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  • Will this cause me pain in the future?

    I have a habit of popping my neck, A LOT!!!! I do it without even realizing that I am doing it. I have been doing it for more than 5 years and I'm starting to get worried because I am starting to get these horrible headaches and the pain seems to start in the area that I pop and work it's way up. Is it possible to maybe cause the bones in my neck to crack, split, or anything like that? And if that is a possibility, what is the possible outcome? Please help me before it's too late.

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  • Has anyone sat for the RHIT exam?

    I earned my graduated from an HIT program last June and I am just now wanting to sit for the RHIT exam. I am scared as I can be, I don't to take it and fail. I've heard several people say that it was the hardest test that they've ever taken and I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that feels it's not that hard. I was also wanting to know if you have any advise on how to prepare myself for the exam. I know that I should have taken it while everything was still fresh on my brain, but I found a job that paid decent money and taking the exam just got pushed to the back burner. But now I have an oppurtunity to interveiw for the position of Director of Health Information with my current employeer and I know that I can't even apply for the job if I don't have that certifiacation. Any suggests and comments are needed. Thanks!

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  • Am I crazy for staying?

    I have been married to my husband for 3 years and we've had our share of ups and downs, but like most women say, I love him! He hasn't always been a bad person and recently he's gotten a lot better. He doesn't have a job although he's been trying really hard. He's a convicted felon and he is on probation. Like I said, I was with him when he was a hustler and now that he's trying to change, it is hard on me. I have to work two jons and pay the bills by myself. When i come home, he hasn't cooked, cleaned, taken out the trash or even tried to wash a load of clothes. He makes me so angry and i feel bad when i really tell him how i feel. I know that some of the things i say are hurtful, but they are true. He tells me that when i talk to him like that, that i make him feel like less of a man. I don't mean to but i don't want him to get comfortable with me taking care of our family. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, i would really like to hear them. thank you.

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  • Why is it that if your child defends him/herself against another student, your child gets in trouble!?

    My 7 y.o. daughter told me that 3 girls wanted to fight her. I told my daughter that she has my permission to defend herself and she was more worried about being sent to the office. I think that the way the school system deals with children fighting needs to be reviewed and changed.

    I went through all the proper channels, I told the bus driver about it (everyone rides the same bus and one of the girls sits in the same seat as my daughter) and I also informed my daughter's counselor at school. I was told that the situation would be taken care of but if one of the girls hit my daughter, I should tell her to tell the bus driver or the teacher. I told them that I want my daughter to defend herself and all they could say was that she would get in trouble as well.

    My problem with that is this, if I am telling you ahead of time what is going on and even after a peer mediation these girls are still picking on my child, why can't she defend herself?

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  • Did you watch Prison Break last night?

    Did anyone else just about S**t in their pants last night when that guy shot the FBI man? I though i just might pass out from all the excitement. What do you think is going to happen in Jan. when the show comes back on? All I know is that I can't wait! Even the prison gaurd is going to get what he had coming to him!

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  • Does anyone watch Prison Break on Fox?

    I am a DIE HARD Prison Break fan and no one in my office seems to watch it! I have been in love with the show and the main two characters since the beginning! Lincoln and Micheal are two of the SEXIEST men alive and not to mention, the show it's bad. I am so into that everytime a comercial comes on, I just about have a heartattack!! My husband thinks that I'm crazy! I told him that next season I'm not even going to watch it, I'm just going to wait until they start selling the box set in stores.

    What do you think is going to happen next week? Do you think that the FBI guy ( I don't remeber his name) is going to be out of bullets? Do you think that Sara will eventually catch up to Micheal? And what about the correctional officer who is now being charged with murder! I have to admit that I loved that part of it. I've hated him since the beginning.

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  • What can I do to get him back up again without making him feel uncomfortable?

    My husband isn't satisfing me in bed and I don't know what to do about it. Here's the deal, he has a nice sized package but he just doesn't last long at all! He may be able to pull off about 3 minutes at the most. Now if he's been drinking, then I'll more than likely get about 5-7 minutes. He's always been like this since we first met and I am sooooooooo tired of having to sneak off to the bathroom to reach my climax. It wouldn't be so bad if he tried to make sure I was satisfied afterwards, but he doesn't. He just rolls over and goes to sleep.

    I need any and all suggestions on what I should do. I want to talk to him about it, but I'm scared that I'll hurt his feelings or something. I've always thought about just getting on top of him when he gets finished and doing something to get it back up again, but he's made the comment "I'm done for the night" and I don't know if he was just joking when he said that or if he was serios. Please help me with this one! Thank you:)

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  • How do you feel about her new song?

    Last night was the first time I heard the song and watched the video for the song To The Left by Beyonce. Am I the only one who feels that that song is the new female anthem when it comes to getting rid of the dead weith we call men? My husband hates it!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA! I love the part where she lures him face to face and he starts to get the big head thinking that he's still got her in the palm of her hand and ...........BAM! she snatches the necklace and takes the jacket!!!!!!!!!

