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  • What would you do if you found this in your husband's "Sent" folder?

    If you found this in your husband's "Sent" folder, what would you do?

    "Hi Kristy, sorry for the abrupt disconnection, wife seen myspace and deleted me on my PC. How U been. Give me someway other than Myspace or Yahoo IM to connect again! Was really enjoying our conversations. Hope to hear from U SOON $$$$$$$ John"

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  • Give me one good reason why anyone should feel sorry for a selfish addict?

    I hope the selfish addicts read this question and give their input as well.

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  • What is a deal-breaker for choosing a nursing home or rehab facility for yourself or a loved one?

    For me, it would be being forced to have a roommate. I wouldn't care how nice the facility is otherwise. If I had to have a roommate, they could not sell me on it.

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  • What is a deal-breaker for choosing a nursing home or rehab facility for yourself or a loved one?

    For me, it would be being forced to have a roommate. I wouldn't care how nice the facility is otherwise. If I had to have a roommate, they could not sell me on it.

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  • Does anyone here work in a Long-Term Care Facility?

    I already posted questions on a LTC forum but I wanted to know what you could tell me about the Clinical Liaison, Nurse Liaison, or Admissions Screener who works for your facility. This is the person who goes to the hospitals and completes the pre-screening assessment to determine if they are suited for placement, as well as tries to market the facility to the patient/family.

    I have read that you have to be "aggressive" and not "abrasive" and you have to compete for the patients! I have also been told that it requires tracking patients who are back in the hospital because other LTC facilities will try to snatch them!

    I have a BSN as well as marketing experience but I hear of sharks in this business and nasty social workers. Is it a good job, a bad job, what salary should I expect and should I read some books on being aggressive LOL.


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  • Quickest way to increase stamina with these tools?

    I'll cut to the chase. I'm going back to floor nursing full-time after 9 years out of it because I have rheumatoid arthritis. Enbrel has changed my life so that's the short version. I haven't been on my butt for 9 years but I have worked mostly a desk job.

    I have a dual-action (arms/legs) exercise bike, which I usually do in 1/2 hour slots, dumbells (1.5, 3 and 5 lb.), ankle weights, a resistence band, and three dogs that it takes me 45 min to walk 1.5 miles together (they are hounds and stop to sniff everything).

    I am not buying more equipment, I am not joining a gym, I will not jog or run because that is not good for arthritic feet, so I need to make a schedule using the two tools above before I have to start being on my feet running up and down halls for 8 and possibly more hours a day. I am going to work 3-11 so I can have plenty of time in the morning to get family out the door, take care of dogs, do housework, go to exercise, take a hot shower, and get dressed & not be rushed.

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  • Any RN's here working 3-11 in a hospital?

    I would like to here your advice and experiences, esp. if you are on med/surg.

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  • How would I spell "George" in Romanian?

    How would I find the equivalent of the name "George" in Romanian? A man named George Nicolici built my house in 1916 and ran a pool hall out of my garage during Prohibition. A man came into the local historical center with a token from the pool hall but wouldn't sell it. He turns up on only in my house in 1920 then disappears.

    I don't feel like Googling the answer right now because I am trying to run a scanner so i thought I'd ask here for any insight on the name George Nicolici.

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  • Odd florescent light problem?

    I have two long (I think 48") florescent lights in a fixture over my kitchen sink. In the daytime, if I turn the wall switch on, they go on immediately. If it is evening/dark, and I turn them on, they flicker, take forever, or I have to turn them on and off a few times and they finally go on. I will see the little orange glow in the end of the bulb and the tube will look like it is trying to light. They never flicker once on. This NEVER happens in the daytime.

    I have changed bulbs and ballasts in the past. What causes this problem? It is in front of a window. I know that sunlight should have nothing to do with your lights working, but does it?

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  • Why haven't you changed what you don't like about your life?

    1. I hate where I live from October until April. It is cold, dark, depressing, and aggravates my arthritis.

    2. I am not fulfilled by what I am doing to earn most of my money.

    3. I don't have enough time or money to spend on the one thing I really love which sometimes brings me money and could bring me more if I gave up number 2 and moved away from number 1 so I was healthier and had more energy and less aches and pains to do it.

    My reasons for not changing are fear of moving to a place that ends up worse than where we live now, a feeling that it would be selfish to put my desires first if I spent more time on a career I love and that my marriage would fall apart and my kid would end up a loser and my dogs would act out because they miss me, and I fear committing to something and then not being able to follow through due to my disease flare-ups and getting fired because of it (don't quote the ADA; you are simply told you cannot perform the tasks you were hired to do).

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  • "I Am Legend" or "American Gangster" tonight?

    We rented both movies...which should we watch first?

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  • Messy people question #2. Why would you do this?

    Ok, teenager has her own personal hamper in her room. It is by no means full. In fact, the dirty clothes are in a ball on the floor, complete with belt still inside jeans and underwear and socks still inside them.

    Teenager also has garbage can right next to bed underneath night stand. It is open and accessible under the nightstand. There is no door to deal with. However, there remains a small pile of sunflower seed shells on top of the nightstand, as well as an empty juice box and an ice cream bowl with a spoon.

    I have dealt with this for 17 years, in one form or another. Ok, 15 years. When she was two it was take all the paper off the crayons and strew it all over the room.

    I know an adult like this and she told me she has better things to do with her time than bring a dish to the sink, throw things in the garbage or sort laundry.

    Question: WHY!!!!!????

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  • Can a disorganized, messy person be rehabilitated?

    I'm serious. If you were, what worked for you? And to what did you attribute your slovenly ways?

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  • Can someone who speaks German pronounce this surname for me?

    Can you please pronounce the name "Ochs" for me, phonetically? Would it possibly be pronounced "Oakes" and can you tell me what it means, or what it is a derivation of? I am trying to help a fellow genealogist. Thank you!

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  • Do you make it a point to learn something new every day?

    I won't elaborate other than to say that I do. My grandmother used to say "You learn something new every day."

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  • Name some free game sites....?

    I know this has been asked before but let's see if there are any new answers out there...Where do you go to play single or multi-player online games for free? I haven't played anything since last summer as it is addicting and I had to force myself to stop but sometimes I feel like playing again.

    Three I can think of off the top of my head: - Monopoly is my fave

    Yahoo Games - Literati is my fave - Pop-It is my fave

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  • If you didn't go to college right after high school...?

    1) Did you get a job?

    2) What was your job?

    3) Was it full or part-time?

    4) Did you live at home with family?

    5) If so, did you pay rent/board?

    6) If you paid rent/board, how much was it?

    7) Did your family help you with getting a job, vehicle, or insurance?

    8) Who covered your medical insurance or did you have none?

    9) Were you expected to abide by a curfew or just be courteous and let people know when you would be back?

    10) Based on your experience, what do you think is the best scenario for people not going to college right after high school, if ever?

    I am asking because I have a teenager, but in fairness, I will give my answers: I moved out right after I graduated high school at 17, took two jobs, one based on a trade I learned in high school, shared an apartment with someone, and went to college at 23. I didn't have a license or a car until I was 25 and living at home was never an option. There were periods where I had no health insurance. I am glad went to college as an adult.

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  • Best Ruby Jean Jensen book?

    Your favorite and why....and have you ever located a copy of "The House That Samael Built" because I haven't found one locally and I scout frequently.

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  • How long did your laptop cord last before it shorted out?

    I have a Compaq Presario V5305WM which is a year and 4 mos old and the cord does get moved around often as my husband takes it off my deask after work every day and puts it on his "over the bed" cart so he can watch tv at the same time. As of yesterday, it started acting up. If I got it into a certain position, I could get it to work and charge the battery. Now tonight I can't get it to work no matter how I dangle it, move it, etc. I did go on EBay this morning and order a new replacement, but I am curious as to how long is the typical lifespan and in which particular part is it likely to go bad. It is a two-part cord (the kind with a box in the middle).

    Grrrhhh....have to use the desktop computer to get any work done until it gets here.

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  • Firefox always crashes when I am on

    Needless to say, I am on every day. I do not want to use Internet Explorer. This happens when I go to open images; not all the time, but every day.

    Does anyone else have this problem on Ancestry? Should I save my bookmarks file and reinstall Firefox or just use IE on that site? I hate IE.

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