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  • Does anyone know any calculator website  to plot points to get a equation. ?

    I have  4 plot points to get an equation.I just want to find out the though point  to generate the answer.I trying to figure out how the answer came about.Not easy taking Math 120.I figured out some other math problems with the answer generated.I didn't realize the problem was right in front of me.Don't get me wrong.I have Adhd.It ain't easy to learn at a fast pace.I'm slow.Please don't judge cause not everyone is  perfect.If you could please put me in the right direction to find a site that allows 4 plot points to get the equation with steps.I'm willing to learn.Not easy to retain information.

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  • What kind of Calulators do i need to use first so i can simplify the answer. Solve K= u+cb for u?

    I been stuck on this kind of math for 1 day.Any solutions where to start on which calculator 1st and then simplify on which calculator to get my answer.Yes i'm learning in class to learn without calulators.We are allowed to use it to learn how to get the answer.

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  • Has anyone bought any Xfinity pods from Comcast.Do they work really good?

    I seem to get 2 bars in my medium sized apartment.My comcast modem/router has 2 bars then goes back to 3 bars every so often.My netgear extender does the same thing.I was wondering if the wall structure is blocking the signals.Even if the pods aren t recommended by anyone or don t work as they say on tv.Which Mesh pods,router would be best for my apartment.I want a strong a signal in my apartment.I don t mind your recommendations.You can tell me what is causing the problem and if it is something i can fix.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 issues?

    I bricked my tablet and it completely gave me a update error.I went back to overwrite the file with a recovery file,firmware.It give a thunderbolt symbol to charge.No charging progress was showing except the symbol.When i boot the tablet it goes to samsung tab S2 logo.It stays their for along time.It doesn't go to the set up mode to sign up for an account.It does seemed brick.Not sure if it is the battery,Motherboard,bricked and might need a Samsung tech to delete the previous date to recover it.Who knows what the problem is.Has anyone had the same issues.What might the cause of the problem and how to fix.

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  • Does anyone know what kind of Software do i need to convert pdf file to a image file?

    I'm trying to convert a pdf file.I created it form Docx file with my class project text.Cheggs requires images so i'm trying to convert it to one single image without downloading separate images of the pdf.It would help me since they only want one image with it showing my instructions of everything.What a pain the neck.Can someone point me in the right directtion

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  • Can you use a optical splitter on a Samsung sound tower speakers to connect a soundbar with a sub.?

    I tried doing that with a 5 dollar one from Walmart.I didn't hear sound except the Sound tower.No sound coming out of the Sound bar.I did some research and i found out that you can only do just one.Does anyone know a good surround sound system with good deep bass to fit my 4k tv.I wanted one with a L and R white and red connections.I need one so i can connection the system to a sound tower as an audio output as it displays on the back of the sound tower. Please recommend me a brand and price between $50 - $150 dollars.I was hoping to pay $80 dollars.Please list me the items and site.

    3 AnswersHome Theater1 year ago
  • Which Ps4 gamers headset is worth buying.?

    I was told to buy Astros A50.I tested out the Turtle Beach 520s and Turtle Beach 800 elites.Which has better sound quality,more worth it's money,I want to hear everything crystal clear with good mic to speak in to.Money doesn't matter.

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  • Where can i find the tv movie called Smudge?

    This movie was made in 1997 on cable.i wanted to show my friend who has down sydrome the movie.Does anyone know any online movie stores that carry Smudge.I'm interested in buying it for a friend. or me.He never watched the movie before.If anyone knows websites that carry that movie.List the site.Also list the price.

    1 AnswerMovies3 years ago
  • Is the ram upgrade on the Hp Envy m6 w101dx.?

    I used Belarc and it showed a empty ram slot bay.I'm trying to figure how to access the ram slots so i can upgrade my ram.Since i'm new to the convertable lap tops.Does anyone know a good tutorial or know where to access the ram.I was told by Geeksquad i wasn't able to upgrade.Since Belarc scanned my lap top and found a empty ram bay slot i think they lied when i bought ram and they were going to put it in and said their weren't slots.I figured they were lazy and didn't want to do it.Does one how to access the ram slot and where is it located.I know for fact it is under the moherboard next the enter key.IF anyone of you had any luck with this lap top model.Send me a pic or hit me up tutorial videos.

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  • Which movie has a ladie who is a which and marrys a old man?

    A young pretty lady moves in to a house with a old man.They suspect she's a witch in the middle of movie.Later on at the end her body glows with light and it reveals shes a witch.All i remember the name glinda.In the movie the old man drives down the freeway and his car shrinks.This is at the end of the movie.Can anyone tell me the name of this movie.This movies from the 80's or 90's.Having a hard time remember the movie.I was watching it on the over the air channels for a few mins 1-2 years ago.If anyone can name that movie.That would be awesome.I found the movie interesting.I don't recall watching.I may have watched it when i was kid.I only remember some parts of the movie.I put in the descripion in youtube.Nothing came up.

