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  • After the election this is what we are doing?

    I the idiot am in my apartment,drinking kool aid! listening to bruce springsteen,jay-z,beyonce,called a couple a friends over on my free phone,they are some of those 47% people,there gonna come over and bring some food and snacks, that they are buying with their EBT cards,I told them they didn't have to because my fridge and pantry is full with the finest food the government can buy,but they insisted. we are gonna sit around and watch MSNBC on my flat screen,(man I love that chris matthews)and we are CELEBRATING!!!!!!! four more years!!!

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  • what is a good on-line school for medical coding and billing?

    medical coding and billing schools on-line

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  • why do we as americans?

    this will be more a rant then a question,iam by no means a political guru or some super smart person. but i just cant help wondering,how we as americans have let our selfs slip into all this political BS. we have divided ourselfs into different groups of republicans and democrats.

    we have taken sides with a party, and bash the other side like we are routing on our hometown football team,people lets get together and stop this stupidity,we are americans,we dont belong to one side or the other.these politicans and partys have seperated us. we are americans does everyone really think that these partys really give a crap about us,they are in washington spending billions and trillions of dollars,our dollars,tell me what president has not lied or let us down and kept every promise,or senator,congressman,represenitive,..ETC

    the saying (untied we stand divided we fall) has never been so true then it is now! we are bashing each other when we should be getting facts as to whats happining. i cant understand! between the media,the partys and so on, they make it sooo hard to understand whats going on that i just give up,but thats the way they want it.

    we are goimg to pot by being seperated.we should watch our politicans from the mayor all the way up to the president,whether they are republican or democrat, i vote for the person i think will have the greatest influance on the problems at hand,no matter what party they belong to. iam tired of getting shafted by washington and nothing is getting any better,i want healthcare for everyone,i want peace, i want a better economy for me, and my childern,i belive our veterans deserve all we can give them, and so teachers,police and firefighters,and that no one in the usa should be hungry,we are paying the price in taxes but we have not seen any results. the goverment should do us a favor and cap gas prices,intrest rates,etc. we should not feel we are obligated to any party but the party of the human race,until we as the people of the usa start policeing our goverment, and tell washington whether by email,-letter, or phone call, or by any other means,they will keep on sucking us dry with no positive outcome. these people are only intrested in thier careers, and power, and making money for themselfs and their friends.iam sure there are some good people in washington trying to help, but all the bs that goes into trying to do good ends up

    with so much added crap, that it just winds up costing us so much more. with all the stuff they add to a bill to help us wind up hurting us.

    everyone in washington wants a piece of the pie which leaves us hungry. please people lets stop harrasing each other ,lets take our anger and frustrations to the people they belong to,our beloved politicans.

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  • my tv is hot,please tell me if this is normal?

    I have a 42 inch vizio flat screen ,[no its not stolen] just wanted to know if anyone has the same probs with there tv, a lot of heat come off of is on a stand not mounted on the wall,when i walk by i can feel the heat coming from the screen,is this normal?

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