    With all the problems that my husband and I are having, I kind of felt liberated. It was like she was saying something to him that I couldn't fix my lips to say to him myself and I think he could sense that. Am I wrong or immature for feeling that way?

    Either way ladies, you've got to admit that the song is off the chain!

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  • Are you from Kentucky?

    I am from Kentucky and I want to know if there is anyone else answering questions from Kentucky. What do you like, love, or hate about the bluegrass state?

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  • What could this be?

    For sometime now, I have felt that I may have endometreosis and out of fear, I have refused to seek any medical attention. Now what I am about to say next may seem a little weird, but I need to know if anyone else has experienced this.

    When I am taking a bath, I allow the water to enter my vagina and then I push it back out. I hope you can understand what I am saying. When I push the water back out, there is something there that looks kind of like toilet paper but it's not. I know I don't have any toilet paper inside me, I'm not a dirty person. But it does kind of look like it might be some kind of tisse. It's doesn't look like any kind of discharge and it has no smell to it. I'm trying not to freak out about it, but I am very scared. This isn't the first time that it's happened and I need your advice about what it is.

    I don't sleep around (i'm married) and I don't think that my husband is cheating, so I don't think it has anything to do with an STD. ANY ADVICE?

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  • Why do I get like this(bruises)?

    Okay here's the thing, yesterday, I scratched my leg with my pants on and that just didn't cut it. So I pulled my pants down and scratched directly on my skin. Well that felt great, but later that night, I noticed that my legs were sore to the touch. This morning when I got into the shower, I noticed that I have dark red scratch marks, little red spots, and huge bruises on my legs in the area that I was scratching. Does anyone out there know anything about that? I've noticed the bruises before, if I just bump my arm or leg or any part of my bosy against something, I end up with a gigantic bruise on my body. Can someone please tell me what is going on. I plan on going to the doctor in two weeks, but I don't know what to say is wrong with me. Thanks.

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  • I want to strip?

    I am a mother of two girls and I'm also a wife. I recently lost a lot of weight and I feel that I am almost at a point where I can actually be proud of my body and I want to do something that I have always thought of doing. I want to strip but I know that my husband will kill me. I stand 5'10" tall and at the present time, I weigh 195lb. But if you look at me you would never be able to guess how much I weigh. I carry my weight well and when I put on heels, I look even smaller. I just need to tone up a few places and I'll be good to go.

    i was thinking about taking a trip out of town with my girlfriends and while I was there, I will try it out. I don't want to tell my husband and that's where you come in at. What do you think I should do? I don't plan on doing it on a regular basis, I have just always wanted to do it and I think that in a few more weeks, my body will be ready! Should I or shouldn't I strip for one weekend and never mention it to my husband?

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  • I've lost the weight, what now?

    Within the last year and a half, I have went from a size 22 to a 12. I used to weigh over 300 pounds and now I weigh 195 (i'm 5'10, so don't get it twisted about my size). I feel that I am at a size that I can deal with, but I'm still losing weight. All of the clothes that I bought in a size 12, no longer fit right. I'm not completely satisfied with my body, but I do know that I don't want to lose any more weight. What can I do? Im scared to start eating again(fear that I'll gain all my weight back). I need to tone up my stomach, thighs, and my arms are horrible!!!! Any suggestions?

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  • Why is it that skinny women can wear revealing clothing but it's damn near against the law for use big girls?

    I am a woman on the plus side, standing at 5'10 and weighing 197pounds and I think that I look good for height. But when I get all dolled up, people look at me as though I have just broken the law. I don't think I look any worse than a woman who stands 5'10 and weighs 125 pounds. I think it's all in the way you carry yourself.

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  • Does anyone have any idea what i should do?

    I recently asked a question about the entire wheel coming off of my car. Well, there is more to that story. Like I said before, I bought the car on 7/21/2006, and several weeks later, the finance company sent me a letter stating that they denied me the credit for the car. When I called to speak to someone about the letter, I was given several different stories about why I received the letter. The final story the lady gave me was that I received the letter by mistake. When I asked her for something proving that they did indeed finace me the money for the car, she became very rude.

    I also purchased a Carfax report on the car and true enough, it had been involved in 2 minor accidents, one of which was at the rear passenger side of the car. Were they obligated to inform me of the past accident? Should they be responsible to repair the damage done to the body of the car even though that's not covered under the warranty? Had the tire not came off, then there would be no damage to

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  • What can make an entire wheel fall off of a car?

    Well, my husband was riding on the highway and two things happened. We just haven't been able to figure out which happened first. In the end, the front passenger wheel had a blow out and the back passenger wheel come completely off. There were no brake pads or nothing left. Everything was gone, the only thing left was the axle and the shcoks and struts. People when I say the entire wheel came off, I mean just that. Someone told me that the car had to be broken at the time I bought it. Any answers will be greatly appriciated.

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  • How long can a woman have endometriosis before she gets diagnosed?

    Is it possible for a woman to have endometriosis for a number of years before having it diagnosed? If so, will that interfer with child birth ( premature birth and miscarriages) and does it cause discharge and excessive clotting while having your cycle?

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago