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  • What kind of things are people collecting now days? If you are a collector please let me know. Thanks?

    I am interested to know what people are collecting and why. Especially people located in South east missouri. I dabble in auctions and want to know what people are looking for, So if you are a collector or know someone who is... let me know what the HOT items are. you never know... I may just find what you are looking for. Thanks

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  • I need an animal expert for this one?

    I have a brand new puppy, how old should she be before I mate her with my male dog? And how old should she be before I start her on heartworm preventative? Any "DOG GONE" good advice would be appreciated. I'm new at the puppy business

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  • Marriage... is it just a legal thing or a moral thing?

    My boyfreiend and I have been friends forever 40+ years.We would like to be married in God's eyes but do not want to involve the government and deal with all the "red tape".Neither of us have anything to hide from the government but just think its easier this way if we decide it won't work out between us. We are both in our late 40's and have been married ( and divorced) before.Is there a way to do this? Any ideas? To me its a moral thing but I don't want any trouble either

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