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  • Question on Russian Blue behavior?

    Recently acquired an adult male Russian Blue cat. While petting him he'll clamp down on a finger or foot or something. Doesn't clamp down and bite - just sets his teeth. I've had my share of cats before and this is the first one to exhibit this behavior. Is this just "blue behavior" or do I have a psycho cat? :>

    1 AnswerCats8 years ago
  • Way to access Wifi Printer via Ethernet?

    I have three XP desktops connected via Ethernet Linksys WiFi router. A wireless desktop upstairs and a few wireless laptops (Vista and Win7) and a few game systems connected via WiFi scattered about complete the lineup. I've got a Canon MP495 WiFi multi-function printer which communicates with the router and all the wireless systems just fine. For the "cabled" desktops, however, the installs do not see the printer. I seem to have to use a USB cable on one system and share that connection with the other ethernet desktops - even though I can see the WiFi printer is assigned an IP address in the router and I can ping this address with no problem. Is there a way to "tunnel" the ethernet cable into the router and then wirelessly out to the printer? I seem to be so near and yet so far. Thanks

    1 AnswerComputer Networking10 years ago
  • Would you say a prayer for an accident victim?

    He was in a wheelchair, in the middle of a dark street, and was hit by an ambulance. They just air-lifted him out of here.

    Thanks all.

    15 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago