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Cat Loves Her Sabres

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I live with my fiance and our guinea pig in an apartment that has 2 less bedrooms than my last apartment and double the square footage. I'm nearing the end of my time working on a Bachelor's degree in teaching ESL. Ask me why the Toronto Maple Leafs aren't the Toronto Maple Leaves; I have an actual linguistics-based answer for you! I like to play D&D, Munchkin, Fluxx, Red Dragon Inn, and other geeky amusing things like that. I LOVE the Buffalo Sabres. I am an avid knitter. I went to Tokyo during Spring Break 08, and it was the most incredible trip I ever took! I will always remember the food and the flowers and the gorgeous Tokyo sunshine! I'm always busy, but loving the fact that I'm almost ready to go out into the world and do something useful!

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