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  • Which fast gaming machine is good from Bestbuy,?

    Looking for fast pc that can go over 3.4 to 4.0ghz.Also expandable memory to 32gb with currently 16 gb.I want i want ether a i7 or amd fx series.Upgradeable video card that support Geforce gtx 960.Alo i have memory at home that is a PNY.If you can help find out which pcs support.This way i don;t have to waste my time spending more money.I will post a link of my memory that i bought.I bought 2 & 1 current one in the old pc .Total of 3 stick of ram.

    .Let me know of any awesome fast machines that met my match.IF they're are any desktops that are shipped overnight.Let me know.Hard to find a good shipping deal.

    1 AnswerDesktops4 years ago
  • Why is my video vards hdimi & dvi not displaying images.?

    My video card fan is spinning half ways & is stopping,No desktop image is showing.I tried changing power suppies & nothings changed.I called the Evga center for my card & they say it ain't the card & has to be the system.Confused right now.Can anyone help me solve the problem here.I hope their not trying to avoid me cause it might be the card.What you all think?

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  • Does anyone know any stores that carry the original baggy jeans like Anchor blue did?

    Been looking around the mall in Las Cruces,NM.No one makes jeans like Anchor blue did?Does anyone know any stores that does those kind of style jeans.Im sure theirs stores that do that kind of jean style.Send me the store names you been to?I will check them out online & in store.

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories4 years ago
  • My Ps2 ain't powering on?

    What's causing the ps2 not to power on.I was cleaning out the ps2 with the air compressor.I'm sure it didn't mess it up.I checked all the cables.I Unconnected & reconnected the parts.No power.I powered the system on.It wouldn't turn on.It worked fine 1-2 days before.All i know is that it could ether be the power switch or the system is no good.Anyone know what the issue is.I can buy the parts for it.Just need to know if my answers were right.If i'm wrong.Let me know so i can find out how much i need to spend to fix it.I found parts online.Just need to know which ones needed the repair.

    2 AnswersPlayStation5 years ago
  • Where can i find the best Blue ray Creation software for my Geforce gtx 960.I edit alot for home movies.?

    I know most of those softwares run a Nivida or amd graphics card.I saw so many models that were support.I have a Geforce GTX. 960.I tried editing with Dvd Fab.I though the process would increase faster for my home movies.I guess the time is longer.What's causing the process to take longer.Is it just that Blue ray takes longer.I just bought the GPU card yesterday at Bestbuy.It does great on gaming.I wanted to put it to use on editing.What are your guys suggestions to get the recommended software that will work faster with my card.I want to use accleration.Just let me know anything you know.


    2 AnswersSoftware5 years ago
  • How to put back a hp envy harddrive ribbon cable.?

    I Have this Hp envy m6 have to lift the laches in the area where the keyboard holds the drive inside.The ribbon cable is hard to reach so i can put it back in to place to get my harddrive running again.Any tools i need to get the ribbon in the hard to reach corner.I know that the computer tech guys use a tool to reach it so the cable fits in secure.Going to school for this field.Not sure what tool is needed to get that ribbon in to the slot.I would hate to bust something up & ruin the notebook.Any long enough tweezers to reach the ribbon slot so i can reconnect it.It's simple to do.Don't have the tool.What's the name of the tool.Is it just a tweezer.Point me to Amazon or ebay to find that item.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 years ago
  • which data recovery program recovers 100 percent of all file types.?

    I lost 60-70gb of,application programs,movies,digital camera videos, camcorder video files.Is it possible to recover them once your pcs formatted.I had to format cause my external hard drive 3 tb had a short.Had to put in a enclosure case to get data but it gave me the format warning thing.IF anyone can give me a comment asap.IF this can be recovered.I can take it to geeksquad or do it myself.

    4 AnswersOther - Computers5 years ago
  • Please enter setup to recover bio settings?

    I have a Asus M32 Desktop with Win8.1 preinstalled.Earlier my desktop worked.I changed the screen res to see if the black bars would stretch.I realized that was the layout of windows 8 to get to the charms on the side.I restarted my computer & it showed blue on the screen.I later on reset the cmos battery by taking out & put it back in. Restarted the pc.Now it says Please enter setup to recover bio settings.All thier is listed is the making of the bios,device listings.Then it says it shutdown in a few seconds.I tried so many keys to press on.Nothing entered the setup.I wonder what happened.Anyone know a solution to my problem.Maybe i,m doing things wrong.How do i correct the issue.

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