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  • Not finished...but what do you think?

    This isn't finished yet, I'm just wondering if it has a good start.

    Love me enough to take away the pain

    I'm just using you, yes, but isn't it all the same?

    I'll tell you empty words and you can drink me in

    We're both visibly content, I won't call myself a sin.

    Yet sometimes I can't breathe, but I surley can cry

    & I'll look at you then and you'll start to look alive

    Your blank eyes form color and the fog swallows me up

    It feels good to be wanted but how much is enough?

    How much pain must you go through before I realize you can't fix me?

    But my selfish mind won't give up that quickly.

    I'll kiss you hard, begging to be rescued

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  • Spanish Help Please !?

    Is "Mis gatos se llama Princess y Sasha, y mi perro se llama Penny" right ?

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  • Any spanish speakers ?

    For my school project, we have to write about when we were kids. Can you tell me if anything is wrong with my paragraph ? Thank you !

    Cuando era nina, era muy timida. Tenia uno o dos buenos amigos, y haciamos muchas cosas. Jugabamos futbol, en AYSO, cual era muy divertido. Tambien, saltabamos la cuerda siempre. En escuela, mi clase favorita era arte. Era muy artistico, y siempre dibujaba mi familia or mis amigos. Mi juguete favorito era mis munecas. Especialmente me gustaba Barbie. Compraba mucho ropa para ella, y siempre se llevaba en ropa loco. Jugaba con mis hermanos tambien. Jugabamos beisbol o basquetbol, y era siempre mi hermano y me contra mis hermanas.

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  • Nausea, ringing ears, dizziness !?

    My friend just got sick & she is nausea and dizzy and her ears are ringing. She is sweating & cold. It came on very suddenly what do I do ?!

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  • So I read his diary...HELP !!!?

    So this guy Alex and me have been bestfriends for years. We tell eachother everything, and i just feel my best around him. I would talk to him about other guys, and he would talk to me about girls, and he is just my bestfriend in the whole wide world. I love him sooo much, but I have never felt anything more than friendship for him.

    And so I was at his house one day hanging out waiting for him to get home, and I found a notebook under his bead. He totally isn't really the type to keep a diary, but I guess he does. And so I read it just because it was there, and cause I was curious. And it was all about me. He said he is in love with me and all this other stuff and I don't know what to do !!

    I DO NOT feel the same way at all, and if he said anything it would ruin our friendship ! I don't think he is going to, but I mean, now that I know he feels this way I just don't know what to do. I can't act normal around him because of it. But I can't confront him or anything. HELP !!!!!!!!

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  • If I love Sarah Dessen, what else should I read?

    I love all of Sarah Dessens books. What are some other books that I would like ?

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  • Do guys care about blushing...?

    I blush alot, like over a lot of stuff, even if I'm not embaressed.

    But I know that when the guy I like talks to me or something I's so embarassing !

    Do you think he thinks I'm a freak ?

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  • What's your favorite quote?

    From a song, book, poem, etc. Or even if you made it up yourself !

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  • How do you forget about your ex ?

    We have gone out three times, I broke up with him the last time, there is no chance of us gettin back together, or even becoming friends again.

    Every single day I think about him. I want to forget. I try to meet other guys & like other guys, but all I can think about is making my ex jealous with the other guys ! It's been six months now. I need to stop.

    Help !

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  • Turning off an ipod touch?

    Do you have to totally power off the iPod for it to turn off ? If I just put it on hold will it still use battery?

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  • Will he ever want to be my friend again ?

    Long story short, I dated this guy for about 10 months.

    We had known eachother for 3 years.

    He was in love with me, and I thought i was with him, but I think I loved him, but was not in love with him.

    Anyways, when I broke up with him I wasn't the nicest.

    I refused to see him, and did it on the phone, and it was pretty out of the blue. He thought I was in love with him too. Apparently he became pretty depressed for about 5 months, but then started to get better.

    It has been 6 months now, and every time i have tried to text him, or something, he has talked to me, but ended it after a couple texts. He is being nice, but I don't think that he will ever want to be friends again.

    And I mean, after all we have been through, I just want to be friends, but he doesn't.

    Will I EVER have a chance ?

    I miss him so much, soooo much.

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  • Do you guys care whether you are a virgin or not ?

    Will guys like you less if you havn't had sex yet ?

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  • What do guys like in girls? ?

    Do they like confidence or when you are selfconcious ? All made up, or in sweats ? Lots of make up or none ? Anything ! What do guys like in girls....please help me

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  • guys...why do they just stop talking to you ?

    I was talking to this guy alot alot, and we hecka flirted and everything for a long time, and then all of a sudden, he just stopped talking to me. And when I would try to talk to him, he just wouldn't reply or something. I don't get it ! Why do guys do that ?

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