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I am a 55yr old happy,witty,smart,independent, hardworking,fun loving Grammie. I have worked in the Medical Profession for over 30 yrs. I have been an Operating Room Scrub,Ophthalmology Tech/Scrub and an Office Nurse. I currently work in a Medical Facility. I love my country lifestyle with my ducks/chickens and dogs. I enjoy the peace that comes with living away from the noise of the city. I am a recoverying alcoholic with over 12yrs of sobriety/recovery thanks to GOD and the people of AA.

  • What kind of duck do I now have?

    A friend of mine just bought what was said to be Indian Runner Ducks because she was told they are the kind of ducks that are used to train hunting dogs. . . she bought them to save their lives but once she got them she didn't know what she was going to do with them so she has passed 6 of them off on me to put with my Peking Ducks and chickens.

    It was told to her that Indian Runners are used for training because they don't fly and thus far these ducks haven't even tried.

    I have researched Indian Runners and these ducks don't look anything like Indian Runners.

    They are small ducks compared to my Peking Ducks.

    Their bills are brown and their feathers are brown and somewhat look like a Rouen but not really.

    Does anyone know if there is a specific breed of ducks that are especially used for training hunting dogs and if so what is that breed.

    Could it possibly be a cross between maybe a mallard and a rouen?

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  • For Lawyers ONLY. . . . I want to gain custody of my grandchildren.?

    30yr old son and wife with 2yr old son and 4yr old daughter are divorcing. Wife has temp.custody of children which has dashed any hopes my son had of attaining permanent custody..

    Children are not in life threatening conditions but are exposed to the mother's dysfunctional,explosive and abusive behaviored family not to mention the possible fondling by an older cousin.

    Neither parent is really a bad parent but I do question some of their parenting skills and decisions.

    I am not trying to be the "take over" grandparent but I want these kids happy and safe.

    Both parents smoke "weed" and inspite of some of the dirt presently brought up by both parents they have promised not to mention "weed"during divorce/custody ordeal.

    I not only want these babies safe but I want them close so I can protect them and help them to grow up in a much healthier environment.

    ANY and ALL legal advise will be GREATLY appreciated because even with my legal knowledge I am at a loss at how to go about this.

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  • Minimum Wage?

    Where is the minimum wage increase?

    The ever rising cost of gasoline not to mention liability insurance and general automobile maintaince,how is the individual on the current minimum wage suppose to make it?

    Are they suppose to be able to maintain a car,buy groceries,clothe themselves and their children,furnish their homes and have a little extra left to save?

    Fortunately my home is paid for such as it is but on $8.00hr I don't dare miss a day of work or I can't make a living.(My job has other benefits that I will realize upon retirement.) Infact I work all of the overtime I can get in order to take up the slack.

    The government is going to increase the minimum to $7.00hr but by the time it takes effect at this rate it will then take more than that to make a living.

    Are we just going to have to work 2 jobs to support a home we won't be able to spend much time in?

    If the government is trying to squeeze out the little man,they are certainly going about it in the right way.

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  • Free Remodeling?

    12 yrs ago I took on an abandoned 14x80 3/2 mobile home.

    It has been my intention to repair and remodel it and though I have made some progress with my own efforts and the efforts of well meaning friends I seem to be beating my head against a wall.

    I have lost employment either to bosses retiring or just plain closing the doors,in the interim I have taken jobs that barely support me so repairs/remodeling had to take back seat.

    Now,a "carpenter" that helped me put up new siding on the trailer put the siding on with staples and in our high wind area the siding is blowing off. . . the skirting he put on is now bowing and my pipes continue to freeze in the winter. . . . I can't seem to get ahead for having to redo repairs and the rising cost of gas doesn't help.

    Is there a web site where I can go besides Extreme Home Make-Over that will afford me cheap if not free home repair.

    I don't want a new house,I only want to get this one in order and quit living out of boxes.

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  • When people don't want their dogs/puppies or cats/kittens why do they think us in the country will take them?

    I live in the country and have my own 2 dogs,chickens and ducks.

    Each animal has it's place and it's own personaility and I love and care for each and everyone of them.

    Now,I get up one morning to find a chicken missing and find that a cat has taken up home under my storage shed.

    I let things go and before long I am down 2 more chickens so eventually I trap the cat and shoot it. . .chickens don't come up missing anymore(my prettiest hen is now gone).

    Why do people dump these unwanted animals out in the country thinking us who live in the country just want or need them?

    I understand that most people think that having a dog pound put these animals to sleep is cruel but what about dumped off animals who can get hit by cars who don't die right off and suffer or what about those animals who starve because they don't know how to find their own food.

    I am tired of buying chickens and ducks and getting attacted to them only to lose them to a stray animal.

    Get your pets neutered! !

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  • In today's society are people as stupid as they sound by some of the questions they pose?

    Doesn't anyone anywhere know anything anymore?

    With computers and TV/Satelite why doesn't anyone know anymore than they appear to know these days?

    Are we truly raising generations that only have book knowledge without any knowledge from hands on experiences?

    By some of the questions I saw today on this site,I have to ask myself "How do these people really expect to make it in the real world".

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