and I've only heard "hilariously" vague TV answers to this question. The books and magazines I've read just give you adjectives your conversation should fit like "open and clear."

    Let's build a library of what kids can get told.

    "Where do babies come from?"

    9 AnswersParenting7 years ago
  • Why am I so tired all the time?

    Every day when I get home from work, I don't want to do anything.

    I'm 22. When I get home I watch youtube videos and sometimes write demeaning answers to 9th grade homework problems posted to Yahoo Answers.

    In the usual three hours I have to get stuff done, I usually only cook dinner and do about 20 minutes of solid work. My job isn't that hard.

    That's right, NSA. I'm lazy.

    3 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • People can hear my thoughts?

    This isn't new but there's telepathy, thought broadcasting, adulthood, whatever you want to call it, making me really annoy everyone around me all the time. I probably need to learn how to stop for myself, but would anyone please give the context - how is it people can hear my thoughts, what is it.. like? I think I'm deaf.

    2 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • How can people hear my thoughts?

    Please just describe the transfer of thoughts through intuition or however it happens. I think I might have some sort of social deficiency.

    How come people can hear my thoughts, and how do You keep from constantly sending out your thoughts to others?

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • How do I stop projecting?

    Set your activity to private. The internet is anonymous.

    Any adult knows what I'm talking about. Somehow I've either been conditioned, externally or self-provocated, to do this as my main method of operation.

    Besides meditation, how do I stop? Is there any kind of explanation I can obtain? I've put a lot of research into this, but just not enough, and it's crucial - for the relief of my environment - to know real facts.

    Any takers?

    2 AnswersParanormal Phenomena8 years ago
  • What's up with telepathy?

    I thought maybe the middle of the night was the best time for this. "Are" people able to send and receive thoughts, like if they don't want to SAY something but want everybody to KNOW?

    "if" so, how does it work? -OR- what is the typical range of reception? -OR- what determines whether or not you are sending?

    I suppose this wisdom must be earned for oneself. I'll delete this question if you give an amazingly clear and helpful answer, though.

    4 AnswersParapsychology8 years ago
  • How important is it in meditation to meditate in the same place and time daily?

    Sometimes I will have time to meditate at sunrise in my usual spot (just started though) but if it is important to do it at the same time, it will be at noon.

    Also if it does not matter where one meditates, I can do it at sunrise but it will sometimes be on campus.

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • People can hear my thoughts?

    When I try to stop the "type" of thinking that is perceived by others, I'm really uncertain about what works and what doesn't. Who can shed light on this?

    May I have a description of what I am doing to make this happen.

    How far away is it picked up? (what would the answer depend on if it varies)

    Do any materials such as metal dampen the "signal" (taking a shot in the dark that its due to brain emfs)

    Does elevation matter? Am I better off in the basement?

    What else can I do? I'm sick of annoying folks but I feel the most motivated at night.

    2 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • How can you turn your mind off / stop thinking as much?

    I'd like to learn how to stop talking out my thought processes in my head. Are there any methods I can learn or knowledge I should know?

    In this one episode of Doctor Who, a new companion asks why he's bringing her along, and he tells her that being alone so much is lonely and that he thinks too much - "I'm giving myself an ear ache."

    It got me thinking; my internal voice is actually pretty annoying.

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • How to stop being a charlatan?

    Especially on my ADHD medication, any writing I do is ridiculously verbose with longer syllable words preferred over simplicity. Yesterday I made a post with a tone like I was from the Matrix. How to not come off like a snob or jerk while trying to articulate with creativity?

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago