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  • What is the name of the movie?

    The main plot is about several persons, who were doomed to forever witness the death of all people. They were doomed after witnessing the death of Jesus. The main actress has amnesia and gets followed throughout the movie by the "colleagues of suffering", who are trying to remind her of her belonging to this doomed group. As far as I can remember the action is set in a small town in England (I'm not sure about this). The movie is older (>1990 but <2000) and it is not "Phe Passion Recut", nor "The Witness". Please help me, as I am really bugged by this. Thank you

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  • Looking for a Samsung song?

    Hi! I had a Samsung phone and it had a song entitled "Bird". Now I have another mobile - still Samsung - and I am trying to find this song somewhere in the internet and dld it. The problem is I cannot find it for download. I cannot send it from one mobile to another as it is there from the phone, and cannot be attached as MMS.

    Can you please help me find this song and download it?

    Thank you.

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  • What is the name of the movie?

    There is a movie that tells about a few people who were curious to witness the death of Jesus. One of them has an amnesia and forgets that she was a witness. The action happens in present days, in a small town.

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  • What is the octane number of kerosene?

    I know the leaded fuel's octane no, but I need to know the one of kerosene.

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  • What is the video called and where could I find it?

    There is a funny video with a man trying to clean a sliding door, and it just opens every time he gets near it. How is the video called and where can I find it to view it?

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  • Is tehre a program to finalize DVD-R recorded on a Canon DC-10 on my PC?

    I have recorded 10 Samsung DVD-R on the DC-10 and only 1 of them cannot be finalized. On my PC it is shown as an empty disc. Is there any possibility to finalize this disc on a PC, or can I throw away the disc?

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