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  • My dog finished his antibiotics, but still swollen?

    is it normal for a dog after he finished his ten days of prescribed antibiotics, to still have a swollen lymph nods

    my dog went to the vet and was discovered he has an absess and a swollen lymph nods....the doc said no big deal, that after the meds he should be fine....but my dog finished his meds and its still has gone down in size, but it is still present

    is this normal? or will he need more meds?

    p.s...hes going for a recheck on monday...just wanting some piece of mind for now

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  • my dog is always scratching, but has no fleas?

    i have had this dog for two years, hes 4 years old, when i first got him, i noticed he was always scratching...his old owners even named him itchy..i guess that should of been a clue ( i later changed it to bruno)

    i figured if with the food change and a good bath would do the did...but only a little bit, his scratching was reduced

    i bath him twice a month, with a tick and flee shampoo, to prevent far it works..

    i feed him a natural dog good called wellness

    even after, i bought the flea and tick shampoo in oatmeal to help with the sooth,....still always checking and still no fleas at all....his skin isnt red or sore, i guess he doesnt stratch that hard..., idk wut do to next

    any suggestions...and yes i will be taking him to the vet soon, and i will ask then, but his appointment isnt for another week


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  • what car does not have electric steering wheel?

    im wondering what cars, any make, does not have an electric steering wheel? and not older then 2008

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  • if i neuter my dog, will he stop chasing cars?

    i know neutering dogs will stop them from wanting to roam and what not, but would it help in reducing of wanting to chase car?

    i dont want to hear anyone saying i should neuter anyways to stop population, because i already know this and im responsible and have kept my dog for the past 5 years froom breeding,( hes 5 yrs old)

    so if anyone had a dog that would chase cars and got them fixed, if they saw any difference, please let me kno

    thank you everyone

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  • what u.s company has expanded overseas?

    im looking for an article about a u.s company that has or will expand overseas into a country

    ive tried googling it, but i cant find any specific company

    thanks for the help

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  • how soon can a cat that just had kittens get spayed?

    my neighbor took in a stray cat a couple months ago and is now pregnant, and wants to get it spayed after the kittens are born

    . but doesnt know how soon after can she do it, how long is a safe time to wait to get the mother cat spayed


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  • My comforter is polyester and cotton, can i wash it at home?

    the tag says dry clean, its 100% polyester on the outside and 100%cotton on the inside, but the tag says dry clean, but some say its safe to wash in my washing machine and some say its not

    ( the size is full/queen)

    and i rather wash it at home if its fine

    5 AnswersCleaning & Laundry10 years ago
  • why does my dog howl at police sirens?

    everytime i walk my dog and a police car drives by with the sirens blaring, my dog starts to howl.....its the only time he howls,

    he barks here and there but never howls, only wen he hears eaither police sirens or the ambulence sirens

    does anyone have a dog that does that??...just wondering, hes been doing it since i can remeber and hes 4 yrs old, lil rat terrior mix ( the one in the pic)

    9 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • My cat lost his voice, why?

    my cat is indoor/outdoor....he spends 50% inside and 50%outside and sometimes, i wont see him for a day or two but then he appears and all is fine

    and today he appeared after not seeing him for 3 days which i think its the longest i havnt seen him and when he comes inside, his voice is basicly gone

    he acts normal, no coughing no sneezing, eyes are fine, walkes fine

    he has a possible lost of appetite and his voice is rough with barely a pitch sometimes he goes to meow and nothing happends

    yes, i kno i should see a vet, and i will make the appt tomorow mourning, ( its 1 am), but i was wondering if this has happend to anyones cat

    what should i look out for

    thank you

    p.s since his outdoors, hes fixed, so dont worry

    6 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • My dog is an extreme shedder?

