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  • She was nervous?

    I was out on a date last night and while we went for diner and drinks I found her to be very nervous around me. She was very fidgety sitting there and she played with her jewlery. She was just plain nervous. I'm wondering if that means she is into me any idea's

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  • How long should I wait to ask her to marry me?

    I have now been in love with a good woman about a year. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on how long to wait to pop the questions. When I do should I do it on Christmas Eve or should I do it another time? She has been hinting of having a diamond. Do women like the traditional kneel and ask or do you like the big surprise like on a foot ball screen at the stadium any sugestions?

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  • Women Please Only?

    Do women have sex on there minds as much as men? Because women go through so much with there periods and PMS when are women the most horniest? Is it during when your ovulating period or another time? When is a women the most vulnerable to sex? Does PMS make you irritable and cranky? Does PMS make you say things you don't mean? Should men try to understand you, hold you and be with you when your PMSing or should we leave you alone? Sorry for all the questions I'm still learning and want to merely be a great man for my woman but I have to understand all this.

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  • She holds me in her arms but won't let me kiss yet. Maybe she isn't ready yet?

    The lady of my dreams comes over to my home last night. I'm in love with her and I was very happy. This past Thursday her cat of years passed away. While on the phone she was crying and upset because she loved her cat so much. Yesterday I went and bought a kitten for her and surprised her with the kitten. She came over last night and we had a great time except everyone was worried about her and kept calling. When she went to leave I held her in my arms for a long, long time. I tried to kiss her and she turned her head. I didn't get hurt and I'm only thinking that she may not be ready to take our relationship to the next level. As she was leaving my home I mistakenly blurted out I love you and then I said sorry I didn't mean for that to come out. She replied no thats alright. My question is even though we are held each other for a couple of minutes why do you think she didn't want to kiss me? I feel she is in love with me but this relationship is very new for both of us.

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  • Shouldn't she at least call me today?

    Okay I'm a dad and its fathers day. I am dating a very nice woman and I am in love with her. That last time I heard from her was last night when she left me this awesome message on my cell phone, it made my night. Then today I haven't heard a word. It's fathers day shouldn't she at least call me and wish me a happy fathers day? I know that her fahter left her when she was 5 years old. Maybe today is just to painful for her. I'm bothered by the fact she hasn't called me and hurt. However we have only been seeing each other for the past 6 months but we are both in love with each other. Do you think I'm over reacting to this? Thanx

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  • She Calls me then she ignores me?

    I just spent the last two weeks helping a lady through a illness like flu virus. I'm in love with her. I was there for her birthday last Monday and gave my heart to both. During this time she constantly called me and we spent hours on the phone. Then last night after she started to rebound from her illness she calls me all drunk and says your my friend. She works with me and I'm the older guy. She seems to be jealous when other women pay me attention. Today at work she ingnores me then comes to my office door as says I'm not mad at you I'm stressing really bad from work. But all day she wouldn't look at me. I have asked her out to the movies and diner and she says she has to think about it. I know its not no but what gives here? Reading this do you think she wants to date me? I have asked her out today in a phone message this morning before work but she has not given me an answer. So is it best for me to back down now and let her come after me. Any idea's????

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  • Playing hard to get?

    Why is it that I am depressed over a girl I love but I find I have to play hard to get her to fight for me. When I first started going after her the interest level droped off. Then when I backed off she started coming after me like crazy and treating me really good. I'm still playing this stupid game but now I think it's becoming fun. Do women like a challenge and if so why?

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  • The chase and when it's over?

    I'm inlove with a great woman. However when I chase her she seems to back down. When I back off and avoid her she calls me and shows up where I'm at. I have been avoiding her because I felt that she did not feel the same about me. Now what do you guys think? Should I let her chase me, give a little, let her chase some more, give a little. I want to keep her very interested in me. Her girlfriends have told me in the past when men chased after her she shut them down. She is a very good woman with strong morals and values. I love the fact that she is interested in me. The other thing is that we work together and there have been two very attractive women hired this past week. All of sudden she has even become more interested in me. I did tell her that I want to date other women. I only said that when while I was in the chase I told her my feelings. She pulled the I want to be friends act. Now I'm avoiding her amd things are changing. What do you think is going on here? Thanxxxx

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  • I'm 13 years older then her and I'm in love?

    Does anyone out there believe or think a longterm relationship between an older guy and a younger woman can work. Are there any younger woman married to older guys here? We love each other so much then the age thing came up and I'm scared to death. I can see us married with children and having a great relationship. I'm avoiding her for now to think because I also work with her. She is the most important person in my life. I felt avoiding her would give me the chance to think about all this. I have the next four days off and I'm going to spend time alone cleaning and thinking about all this. I am very in love with her and I do want a relationship with her. However, I also feel by giving her some space she will miss me and we can take a break from each other. She brought up the I want to be friends only thing then she calls me all the time. It just seems she is also confused to all this but I know she's madly in love with me. Should I go for it and what if any are your thoughts. Thanx

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  • What do women want??????

    I just want to know what women want? Do you want a nice guy or a bad guy? Do you like having the car door opened for you by your male date? Do you like to chase us at all? Do you like a man with confidence? What do you like to talk about on dates? Do we discusss your life or do we add things about ourselves? Why everytime I go out on a date I'm asked where do I work? Does that really matter if you really are into me? Do women like men when we first start dating to always call you or do you like to wonder about us? So of my friends including me say they get nervous the first time having sex and I would like to know what are you thoughts on claiming our fears? How long should a man date before askign a woman to marry him no matter how deeply in love he is? Do women like a man who is attentive even in marriage? Just thought I'd ask...

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