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  • Does anyone know where I can find these short stories by Violette Malan?

    "A Station on the Metro" which is related to her Mirror Prince book, "Blind Reckoning" "Footprints of the Hound" which are two of her Dhulyn and Parno stories. I found the stories listed on her web site, but she doesn't say in what they were published. Thanks!

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  • Does anyone have a good idea to help with hair dryness?

    I have very long, thick coarse, curly dark hair that usually gets greasy fast near my scalp, but I cannot keep the longer length healthy. I've tried all sorts of conditioners and hair lotion, but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have a good suggestion? I've used hot oils before and they do all right, but I'd love a good leave in conditioner or something I could use more often. I'd also prefer not to have to spend forty or fifty dollars. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • what electronic device do I need?

    I don't have or need a cell phone, but i do need something small a electronic i can keep information in. Specifically I want to put my list of all the books I own in something portable so I know what i own while out shopping, but the list has gotten too big for paper. Is there anything out there I can just put info in? Or can I buy some kind of cell phone to use like that but without using it (or paying for it) as a cell phone? I'm really clueless here and I keep wandering in stores, but I don't even know what to look for. thanks!

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  • My hair itches and won't stop.?

    Its not dandruff or psoriasis, but my head itches until I scratch it at night. It happens right after I wash it or even if I don't wash it for a couple of days. The thing is, if I visit family in another state (using the local water) it quits itching. Not just one state or climte, but every one I've traveled to. What could this be?

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  • Has anyone used collodion for makeup before?

    I'm dressing as a character for a party and the one I've chosen is a girl with three older scars down her face. The scars need to pull the edge of my eye and mouth down and I heard that collodion is good because it wrinkles the skin and kind of pulls on it, but has anyone actually used it before?

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  • What do you do for luck on St. Patrick's day?

    I know you wear green, drink green beer, but do you do anything else? What?

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  • A ritual or something to make me feel better?

    I had a real bad experience a few days ago that I can't quite let go of. It wasn't anything major, but it kinda comes back and haunts me occationally. I thought some kind of cleansing ritual or something would help me deal with releasing these stupid feelings and memories so they won't bother me anymore.

    Does anyone have an idea? I've kinda looked some in the internet, but I see mostly cleansing a house, ect. Religion doesn't matter. I just want a process to try to help. Thanks.

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  • Karate vs. women's self-defense class?

    So I've had a string of really bad dates and while I'm stronger than most women and tough, 90% of men are about twice as tall as me. I've always kinda wanted to take Karate and thought this was a good reason to take it, but someone told me a women's self defense class would be better. Does anyone have an opinion? A self-defense class sounds wimpy and boring, but if its more likely to help I'd go for it first.

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  • I have to change my name. Tell me what you think.?

    I've been trying to figure this out for a long time and the other day my sister looked at me and said she always thought I looked like a Jesminda. I like it. Its pretty but I can go by Jes for short. Then last night I had a dream and my name was Jesminda Singh. I like it a lot but would like to hear some other opinions. Thanks.

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  • Where can I find a wide selection of knitting needles online?

    I've looked all over town here, but they only have a couple of sizes. I can only find metal ones online or ones that cost 20 dollars or more. Does anyone know a place?

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  • Hannah Montana?

    Is Hannah Montana's tv series out on dvd yet? If not when?

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  • old sci/fi book with the character Jason Steele?

    Does anyone recognise this book? My father didn't remember much else except that it was science fiction, not fantasy and took place on earth, not in space or anything. Could possibly have come out in the 70s. Older book. Thanks.

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  • Does anyone know this song by Sarah Mclachlan?

    I don't remember much. It came out in the late 90's probably. All I remeber is that she kept singing about dreaming. I remember that word specifically and there were bag pipes in the music. I know its not much but if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

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  • I need a gown for my ren faire but all the places I've used before are gone now. Help?

    I really need a new outfit for the ren faire this year, but all my web sites don't exist anymore and I haven't found much searching through yahoo or ebay. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need something that looks good, too. I've ordered from a couple of new places that looked good, but the things I've recieved look cheap and fit cheap.

    Any websites or suggestions would be appreciate. If I have to I'll make my own, but I'd rather that be a last resort. Thanks.

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  • What portable music device do i need?

    I hate the music at work and want something small I can carry and listen to my own music. I don't own a Mac computer and I don't want to have to pay for all my music a second time from an itunes-like company. I'd be perfectly happy if there was something not too expensive or big that could hold at least a couple of hundred songs off cds I already own. Is there anything like that out there? All I keep finding are big expensive fancy things or cheap little things that only mention you can download music off the internet. Can anyone please help?

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  • cd confusion?

    I was shopping today and happened to look at a cd I already own when I noticed that now there are two cds in it now instead of one. It has that same songs on each, but according to the back one cd is the original stereo album and the second cd is the original mono album. Can anyone tell me the difference? Do I need both? Thanks!

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  • Does anyone have any great ideas for Harry Potter release parties?

    Decorations, games, ect. Any ideas would be welcome. I've made a list myself, but wonder if any has tried anything that works? Anything that was a big hit? Thanks a lot!

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • Has anyone taken a Penn Foster course?

    Has anyone taken a Penn Foster or similar at home schooling? I've been thinking about taking one just to make my resume look better, but then I saw that it says you're give "career diplomas" instead of a degree. Do people (as in management) care about such a thing? Will they still concider it valid schooling or is it just a waste of time?

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  • Wha do you put in your christmas stockings?

    I usually put a little candy and/or nuts, a paper back book and something cute like a tiny stuffed animal. What do you put in yours? I need more ideas. Most things I think of just won't fit.

    17 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • Recommendations for popular boys books?

    I work in the childrens/teen section of a bookstore and recently have been getting asked recommendations for books/series for 9-12 year old boys that don't have magic or anything like that in them. I know a few, but most of the books I read and that come in nowadays are more oriented for the fantasy genre. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me?

    I know Gary Paulson for outdoors/adventures, Christopher and Gutman for sports. Other than some oddball titles I'm drawing a blank.

    Any suggestions could be helpful and even if its not popular right now I can always order it in to recommend it.

    Thanks a lot!

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago