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  • can i exchange or trade a car bought on impulse?

    its been 10 days, i feel i paid too much for the vehicle a 2004 grand cherokee. i've called the dealership the following day stating i didnt like however, they did not call me back. what should i do? there is nothing wrong with the car other than its a gas pig

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  • can anyone solve this pi puzzle to figure out the coordinates?

    The cache is not at the listed coordinates, but you are getting closer... the original coords are N 43° 49.654 W 070° 14.882

    this is a puzzle for geocaching or

    Cache is located at

    (23, 24)º (31, 32).(54, 55, 56)

    (65, 96, 97)º (1, 2).(57, 58, 100)

    can anyone solve this for the correct coordinates for the gps.

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