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  • How to bleach thick black hair?

    I'm Indian, so I have very dark, thick black hair. I want to lighten it so I can color it. So far, I have tried 3% hydrogen peroxide, which made it barely a shade darker after 16 hours, and Clorox, which completely dissolved the lock of hair within 30 minutes.

    Am I doing it wrong, or is there something else I should try? Will a hair bleaching kit be the only way for it to work?

    Thanks for all your help!

    2 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • How do I fix the flash on my Olympus Stylus 300?

    So, a few months ago, my camera stopped taking pictures whenever the flash was on Auto. It would work just fine when I changed the setting to 'No Flash". So, I'm guessing that the flash is messed up, or the bulb is burned out or something.

    I emailed Olympus and they didn't give me an exact reason for the problem. They suggested that I send it in for repair, which they say will cost $83. That's not much, considering a new one will cost around $200 and I really do like my camera, even though it is quite old (5 years). But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on something else I could do...would it be cheaper to take it to a camera repair shop? If yes, does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I try doing it myself? I have found some broken cameras on ebay that I could use just for the bulb I suppose and I believe I am quite capable of doing so, I just may not have any tools that I might need specially to do this...Or do you think I could buy a bulb somewhere? Anyone have any experience with this issue?

    Suggestions are greatly welcome! Thanks for reading!


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  • Are the Mono- and Di- glycerides in Laffy Taffy derived from animals, vegetables, or synthetically derived?

    It has a "U" on the wrapper, but other than that, I don't really know where it comes from.

    Thanks to those who answer!

    3 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • Can anyone answer my question about SnapFish?

    If I have 50 free prints from Snapfish, but want to pick up at Walgreens, what do I have to pay?

    I just opened a snapfish account and I will get 50 free prints...however, I don't want to pay shipping and would rather pick up at Walgreens. Will I have to pay anything?


    1 AnswerPhotography1 decade ago
  • How much space (MB or GB) should an MP3 download of the Quran take up?

    I want to download an MP3 version of the Quran that I can save on my phone and listen to (like and iPod).

    Approximately how much space do you estimate it should take up?


    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Why was I rejected for a credit card?

    I applied for a student credit card and I was rejected for the following reasons:

    Too few accounts currently paid as agreed

    Length of time accounts have been established

    Lack of recent bank revolving information

    The second one makes sense, but I would like to know how long a bank account should be established for a credit card.

    The other two are just plain confusing. If someone could explain those, that would be a great heap of help :)

    Also, my dad says that I should write to them and demand a card because these reasons are just plain ridiculous. Think that'll work?


    2 AnswersCredit1 decade ago
  • When should I take the MCAT?

    I want to attend med school fall of 2011...What time restrictions are there to take the MCAT? As in how early, how late, etc.

    And if anyone could advise on when to take a prep course, that would be great!

    Thanks, community!!

  • Why go to Medical School at all?

    Man, I am seriously doubting everything tonight...

    Like an "End of Innocence" experience...that's what registration for classes does to you...;...;...

    With the low acceptance rate, long waiting time until a real job (you'll be 30 by the time you start doing anything really), and many other opportunities to "help" and "take care of" people, why choose medicine?

    Why did you choose medicine?

    What else can I possibly do with my life? All I have ever thought about is doing medicine. I can't imagine doing anything else. What happens if it doesn't work out? Then what? Wait even longer to do something? And I am not interested in money; I could care less about money. I'm going to end up giving 1/2 of it away to charity anyway.

    Writing anything will help at this time of night...

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  • Why graduate in 3 years?

    Say you graduated in 3 years and are applying to medical school.

    You are asked about why you did so.

    What do you say?

    Please don't say "Man, I wouldn't graduate in 3 years! You crazy?!?"

    And also not financially a problem to graduate in more years, thankfully not for me.

    I know why I shouldn't; now I want to know why I should. And yes I say "I", but I am having trouble finding legitimate reasons and would like the opinions of others.

    Thanks so much, guys!

    4 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • Will I be able to get into Med School after graduating in 3 years of college?

    I want to graduate in 3 years, but am afraid that it may take a toll on my gpa...

    How does medical school look at graduating college in 3 years?

    Anyone out there that has done it?

    Thanks in advance! I feel like I'm having a mid-life crisis at 19...whatever visions I held about my life are being shattered and I feel like crying...One year really shouldn't make a difference in my life, but I really don't care too much for college...I have learned so much more in high school than this first year of college (which was a joke). Plus, my parents love the idea of me graduating in 3 years....and on top of that, that is what I promised them I would do if they paid for my AP exams...