    i have a 3 yr old dog, whos is a small breed- 15 pounds short hair and sheds like no other

    i have another dog, similer breed,4 yrs old, also short hair, who also sheds, but nothing compared to the 3 yr old

    both are fed, wellness dog food or blue bufalo, i switch from time to time

    both dogs eat the same food and have no allergie symtoms

    ive had the 3 yr ols for a lil over a year now and since we had him, hes been the shedder of the family and i dont know what to do

    i can handle some shedding, fautls of of owning a dog, but im at my limits with the new dog and his excessive shedding

    i bath him twice a month with an oatmeal flea shampoo

    ive tried brushing him, but it hasnt made a difference

    what can i do to reduce the shedding?

    thank you

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  • pros and cons of working indivisually?

    what would you say are the pros and cons with working by urself on a project


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  • what are the 15 criterias you would use to form your own team?

    a good one would be responible

    what other ones would you want your team members to have

    anything you can think of

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  • My dog is 4 yrs old, is it pointless to get him fixed at this age?

    hes a small dog, whos kept well in the house, but does go crazy in the house when theres a dog in heat thats around the neighborhood

    If i get him fixed this late, will the benefits still happen? ( calmer, not want to roam, and wont hump ect)

    he hasnt mated with any female, so he hasnt bred any puppys,

    so besides that he wont be able to make puppys, at this age, will the other benefits still happend?

    thank you

    10 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Can a spayed small dog still give out the sence of being in heat?

    theres a female dog a block away from my houase, that the owner told me was spayed, but every once in a while, like 3 or 4 times a year, my dog goes crazy over that dog

    wen hes inside my house, hell wimper and cry to be let out

    and wen i walk him, he practicly drags me over to that house

    And i kno my dog isnt the only one, cuz another friend of mine who lives also a block away, they have a dog whos known to be a stud, and also, sneaks out of thier house, i have seen that dog also at the lawn of the female dog almost every time my dog goes crazy

    so, can a female dog that is fixed still be in heat or atleast still give out that smell??

    thank you

    and yes, my dog isnt fixed, thats y he goes crazy, but it isnt by choice, he has a medical condition, that doing the surgery will be very frisky

    im responsable, and keep him inside and the backyard is very secured, he cant get out

    hes 4 yrs old and hasnt mutiluplyed with any female,

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  • Wha does Handicap in Golf mean?

    Each player has a handicap that is a number

    What does the number mean

    thank you

    5 AnswersGolf1 decade ago
  • How to get ride of tear stains on dogs?

    My dog is 4 yrs old and from wut i can remember, hes always had tear stains ( not terrible amount of stains of enough to be of concern)

    I have the wipes and drops to clean it up, thats not the problem

    But what can i do for him to stop haveing tear stains

    Hes already on a grain free dog food Wellness small breed for almost 2 yrs and nothing had changed

    also- one eye is a lil worse then other one

    and hes been seen by the vet and got a clean bill of health and the vet didnt say anything bout the tear stains

    Is there a specific reason he has tear stains?

    i also have another dog ( not related) similer breed and has no tear stains at all and is a year younger

    both eat same food

    What can i do to reduce or prevent it...if there is such thing..or hes just stuck with tear stains

    thank who ever ansers

    3 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Simple Dog birhday cake recipe?

    My dog is like my son and on 4th of july, is his birthday, hes turning 4 yr old

    and i want to make him a birthday cake that is dog friendly

    any one knows of a good recipe??

    i kno i cant use chocolate and very little sugar

    but if you know one that is good and simple to make, please let me kno


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  • rinsing conditioner with cool or warm water?

    Ive been told that its better to rinse the conditioner from your hair with cool water rather then warm water?

    is there a difference?

    or it doesnt really matter?


    8 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • can a male dog at ten months old produce puppies?

    my dog keeps getting out and a neighbors dog did the same things and after a while she had puppies and some looked like my dog, my dog isnt a pure breed

    anyways, they said that my dog cant be "the father" because she said dogs need to be atleast a year old to be able to do so

    sooo??? is she right?

    oo also, both dogs are small breeds...i say this becuase i heard that small breed dogs mature faster


    thanks everyone

    7 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • what to do when your dog has a stuffy nose?

    i hear him sleeping and he sounds like hes congested and haveing a slight trouble breathing

    what can i do from home to help

    saline solution?

    2 AnswersDogs1 decade ago