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  • i need help getting over my ex?

    i broke up with him cuz he didn't treat me like his girlfriend and would rather grind on other girls at dances than with me and he didn't care about me, now that i broke up with him he is being a total douche to everyone but we don't talk but i think i still really like him and i want to get over him but i see him everyday and wish we were still together and keep getting my hopes up that he still likes me but i know he doesn't. how can i get over him?

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  • Whats going on with him?

    My boyfriend and i text alot, not everyday, but close to it and when we talk we talk for a long time. Well its been four days without a text from him! And ive texted him too but i havent been getting any reply... i dont know why... the last time we talked he was being so sweet, telling me how much he loved me and how beautiful i was.... so whats the deal?

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  • help with facial hair!!! (GIRL)?

    so tomorrow someone is planning on kissing me so i thought that they might notice the peach fuzz that i have. so i shaved my upper lip and now it feels just a little prickly. i cant go out and get anything for it and i need a way to make it not prickly by tomorrow morning! is there anythi g i can do like a homemade facial hair removal or anything that doesnt require me having it unshaven??

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  • What happened to my hair? remedies?

    So two days ago, i curled my hair. My hair is naturally very light blonde but at the end of the day, i noticed it had a yellowish tint. The next day (yes, i washed my hair) my hair still looked yellow. That was today. I washed my hair again, and now my hair smellskind of wierd! What could this possibly be? Is there anything i can do to make it better?

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  • Im so upset.. whats going on?

    This guy i had liked for awhile told me he liked me over the summer and we would video chat every night for hours and he told me he would tell me anything and im always the first person he would come to for advice and stuff and when school started he asked out a different girl who was new! He didnt even really know her but she was my friend. Then he sexted another girl while he was dating her and she found out and they broke up but he hasnt mentioned anything about when he said he liked me and he hasnt talked to me nearly as much he used to tell me everything but now he doesnt and we are even less close than we were before and i like him so much and im so upset (he doesnt know i know about him sexting the other girl)

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  • does he still like me? or what is going on with him?

    so a few days ago a guy friend of mine told me he liked me over Skype. i told him i liked him too but he didn't ask me out or anything. then we skyped like every night since. one night, he said "do you remember when i said i liked you?" and i was like "yea" and he never answered. so the next day i was like "what happened yesterday?" and he didn't answer so i said "what were you gonna say?" and he was just like "never mind" so idk what he was gonna say and its been bothering me all day I've been trying to put it out of my mind so what do you think was going on? we haven't talked all day after that

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  • i don't know whats going on?

    so there is this guy I've been friends with for a while and over the summer i went to camp so i didn't see him and when i got back we started skyping and he was like "i want to tell you something but i don't know if i should" so i tried to get it out of him but he wouldn't budge so after we hung up i messaged him and asked again so he was like ok i think your really pretty and i kinda like you so i told him i like him too and then we skyped again as if nothing happened and we've been talking like that but he hasn't mentioned it once except right after so idk whats going on does he like me and just doesn't want to date me or is he scared to ask me out?? please give me some advice or something

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  • what is a chicken claw?

    i was watching ghost of girlfriends past and he said to get the chicken claw out of his suitcase and do some light stretching... i looked all over the internet but all that came up was some kind of weapon and i doubt it was that

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  • help with macbook air memory?

    Lately, my macbook air has been saying that the start up disk is almost full and is making me quit applications to help but this has happened before and i took it to the apple store. They told me that when my mail app messes up, it starts downloading all my mail and everything to my computer which took up all the memory. My mail app is messing up again and i NEED to figure out how to delete all that stuff that is taking up all the memory. can some person who is good with this stuff please help me?? i know i haven't actually taken up all my memory with my stuff so its gotta be something wrong with my computer

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  • need help with nook tablet vs. kindle fire?

    so tomorrow I'm going with my dad to get a nook tablet or a kindle fire and i can't decide which one to get! i know i will be listening to music, watching videos, and going on the internet a lot. also i will be reading a lot of magazines on it probably.... which is the best choice for me do you think? i do not care about the prices by the way

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  • whats a good excuse to block a guy on Skype?

    so there r these two guys i hardly know that i am friends with on Skype and i want to block them because they r constantly flirting with me. i want to b nice and come up with an excuse like i am closing my account or something what do i say?