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  • Can I see someones court transcripts for free? My father murdered his fiance, but he doesn't talk to us, and..?

    My father shot his fiance a month ago. HIm and his family won't have anything to do with us, but I saw it on the news last month. He has had 2 court dates. The first one they set his bong at 350,000$ and then second, on July 2nd, IDK what they did and don't know how to find out.

    I've seen his mug shot and the 2 charges he is being charged with on the roster thing at the jail he is being heald at, but i wan't to know more. Where can I go to find out?

    If it helps any, he is in Arkansas (I don't live in that state), He is being heald in Junction City, Arkansas, but him and his fiance lived in El Dorado, Arkansas (that is where he shot her).

    Someone, please help me find out. This has been driving me nuts since it happed. I want to know more.

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  • I'm trying to find a psychiatrist... Insurance problems?

    I have 2 insurances, one through my mom, the other my step dad. I'm not telling them about it, even though I know they'll find out once they get a copy of the insurance bill in the mail. However, I know they won't bring it up.

    So, how do I find out how much it will cost since I have insurance through Anthem Blue Access and Humana?

    Also, I am having trouble finding a psychiatrist! What do I do and how do I find out?

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  • Dinner and wine? Please help... Please.?

    I'm a horrible cook. So, I've never done it for my boyfriend (who i've been dating for nearly 10 months).

    Well, I'm dog sitting for my uncle this week, so he has been staying with me and I want to cook him a nice dinner and buy us some wine.

    I was thinking pasta and some salad, but IDK what dish to make.

    Also, what cheepish wine to choose??


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  • Can I wear the nicotine patch if I already wear the birth control patch?

    I want to quit smoking but not if it interferes with my birth control...

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  • Can I talk to my boyfriend about this?

    My bulimia is beginning to flare up again, and I want to talk to him about it but I'm unsure if whether or not it would freak him out or make him want to dump me.

    He's the first person i've ever opened up a little to about my past and stuff and the stuff that happened while I was a kid. I both love him and trust him fully, i'm just worried he will think I'm bat **** crazy...

    Should I talk to him?

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  • I just made myself throw up for the first time in 5 months...?

    Ever since I started taking my birth control pill I haven't bc I was scared of pregnancy and I didn't want to anymore.

    However, in 2 months i'm going to a 3 day beach concert where all the girls wear bikinis and my BC has made me gain weight. I called my pharmasist (i said some food made me sick) and he said it was fine (i took the pill 15 hours ago) and he said it only takes an hour to get into your blood. and then I through up all the candy I had just ate.

    It felt so good and bad. Now I'm worried I won't be able to stop and i'll get preggo.

    But I want to be thin again so bad.

    I don't know what to do...

    ... and my boyfriend knows nothing about all of this. :(((

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  • Switching from the pill to marina (IUD) bc of bulimia and bad side effects..:?

    I've been on the pill for 6 months and it still makes me nautious off and on. I've gained a lot of wieight and I hate having to take it bc i seem to always be around people.

    I've heard a lot of good and bad stuff about marina (IUD). Anyone who has had it that can tell me how it worked for them, please!

    Thanks. :)

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  • Couple going to the strip club?

    My boyfriend and I, and his friend are going tomorrow night.

    I'm not the jealous type at all, he's a boob man and I know it:

    I was just wondering what we do? Just stare at hot girls?

    Cause I feel like I'll get bored if that's it. Ya know?

    We will be drinking a bit.

    But also, do girls tip the girl strippers, too?

    And do u just hand them the money or what?

  • I've got my bf of 6 months this stuff for vday...?

    A picture of us in a really cute frame (not the best pic because he usually closes his eyes in pictures, but at least his eyes r open in this one).


    A book of sex positions. Lmfao.

    A card and ima write something cute in it.

    I'm 19 and he is 20. Is that cheesy? He won't tell me what we r doing (its a surprise) so idk what he is doing for me.

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  • I've never had a boyfriend over Valentines day...?

    I'm 19, but i always seamed to sump em' in like Januaryish.

    So, my boyfriend is taking me out to dinner and what not but do I get him something or make him something?

    IDK what my role here is...

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  • Uh oh. A dr appointment...?

    I feel myself falling back into my eating disorder and depression and I'm really scared. I love my bf so much but I don't want him to know about that stuff but i think it's starting to affect our relationship.

    So, I was gonna make a dr. Appointment bc I just don't want to be sad anymore. However, if they were to start me on medicine or something, other than happiness, would their be any other side effects that my bf/family would notice. I don't want them finding out I'm taking any Meds if I end up having to....

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  • I couldn't make him *** while having sex?!?

    I'm on birth control and I use to still always use condemns just in case, but my boyfriend of whom i've been dating awhile, and I haven't been using condemns but he's still been pulling out.

    My mom had three kids before she was 19 so I suggested we go back to using condemns again just in case, and he was okay with it.

    But then we used it for the first time last night and we were going at it for awhile and he just couldn't ***.

    IDK if it's me or the condemn... What should I do?!?

  • Switching times that I take my birth control effects bc I'm bulimic?

    So, I stopped throwing up for awhile and was just eating healthy and exercisizing, but after I hurt my foot I stopped exercizing and then got out of the habit. Now I'm fat again. And it's been so hard not being able to throw up after 2pm bc that's when I usually take it.

    Today is thanksgiving and I am going to NEED to throw up tonight.

    Is it okay if I just start taking my pill at midnight instead?

    Also, I called my dr. bc I accidentally took 2 pills one day and she said just not to take one on the last day of the pack, it wouldn't hurt anything. Is that mixxing to much up?

    I can't have any early spotting or breakthrough bleeding bc I'm heading on vacation with my BF and I usually start spotting as is the day after we get there.

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  • Lingerie question! Never worn it before...?

    My bf is very big on boobs so I was planning on going with a corset and maybe a garter? But idk! Do I need to wear pumps with them? Is there something else I should wear?

    Also what do I do once it's on? I don't want to dance... Hahahha.

    We r going on vacation just the two of us as our Xmas present to each other and I wanted to surprise him with it.

    Tips, please?!?

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  • Completely rated R question.?

    So, i'm not a fan of getting it in when I am on top because I always feel like when I am in complete control my movements are more jerky and on top of that, it slips out a lot.

    However, my bf wants me to be. I'm a huge sex fan, don't get me wrong, i'm pretty sure I want it more than him most times.

    It's just awkward feeling for me on top.

    Any tips or suggestions?

    Thanks. :)

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  • Can you call your boyfriend Sweetheart?

    Or is that something a guy calls a girl?

    ... I can never decide.

    Also, what else are cute name other than babe, baby and love? Cause those 3 are all I say and he is always calling me cute little things.

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  • Can I just call my dr.? My BC is ******* me up.?

    I'm having horrible cramps, I just started bleeding yesterday, and I'm tired.

    I just started BC pill but I have another week before she said I'd get my period on it. But it's super uncomfortable, and it's like I'm having a light period now. I never use to get periods. I'm 19 BTW.

    Can I just call the dr. Offce and ask? Or do I have to make an apt.?

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  • Bleeding while on birthcontrol, and have bad cramps.?

    This is only my second weed on it, but now I'm bleeding. Earlier it was just cramps. Idk why, but it hurts, and this is only my second week on the pill. What do I do?

    1 AnswerPregnancy9 years ago