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  • How come ad videos never stall?

    Every time I click a news video and ad video trailer will pop out blaring at at least twice the news volume. These ads are absolutely different from the real thing: News videos take time to load, stall frequently and normally come at such a low volume that you have to turn it on to maximum.

    What is this? some add dictatorship? or is it a mandatory, hyper-advantageous demand from advertisers?

    Can we have all the news videos in this format/config/speed? Golly! I bet all of us will welcome it.

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  • When will Yahoo allow us users -their very reason to be- to post our comments?

    EXTRA!!! Victims pay for The Media crimes.

    We are in a democratic society, right? Well. I'm begining to doubt it. There is hardly a single, high traffic place in the web where you can comment on the news, politician statements, environmental issues etc. What is this? a Media DIctatorship? May be Hugo Chavez is right. We are hardly allowed any feedback at all on the streaming, overwhelming garbage we get everyday from the e-media. Wake up folks, we are in the 3D millenia. Open up the democratic windows!

    I just read about Beatles' "All You Need is Luvs" diapers ad. The author probably suffered a brain meltdown with his/her effort. Goodness Gracious!!! how cheap and low "art".

    Rather than abusively try to profit from someone else's fame take a creative development intensive course.

    Sadly there is no longer a place in YAHOO to comment on this. Shame on... someone.

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  • Are Diesel engines friendlier to the Earth's Ozone Shield?

    Proposals for the use of Diesel engines in automotives have recently been advanced. However these will stimulate, rather than discourage, the use of fosil fuels which are, as we all know, very harmful to Earth's protective Ozone Layer. The only positive step towards stopping the imminent melting of the Earth's glaciers is to drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption. The answers to this question will force respondents to deal with long ignored issues.

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