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Hey my name is Brianna. my name used to be Merci Pour Le Venon

  • Dipenhydramine hydrochloride dosage?

    I've been having trouble sleeping lately, so my mom gave me some of these problem is I have to get up at 4 in the morning for work and I really dont wanna be tired so will these make me drowsy?

    their 50mg should I cut them in half and take 25mg?

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  • My kitty got spayed on friday and...?

    Today her incision looks a little like it oozed a little blood nothing major no drips or anything. I've watched her closely And she hasn't tried to lick it even once. Its possible she did it while I was asleep but I took time off to stay with her so other than that she hasn't. She's acting completely normal just like she did before the spay. She's running and jumping a lot I try to stop her from doing it but it's a cat and I can only do so much. So if her incision is just a little red and not any worse should I take her to the Vet. it is Extremely difficult to get her there to the point where I think she might rip it trying to even get her there so im not sure about taking her. She had a follow up app on Sunday do you think I should attempt to take her now or do you think as long as it's not worse I could wait?

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  • Is it mean to declaw a cat if....?

    The cat is inside only cat. I dont think shes being mean but when she plays (she's not a mean cat) she's claws really bad and its hurts really bad. She's clawed my face and my hands and arms and drawn blood. I really don't think she's being mean she just has sooo much energy she always wants to play. She's ten months old, not fixed yet (the people before me didn't fix her I've only had her a month and I have app all set up for in about 2 weeks) anyways so will she grow out of this or would it be good to just get her front paws declawed. Or is it mean? I don't wanna hurt her so ill keep them if its mean

    And also do you clip cats claws? This is my first cat so idk if I should or not.

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  • My cats in heat! ? questions....o?

    Were getting her fixed in about 2 weeks will lshe go out and back in by then? And how long will this last she's not meowing just making a sound with her but in the air. And will it get worse this is the first day we've really noticed but we've been suspecting for a couple days. And is this hurting her to be in heat. I was praying she wouldnt go till we got her fixed. We got her 2 weeks ago from a family who couldn't afford her

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  • What happens if you........?

    You stick a level 8 color with 10v on a level 6 head? Anyone know the answer

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  • Have i possibly hurt my body?

    so i kinda been messing up my birth control a lot

    and i do the every 3 month thing. i started spotting this month after taking 2 pills of the month. it was pretty bad so i decide just to go back and have my period.

    and sometimes i forget and have to take 2 a day and i take mine at different times all the time

    i know its bad but i think forgetting altogether is worse

    im gonna go to the doctor in a couple month once im out of bc and get on something i dont have to remember as frequently,

    im scared that doing that i messed up my system and am messing up my body.

    anyone have any ideas?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • im putting some purple and blue in my hair?

    my question wasnt answered last time so i thought id try again

    i have some faded out red and orange *i mean really faded* to light pink and light orange

    and i plan on washing it dawn to get more out first.

    i wanna put majirough violet mixer and blue mixer

    (its permanent) i was just wondering would it be best to use 10 20 or 30 volume developer on it...

    1 AnswerHair10 years ago
  • Putting purple over red ?

    I have red in my hair right now (bright red) and I wanna put purple and blue over it my question is what developer should I use 10, 20, & 30?

    2 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • tattoos and hairstylist?

    im becoming a hairstylist in school currently and ive been wanted a tattoo on the side of my neck

    would this affect my job opportunities

    i just want a small Celtic trinity knot nothing huge

    please dont tell me not to do it for other reason just if it would affect my job opportunities in this field...

    9 AnswersTattoos10 years ago
  • what made you wanna quit smoking? and if i quit...?

    ive been smoking for a year

    yes i know what it does to you and blah blah blah you dont need to tell me

    i was just wondering what gave you the inspiration to quit

    cause im not quitting for myself. ive tried and apparently thats not enough for me.

    so dont tell me whats wrong with smoking

    just what gave you the inspiration to quit?

    and if i quit now will my lungs heal back to normal?

    i only smoke 3-6 a day

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  • Should I go to the doctor again?

    In the begginning of februrary I got a cold it got better then I got pneumonia not even a week later

    Went to the doctor told me it was the worst she's seen all week

    She gave antibiotics I felt better but I was still caughing and my lung still hurt

    I went back got a different stupid doctor who listen to my lung told me it was just swollen sent me home

    Then after another week I was fine

    Then I've been fine for about 2- 3 weeks maybe

    Now I'm coughing again and I can here my lung when breath deep (same lung I had pneumonia)

    I feel a little better when I take allergy medicine but I don't know if it's allergies

    Should I go to the doctor? Could I be getting pneumonia again or will it be too early to tell?

    Oh and btw I eat healthy take vitamins and wash my hands but I go to beauty school and since we can only miss 3 days every period sickness spreads

    2 AnswersOther - Health10 years ago
  • My hair is at the orange stage?

    I'm blaching my hair it's at the orange stage

    I'm putting lift and deposit bright red with volume 30

    Is my hair light enough for that to work?

