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  • Yahoo Charges From Tokyo Japan?

    Anyone ever see charges on their credit card from Yahoo! month-year TOKYO JPN for amounts like $2.48, $2.49, etc. I see four at a time for the same date.. I called YAHOO customer service and was told to fax my statements to "Mr. Dave" at some phone number(no thank you). I asked what the charges are for, and the guy on the phone said he didn't know but had other calls about it. The only things I ever recall buying from yahoo is a game from YAHOO games. These charges reoccur monthly, and seemed to have started after that purchase. If Yahoo knows these are bogus then why haven't they done anything?

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  • Cant Get Kawasaki FB460V engine to run right.?

    It started sputtering like it was out of / low on gas. I added gasto the tank and it still sputters, almost like it is fully choked but the usual dark/blue smoke doesn't appear like normal for full choke.

    I setup the carburetor and set the throttle linkage acoording to the manufacturers specs but it will only stay running at full choke or idle. I did the setup process a couple of times.

    I have not checked fuel line for blockage yet. It does have a solenoid on the carburetor. The engine is old, I'd guess close to 20 years but was running great.


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