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  • I have nasty old back splash, in my kitchen.?

    It is a white brick "Look-a-like" thing going on. It lookes like instead of grout, they used the same stuff you use when building a brick it was put in in the early 80's, does anyone know, what kind of material would have been used back then, to adhere these fake bricks? and any ideas to get rid of it? I perssonally think i should just cut the dry wall out, hubby thinks we should chip away at it. any ideas?

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  • who knows about ROSEOLA??

    i think my 5 month old has roseola, but the only thing is is he hasnt had a fever for 3-5 days. Hes had diarhea and flu like symptoms, but no fever, however he did break out in a rash today. Does anyone have any idea if this is roseola?

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  • How do you get a 3 year old to poop on the potty?

    My son is almost 3 1/2 years old. i have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old. My 3 year old will pee on the potty. I was putting pull ups on him at bed time, so thats when he would poop. So i took away the pull ups completely, and he has done great for not peeing the bed, but now he poops in his gaunch. I have set up a sticker reward chart, where he gets a day with mommy, swimming IF he fills the chart ( 4 poops) still wont work. I talk to him everyday, and remind him of the chart, showed him the stickers he will get if he poops, and still nothing. I never cach him pooping, because he goes to a quiet place, usualy when i am busy with the baby, or his brother... so i dont know when to catch him. I have made him sit on the pot for 30+ minutes at a time..... but this boy is stubborn. ANY ideas would be welcome. Please no critisism, im discouraged enough as it is.

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  • ohhh sooo many questions...experienced moms only???

    I am 38 weeks pregnant...i am just dying to get this baby out of me. small history... i have lost my plug a week and a half ago... am 3 cm dilated...i am soooo sore...last 2 pregnancies were induced so i have no idea what to expect, and when to expect it.

    the plug wasnt i still waiting for "bloody show" or is that only in some woman? is it possible to go into labor without water breaking first? any quick tips you think mighbe hepful. I am being a bit neurotic about this cause im a "planner" i like toknow when things are going to happen, so i can arrange things like sitter, ride to hospital etc.... plus hubby is 5 hours away, so as much as i know God is in control of when this baby is going to come... just looking for a time line, of what maybe to expect.

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  • does castor oil really work????(induce labor?)?

    I am 38 weeks pregnant, almost 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced ( whatever that means) and my doc told me to take 2 tbsp of castor oil tonight, and that shoudl get me rolling....into labor!!! any one experience it. does it really work? if so, how long before you went into labor, after taking it?

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  • What can i expect after losing my "plug" (mucus)?

    I am just really impatient. I am not looking for answers from people telling me to call the doc....i just want some answers from experienced moms. Just wondering what to expect.

    I think I lost my plug in the shower yesterday, i had a handful of mucus discharge, but it wasnt pink, or bloody. I was induced with my other 2 they were scheduled... this one, i am feeling the cramps, lost the plug ( i think) and i just want this pregnancy over. I am going nuts not knowing the exact time to expect this baby ( im a "planner") so i was just wondering from other woman, what could i labor next...or should i just relax...will it be a few more weeks?

    i should tell you i am 2 cm dilated, 3rd baby in 3 years...37 weeks pregnant smart *** answers please..

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  • Any pregnant woman out there, with some good advice?

    Ok heres the deal.... i am 35 weeks pregnant, and in severe pain...GAS wont move. YES i have seen a doc.... i was hooked up to monitors and everything in EMERGE yesterday, but all it is is gas. I had two very young male doctors look at me. Now i am not calling them DUMB, but definately inexperienced when it comes to dealing with a pregnant woman.....hahaha...anyways, I am waiting to get a phone call from my regular doctor, but until then i was wondering if anyone is suffering the same thing, and how can i relieve it. It is so painful, and uncomfortable... 3rd pregnancy, never had this problem with 1&2...

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  • is baby #3 easier????

    I have had a baby in dec.2003 , a baby in dec.2004, and am due yet again in dec 2006. 6 more weeks to go, and all of a sudden i am getting fearful of the delivery. anyone with experience, is the third easier, especially since they are all so close? or is that just me having high hopes?

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  • Anyone know about eye surgery on a 3 year old?

    on monday we went for a check up at the eye doc. My son is farsighted and his right eye turns in. Both my mom and aunt had eye problems as kids, they had "wandering eye" which is what my son has. The doc has refered us to a surgeon. I am not looking for advice so much as a bit of support, or insight on what i would be in for, or look forward to, if my son needs the surgery.

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  • is my body getting ready???

    OK i am having my third baby in three years, so i should know whats going on by now but i dont. My last 2 babys, i had to be induced into labor. This time i still have 9 weeks left, and for the last 3 weeks or so, my pelvis is sooooo sore, and some days it feels like everything is wide open and ready to deliver. Is this my body getting ready to put itself into labor? ( i am not worried about premature labor) i just wold really like to have a full natural delivery from beginning to end. any input?

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  • Any ideas for baby boy name?

    I found out i am having a boy, wasnt prepared for it, so i only had a girls name picked out. My huby wants part of his dads name in it... so i have to fit ARTHUR in it... my idea

    Kyle Lucas Arthur. any other ideas? ( Lucas cant be a first second sons name is Logan)

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  • who thinks "leosbabe930" is lying?

    Look into her profile, and look at her questions.... the other day, she said she didnt have a cell, a phone or internet....and the nearest naeighbor was 3 miles she has internet, a cell, and her neighbors moved another 2 miles away.... according to her questions she has been in abor for 3 days now, and never went to the hospital.....seriously guys, look at her profile and tell me shes not lying!!!

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  • how do you successfully raise boys?


    I have a 1 1/2 and a 2 1/2 yrs old boys. They have become a real challenge. They are not bad boys, but they are giving me a run for my money. I am pregnant with boy number 3. I feel like I am going to lose my mind. Does it get easier. Right now, we are in the "copycat" phase. When they are seperate, they are great listeners..but together is another story. Right nowmy challenge is bed time. I asked a question a while ago about bed times, and got a lot of great suggestions... tried them all..none succesful. right now the oldest is in a seperate room, and i had to put locks on the doors, to keep them seperate. The locks freak the oldest out so i dont lock him in his room, just lock the other door so he wont disturb his brother. It is still a huge challenge. Any ideas?

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  • and woman out there whos husbands work away from home a week ata time?

    Just curious on the moms who feel like single moms, because hubby is never home. I love it and hate it at the same time. Have 2 toddlers....and some days really suck. How do you deal with the bad days?

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  • can you help me pick a name?

    I am pregnant with baby #3. I have to incorporate "Lee" and "Florance" into the name if it is a girl. Its a long winded reason so i wont get into it. I have a name in mind, but i was interested in some other ideas. My idea...

    Cassandra Lee Florance

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  • bed time????????

    My boys are 13 months apart. 1.5 yrs and 2.5 yrs. They share a room. The 1.5 just went into a toddler bed 4 nights ago. Now all they do is fool around. It takes me an hour and a half to get them to finally fall asleep. any helpful hints? I do sit outside their room, i check on them every 2 minutes...any other ideas? and YES i have spanked them many a time, they just smirk at me. I do not normally have a problem with them listening, and usually one spank, or a time out is all i need. But this bed time stuff...I DONT KNOW!!!! ( and no, seperate rooms are not an option. baby #3 is on the way and they have to get used to sharing a room.)

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  • I have a 1 1/2 yr old, and a 2 1/2 yr old. Some helpful hints or tools please?

    I am 4 months pregnant, and my boys are busy busy busy. And they get one another wound up so tight, that they come to point in the day, where they just dont listen. I am just looking for some helpful tips to make my life a little less stressful. They are great boys, and they play well together. They just keep me really busy, and being pregnant, i am sooooo tired.

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  • does hypothryroidism cause depression in a pregnancy.?

    My thyroid count is better than ever. But now i am sufferring from depression. My doctor wants me to go on anti depressants. I am weary on taking them, so i havent started yet. But i would love some input from anyone who has experienced what i am dealing with. Anti depressants and pregnancy????any opinions?

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