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I'm really into sports, pro football and basketball are my favs! I like watching movies and shopping. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends. I am becoming interested in vacationing around the world by taking cruises. i am fiercely loyal, too blunt in my honesty, and sometimes dramatic to the end!

  • Are there any coupons out there???

    I am ready to make a purchase from and missed the 20% off purchase order that was after Thanksgiving (arrg!!) I hate shipping fees so does anyone know if they are having any other offers? I am not going to spend 75 bucks just for free shipping. Let me know if anything comes up. Thanks!

    6 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • which restaurants sell fried turkeys?

    For Thanksgiving a friend of mine is looking for a restaraunt or business that will deliver ot cook fried turkey? Any websites for Keller, Texas (76248) would be great!

    2 AnswersDallas1 decade ago
  • My firts time throwing a baby shower....?

    I have a cousin who is expecting a baby in January. Her husband and her don't want to know what their having; he already has a boy and boys run in our family. Well, her family hasn't thrown her anything yet, and they're both coming up for Thanksgiving. I have been "appointed" to throw her a baby shower, which I don't mind. I recently helped run an wedding shower! My question is what to buy- the paper accessories of tablecloth, napkins, plates, cups,utensils, invitations,etc. What about games and activities? I don't want to splurge but I do want it to look put together and nice.I am only inviting family 10-15 women of all ages (16-70)! Any helpful websites or advice would be great!

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  • Have you heard of this makeup business???

    I am a two year customer of bare Minerals, but I recently found this website froma business called Flawless Skin Mineral Makeup. has anyone bought or even heard of them?? Their website looks very generic and doesn't have any information about h ow they started, any copyright date,a phone number for customer service, or pictures of their empoloyees. Their eye colors look great, so I wanted to knwo what they were about. Any infor would be great!! Thanks!

    6 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • where can I recieve free childcare training online??

    I have a bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology and plan to recieve a certificate to be a teachers assistant. i would like to earn certificates in areas dealing with chidren before I apply to a position. Any online trainings or free options would be greatly appreciated!

    3 AnswersTeaching1 decade ago