    My friend was going to do it with me, but now she doesn' I am alone in my endeavor and would like supporters or even people who can help me deal with this, and my parents, please.

    And thanks in advance, guys. Some of you are really very helpful. :)

    4 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • Appropriate etiquette for Thanking Recommenders?

    Would it be appropriate to thank my professors, who have emailed a letter for a research opportunity that I do not really think I have a chance at, and have only known for 1 semester, with a thank you card and a chocolate candy attached? I am going to send them a card, but I didn't know if it was appropriate to send a little piece of chocolate, like one of those Girhardelli (spelling?) squares on the envelope or something...

    Also, if something else comes up and I need a letter for another research opp. over the summer, would it be tasteful to ask again? How would I do it?

    Do I send another card?

    I know there are many similar questions out there on Yahoo! but I'm really focusing on the chocolate and asking again.

    Thanks so much!!

    4 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Can anyone tell me the model number of this Sony tv?

    I have a Sony rear-projection tv that I bought off some guy who had posted on Craigslist. And the tv's great, nice picture, big screen, I think it's a 52 inch. But, what I didn't notice when I bought it that the sticker where the model number is usually written is ripped off. That seems kind of suspicious, but it's been a few months since I bought it and he said he was going to buy a new one and it's not like we made some kind of an official contract, so 'returning' is not an option.

    But well here's what happened: I think I need to change the lamp because the red 'Lamp' light flashes everytime I try to turn it on.

    Only problem is, I don't know the model number.

    So, if anyone recognizes this tv or has one or knows where to find the model number, I would REALLY appreciate it!! :)

    Here are pictures:

    Thanks sooo much!

    1 AnswerTVs1 decade ago
  • Will this cable work for AT&T 2wire internet connection?

    I need to connect another computer via ethernet to the AT&T 2wire router...will this connect to both the router and computer and work??


    4 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • What is the difference between Serial and VGA?

    I think I have either a serial port or VGA port on my laptop and I want to connect it to my TV...which is which and what should I do?

    6 AnswersOther - Hardware1 decade ago
  • Keyboard isn't working (see details)?

    I have a keyboard that I hook up to my laptop, and now it doesn't work.

    The lights on it flash when I plug it in but then it doesn't do anything else.

    Someone told me to uninstall and reinstall the driver. Problem is, I don't know which is for the keyboard and which is for the laptop's keyboard.

    Here are the two devices listed:

    1. Standard 101/102-Key or Mictosoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard

    2. HID Keyboard Device

    It claims both devices are working properly. Only other difference is that #1's location is 'plugged into keyboard port', while #2's is 'Location 0'.

    Thanks so much!!! I really need help!!

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Which cord to connect laptop to two different tv's?

    That's the link where you can find pictures of both tv's and the ports they have.

    I want to buy a cord to connect my laptop to both tv's, but I dont know which one to get...

    The problem is my laptop is brand new, but it doesn't have an S-Video port nor any place for me to put one in....

    Both tv's have S-Video ports but that doesn't help me.

    What can I do to have one cord connect to both tv's?

    Will I need to buy different connectors? Is there a such thing as USB to S-Video? And what do I do about the audio?

    I know those are a lot of questions!! But thanks in advance!

    Thank you for your help!!!

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics1 decade ago
  • How long is the GPPA Program at UIC?

    Well, I was under the impression that it was only 6 years long, but then my friend said it was 8, and it was special only because of its guaranteed admission policy. But I really wanted it to be only 6 years.....

    Help please.....thanks!

  • Do the emails in the sent item folder take up space?

    Like for Yahoo! Mail we have 1 GB free and I have 41% taken up.

    If I delete some Sent Items stuff, will space free up?


    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail1 decade ago
  • Activities for my siblings?

    3 younger siblings; girls 10 and 6; boy 8.

    My siblings play too much on the computer, playstation, gameboy, watch too much tv, that sort of stuff.

    I want them to do more productive and educational activities, like reading or puzzles.

    What sort of books are good, according to their ages?

    What sort of puzzles should they do?

    Plus, is watching educational shows like "The Magic School Bus" good?

    5 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation1 decade ago
  • I have just read somewhere that Disney has made a pledge to stick to classic animation, is it true?

    I have just read somewhere that Disney has made a pledge to stick to classic animation, is it true?

    Do you think they will stick to it?

    Or will they just go back to CG after it fails? Will the public allow 2D animation to become a success once again or are they more satisfied with 3D computer animation?

    What do you think?

    Please share.

    8 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago