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  • How do I get my Chinese Dwarf Hamster to stop biting?

    I just adopted two Chinese Dwarf Hamsters, I've been handling both the same way, and one is completely sweet, but the other won't stop biting me. I'll try to pick up the sweet one, and he'll actually come down in curiosity and then attack me when I'm not even close to him. I still have a week to bring them back, will I be able to train the biting out or should I put it down to temperament and trade for a nicer one?

    3 AnswersRodents7 years ago
  • Would I get in trouble for knowing someone had child porn?

    I'm going to be reporting this anyways, because after all, it's a crime that should be reported, but could I get arrested for knowing or at least strongly suspecting someone had child porn and not reporting it to the police? My ex told me while we were dating that he regularly watched child porn, and I really want to report it, but I'm worried it could also incriminate me for knowing about it but not acting. Any ideas of what might happen?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Should I bother taking the World History SAT II if I already took a US History one?

    So I'm going to be taking my SAT Subject tests in a week, and although I already have a 750 in US History, and I'm hoping to get a bit higher on my Lit one, so since I can only take three in one session, I wondering if I should take World History. I mean, yes, I know two SAT Subject tests is enough for most colleges in the US, but I was also hoping to at the very least apply for Oxford, which would require at least a 700 in three SAT Subject tests just to be considered at all, so I was wondering if this would make me look ok? Because otherwise, I would probably take Biology and Physics, instead of either biology or physics for my last two SAT II tests. Any opinions? And I do plan on asking my guidance counselor about this, but it's friday.

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  • What are the differences between AP Literature and AP Language?

    Well, I REALLY want to know more about AP Literature because I already know that AP Language at my school is supposed to be really fun because of the teacher and the types of activities he has us do, but I'm sort of mulling over the idea of just possibly trying to do both. I'm a really good reader but I've heard there's a lot more reading in AP Lit, and I was wondering what types of books we would have to read, as in specific titles because I think that would really help me make a final decision.

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  • Internal Speaker not working, water damage?

    So today, I decided to take a bath in my tub and listen to my iPod touch, so I got my fingers fairly dry and tried to use it but the speaker wouldn't work. and although I think it's definitely water damage, it really doesn't make sense. Turns on and off fine, I haven't tried the headphones yet, and it still plays at low volumes. Except once I go too high, it suddenly turns to static. I didn't drop it in water and besides touching the screen and the on button, didn't touch any of it with water, so I'm almost thinking that it was more from the humidity than actual water or something like that. Anyways, I currently have it in a bag of rice since it worked with my cell phone after it went through the washing machine, and I'm kind of hoping it'll work again.

    My question, do you think that after I let it dry out a bit, it might or will work again?

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  • My candle wick is all splayed, how do I get it to relight?

    I have a jar candle and the wick is really splayed and I can't get it out of the wax. Any idea how to fix it?

    2 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • When do I choose my major?

    I want to go into either art or law, but more law than art since I see art as more of a passion or love or hobby than a career but anyways, I don't want to make that decision too soon. But if I went to a college that had good programs in both majors, would I choose before I went to the college or after I take my undergrad courses? And for undergrad courses, what would I have to take for art? And of course, my family isn't rich or anything so my options are probably going to be limited on that unless I get a really good scholarship or something. Any advice?

  • How do I flavor dog food so he'll be more attracted to it?

    We feed my dog, a ten month pomeranian Orijen currently, main ingredient is chicken. We've tried all different flavors and this seems to be the one he likes the most, but he still won't really go for it. He does seem to like beneful (I think it was chicken flavored too) a lot, but we want him to be healthy and the ingredients on that seemed to be mostly fillers.

    My mom doesn't want to make him homemade food because she doesn't want to pick up after him when he gets diarrhea (and yes, i know if we condition him to it, he'll get used to it but she doesn't want to go through with it) but he doesnt seem to react too badly if we just give him small supplements from the table or his food. Lately, we've been coming down harder on him so he's not begging for table food as much either. If we try to put stuff in his food, even liquids, he'll lick up all the soup or whatever it is first and THEN, after a few hours if he's really hungry, he'll eat the dog food. Any ideas on how we could get him to eat his food?

    (we have tried having a stricter meal schedule, but my mom seems to be getting annoyed at him and just leaving the bowl out but I could probably convince her otherwise if enough people say it's the best method)

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  • Can anyone write me a list of inspiring words?

    As many as you think of and try not to repeat the person above but it doens't really matter.It's for a yearbook cover i'm doing and i would like for all of them to be just separated by a space, no commas. so like

    sfsdf sdfjkhv owej xc weroiuv...

    or if you can find a list online in that format.

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  • How worried should I be about an irregular period?

    I'm 14 and have had my period for around two years and its always been rather irregular in terms of when it comes and how long it is. I know that its normal at first, or at least I've been told so, but I would think that it wouldve gotten better by now.

    So when your counting the days in between, is it 28 says after it starts or ends? And either way, my period is definitely late by like 3 or 7 or 8 days. In still a virgin so I can basically rule out pregnancy unless I'm the next Mary. How concerned should I be? Ive read about stress and weight being a factor and I don't think either have been too abnormal lately though its a possibility, thoughts?

    And while I'm askng this, how can I lessen the time and amount because its usually around or over 5 days and preferred pad brand and ideasto reduce pad rash would be greatly appreciated as well

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Witchcraft/Magic, does it work?

    Please don't be like "Wow, you're such an idiot" because i'm honestly just wondering. My hypothesis is that people have some form of capability to affect the world around them, or at least how they perceive things, even if it's "all in their heads", it's still very interesting to think about how maybe a person could concentrate hard enough on a spell like changing their eye color and even if no one else sees it, they might still think so. So, thoughts? experiences? anything?

    15 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • My Wacom Bamboo Tablet pen stopped working, how to make eraser a pen too?

    I have tried replacing the nib and it still won't work. I tried calling customer service, but i need to wait till monday, and i need it to work before then for my digital imagery class. Does anyone know how to make the eraser end (which still works) into another pen? I never use it as an eraser anyways.

    This is my preferences thing

    2 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago
  • How do I get my dog to climb stairs?

    I'm not going to force him if he really can't but i have a pomeranian and one story flight of stairs that i want to train him to climb but i'm scared of hurting him. He will climb up if i place him in the middle of the stairs and then walk up and i think he just needs to get used to climbing up, but i have no idea how to get him to climb down without hurting him if he messes up. If you guys think this is too dangerous i won't force him but any ideas?

    he's about 7 lb, over a foot long and the steps are about 5-7 inches (sorry, i dont have any exact measurements). I tried putting treats on every step to lure him down but he won't even come near the steps.

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Besides the obvious, what's the difference between rawhide and pig hide?

    I understand how bad rawhide is supposed to be as dog chews (bacteria, choking, blockage, etc.) but is pighide supposed to be better or cheaper, or easier to make or anything, or is it there simply for variety?

    Please no stupid answers like "rawhide is made of cow skin and pig hide is from pig skin"

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  • How do I housetrain my 5 month pom?

    I've had my pom for about a month and while he's doing much better with housetraining, i just want to make sure that i'm not doing something wrong and all I need is more patience

    I read a lot of articles about housetraining and they all talked about crate training and how stuff like puppy pads and litter boxes confuse them and that kind of thing. We tried the crate training thing for a while, but gave up after a few weeks because he would keep peeing or pooping in his crate and it wasn't stopping him. So instead we got him this large box thingy where we have his "bed" on one end and litter box on the other (which he uses at night when he REALLY has to go). The problem is that he always yelps AFTER he does his business, rather than before which is why we did it.

    He will almost always pee immediately when we take him outdoors and is extremely consistent with that, but while 9 times out of 10, he won't go inside the house, he sometimes just slips up. Also, he doesn't really poop immediately after eating like everyone seems to say pups do, including the vet, and my friend's mom who has a veterinary degree and a dog.

    Anyways, main questions, how long does it usually take after a meal for a puppy to have to poop or pee? (seems to take my dog several hours) Should i remove the litter box and just try to keep taking him out every 2 hours and at some late hour at night (heh...even if i do it i'm not sure if my parents will let me...) and crate train him?

    Stuff i'm fairly sure people will tell me about: I feed him wellness, which is supposed to be a high quality brand. Before wellness, I tried nutro, which seemed to give him soft stool, so i'm waiting for a few more days to see if wellness will work better, I mostly don't give him other treats, especially lately because i want to make sure i'm being consistent. I think i have caught him most times when he's in the house, except problem is that when i do find him, tell him no and clap once really loudly which seems to scare him and take him outside, he doesn't seem to want to finish his business there.

    Please no super short answers...i've searched like everything so i'm looking for something more in depth for my case, thanks

    2 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Does freezing a compressed rawhide stick help make it more durable?

    I heard that rawhide can choke dogs and cause intestinal blockage so i don't want to give my dog actual rawhide bones, since he tends to eat large pieces, and either way he only does it for the meat inside, but he does enjoy rawhide sticks ,but they don't last very long. In fact the ones i got only seem to last about 10 minutes, so i was wondering if soaking them in water and freezing them would help them become more durable and last longer (i'm trying to make it last at least 40 minutes, but hopefully longer). I do have a kong, but unless there's something in there that he can get out quickly, he understands that he won't be able to get it out and gives up. Same with the rawhide bones with meat wrapped inside.

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