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  • Why would anyone send their kids back to school?

    Why would any parent send their kid into this mess? Saying that it's healthy for them to socialize and be around other kids is stupid. All that's going to happen, they'll get exposed, exposed their parents, their parents (if they aren't on welfare and refuse to work) will expose their co-workers and so on. The only reason these stated want to reopen is money. They just want their federal funds, the kids be d..need.

    4 AnswersParenting4 hours ago
  • What's going to happen IF Trump is reelected?

    Will we see shore to shore riots? Will the stock markets crash? Will there be another outbreak of Covid? Will the US get owned by China or Russia? There have not been any decent candidate in years. It's not even about the lesser of 2 evils anymore. Both parties are corrupt as ..... 

    2 AnswersPolitics21 hours ago
  • Will you quit Google?

    I'm done with Google doing away with all of their apps. Since google play will end at the end of next month, are you going to move it to YouTube or download and burn to a cd so you don't have to buy more data since that's what the main goal is. Sick of technology, but I want my music. Highly frustrating.

    2 AnswersGoogle1 day ago
  • Why did Y..... news remove their comment section?

    Why did ya.... news remove their comment section? It is always nice to hear everyones opinion, whatever it may be. 

    4 AnswersCurrent Events5 days ago
  • What does the rest of the world think of America in general?

    To all non Americans, what do you really think of America? Arrogant? Entitled? Violent? Loud mouthed? Selfish? 

    7 AnswersPolitics6 days ago
  • Should we abolish public school?

    Send them to school until the 10th grade. If they can't test into the next grade, they're out. They must learn a trade. This will be part of the curriculum, so it would be no cost to the parents. And these students will be work ready when they leave high school. Master electricians, construction management can make quite a bit of money. Not every student is meant to go to college. You would not have to pay as much taxes on the already failed public school system. Why force them to stay 12 years?

    3 AnswersCurrent Events6 days ago
  • Why can't Obama re run for president?

    Is he just not interested anymore in being president for another 2 terms?

    5 AnswersPolitics1 week ago
  • Election delay?

    Here we go again with 2 very bad choices for president. Who is the lesser of two evils in the Nov elections? Who will win do you think? Crazy Biden and his nutty VP or insane Trump and his posse? 

    2 AnswersPolitics1 week ago
  • How easy is it to gain citizenship in Ireland or Scotland?

    Iḿ an American, but just cant take this country anymore. Ive researched many countries and ways to get citizenship. Ireland and Scotland are on that list. How easy is it to find a place to live and get a job in order to obtain that? How do people in these countries react to immigrants from the us?

    6 AnswersImmigration4 months ago
  • Russian Citenship?

    Hello everyone. This question is directed to Russian citizens. I wish to obtain naturalization to Russia. I understand I must have a formal invitation from a permanent resident or citizen. I do not live in your country yet. How do I establish connection? I am also in process of learning your language.

    6 AnswersImmigration8 months ago