    2 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • if i want long hair...?

    should i cut off my damage and re-start the growing process.

    i have damaged hair at the ends

    ive been deep-conditioning and using high quality shampoo and trying to prevent more damage and trimming it off as it grows

    its better but its still damaged

    so could i keep doing what im doing my hair is a little long than color bone length and has been this way since like november when i bleached it

    however its been getting healthier and growing a little more

    so if i keep dong what im doing to prevent breakage will it grow

    or do i need to just cut the damage off and start over?

    which would be better in the long run?

    6 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • What would happen if...?

    my hairs really damaged ive been trying to grow it out for over a year

    its grown about 4 inches....and it continues to get more damaged.

    ive debated on dong a asymmetric cut for a while but i never did. and i was debating on doing it now eventhough i want long hair

    it'll take about 3-4 inch off

    so my entire years grows

    BUT would it be better just to start out my quest for long hair with healthy hair, in the end wont it end up breaking less and actually grow out faster?? or just keep trying to make my hair i have now healthy

    but theres no way to get my dead ends off without cutting it so idk

    plus once my hairs actually long im never gonna wanna cut it so i view this as my chance

    2 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • how do you get the mucus out of your throat?

    i cant cough the mucus up to spit it out

    i end having to swallow it which then leads to me chocking on it and having to breath hard through my nose to stop chocking it.

    so i wanna know how to get the mucus out of my throat? since everytime i try to cough it up i cant

    i also have a big fear of chocking so that not helping

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases10 years ago
  • heat less hairstyles?

    so pretty much ive done everything and anything my hair

    ive bleach it to red, that wasnt bad since it was the first time i ever did anything only things before that it was black hair, then i went to blue, then blonde, then brown then black then red again then purple, now im back to black FOR GOOD at least a super super long time

    in this process ive had to cut off about 10 inches of length

    pretty much ive learned my lesson

    im trying to make my hair grow healthy and strong but its still damaged

    i usually straighten my hair

    i started using a heat protector which has helped and ive done two hot oil treatments

    its gotten better, but i know it'll be a few months till it grows a noticable amount.

    anyways back to my question i dont wanna apply and heat AT ALL

    but i need something fast in the morning

    i like my hair straight but i know theres not a lot i can do without heat

    i also like my hair left down most of the time

    any ideas?

    4 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Oregon marriage and dating law question?

    so my question is

    can a 17 year old and a 20 year old date in oregon?


    the parents are okay with it(they are)

    and there not going to have sex(waiting till marriage)

    so if the relationship is non-sexual and the parents are okay with it can we legally date?

    also can we get married?

    i dont want any "your to young stuff" just please give me as much information as you know on the subject, were not dating yet, we just love each other and are trying to figure out if we need to wait till im 18 to get married or date.

    thank you

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • im trying to find a substitute...?

    for cutting

    ive been doing it for 5 years and i havnt cut in a few months now and im extremely proud of myself

    however ive been eating a lot lot lot more

    like whenever i have the urge i eat which isnt really healthy either and ive gained 15 pounds.

    i really dont like this as its making me not like myself even more

    which obviously doesnt help the cutting,

    im trying really hard to break this habit

    but i need some substitutes

    drawing and writing dont help,

    music is not enough,

    and i just dont know what else to try and i'll try anything..

    7 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • concealer question? darkcircles +scar...?

    i have dark circles horribly under my eyes

    they've been around since i was about 12

    and ive tried drinking water more

    and it just doesn't take them away

    see there extra horrible since i have extremely pale white skin and im not gonna tan cause i love it

    my skin is extremly even and clear except for that and i dont need foundation

    however i need a concealer *that comes in a shade light enough* for my dark circles

    im currently using maybelline cover stick in white

    and its light enough

    but it doesn't cover enough and comes of throughout the day *even with setting powder*

    money isn't a issue because since i dont buy foundation much i can afford to spend a little more on a good quality concealer.

    also if the concealer can cover up a scar that would be amazing

    i have a cleft lip and i have a scar and i hate it):

    thats why i stay pale cause when i tan the scar doesnt tan and its more noticeable

    plus i love paleness.

    4 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • I currently use olay moisturizer ...?

    i have very dry skin in the winter

    im young but i use the one for aging cause it moisturizes deeper for me

    and it still isnt enough for me....

    i find myself having to apply a lot before i put any kind of makeup on

    this used to work for me, but recently my skin has been a lot dryer

    i switched facial cleanser to burts bees camolimil one and i also use a scrub by them 2-3 times a week.

    would a different cleanser help?

    so what mosturizer do you reccomend?

    mainly drug store

    but i can go department as long as its not a lot lot

    but give me drug store ones first if you can(:


    5 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago