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  • Iran offered us Osama bin Laden's son's head on a silver platter, why did Bush refuse this offer?

    It may have been a case of hitting the target but missing the opportunity. Reports last week said Saad bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's fourth son and a midranking al-Qaeda operative, was killed by a recent CIA Predator strike. But six years ago, the U.S. had an opportunity to get him alive — and lost it when the Bush Administration decided to pull away from cooperation with Iran.,8599,1913...

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  • Why is Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe, a communist like Chavez and Castro?

    "Colombia's ambassador to Honduras will meet with President Alvaro Uribe and Chancellor Jaime Bermudez in Bogota to discuss ways to reinstate removed Hondurian President Jose Manuel Zelaya. The government says Colombia will be forced to suspend diplomatic ties with Honduras if Zelaya's power is not restored."

    Conservatives tell us that Chavez, Castro, and Obama all want Zelaya to be reinstated. Oh my!

    But, why no mention of the evil of Uribe from conservatives? Why aren't conservatives calling him a communist/socialist/Marxist too?

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  • Why can't people stop blaming Bush for the bad economy?

    An internal GOP memo prepared to brief some House Republicans as part of an ongoing probe into the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch deal takes direct aim at an unlikely target: Former President George W. Bush.

    The memo directly blames Bush’s handling of the economic meltdown, and it coins a striking new phrase linking Bush and Obama and blaming both administration’s bailout policies in tandem for exacerbating the meltdown: “The Great Bush-Obama Economic Intervention.”

    The memo goes considerably farther than many GOPers have been willing to go in publicly questioning Bush on the economy. It suggests that Republicans may soon begin making a public case that attacks both Bush’s and Obama’s economic policies when the next step in Obama’s overhaul of financial regulations hits.

    “The financial crisis of 2008 had its roots primarily in ill-conceived government policies,” reads the memo. It was prepared by Republican staffers to advise GOP members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on how to handle a recent hearing on the government’s role in Bank of America’s purchase of Merrill Lynch.

    Must be Bush Derangement Syndrome, right?

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  • If you support tort reform, would you also support the following?

    Price controls on prescription drugs and gasoline.

    I mean, if you want the government saying how much can be gained from medical malpractice lawsuits, then surely you might also want the government saying what the maximum price for prescription drugs and gasoline to be too, right?

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  • Did you know that Michael Steele is anti-marriage?

    Republicans can reach a broader base by recasting gay marriage as an issue that could dent pocketbooks as small businesses spend more on health care and other benefits, GOP Chairman Michael Steele said Saturday.

    Steele said that was just an example of how the party can retool its message to appeal to young voters and minorities without sacrificing core conservative principles. Steele said he used the argument weeks ago while chatting on a flight with a college student who described herself as fiscally conservative but socially liberal on issues like gay marriage.

    "Now all of a sudden I've got someone who wasn't a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for," Steele told Republicans at the state convention in traditionally conservative Georgia. "So how do I pay for that? Who pays for that? You just cost me money."

    So... if we get rid of marriage benefits altogether, then that would be really good for the economy, right?

    Have children out of wedlock and NEVER get married, it will be a boost to the economy. Michael Steele says so! Seriously!

    Isn't it interesting to know that the leader of the Republican Party thinks that marriage is such a drain on the economy?

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  • Torture actually hinders interrogations?

    Waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods used during the Bush administration on terrorism suspects produced unreliable evidence and were ineffective, a former FBI agent told Congress on Wednesday.

    Ali Soufan made the charge before a Senate Judiciary panel in the first congressional hearing since the release last month of Justice Department memos that authorized tactics such as waterboarding, sleep and food deprivation and forced nudity.

    "These techniques ... are ineffective, slow and unreliable and as a result harmful to our efforts to defeat al Qaeda," said Soufan, who noted that he obtained valuable intelligence from al Qaeda suspects without using harsh methods.

    Ali Soufan did exactly what the conservatives make fun of, he gave the terrorists a "stern talking to", but it produced results.

    But, let me guess, Soufan is a liberal marxist who hates America and wants the terrorists to win, right?

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  • Why did Exxon have to be prodded into drilling for oil?

    Exxon Mobil says it has begun drilling at Alaska's Point Thomson oil and gas field.

    Patrick McGinn, a company spokesman, says drilling operations were launched Friday.

    In February, Exxon returned eight of its Point Thomson leases that were part of 13 added to the field in 2002. Exxon had promised to drill wells and begin producing oil within four years, but no drilling occurred.

    The state has been fighting with the Irving, Texas-based oil giant and other lease holders over the lack of progress there.

    Alaska officials have tried to cancel the leases, but in January it did allow Exxon to drill on two leases after the company said it would start production within five years.

    Did everyone get that? The government was considering taking away the leases because Exxon has been sitting on this land for years.

    Sounds like the biggest foes of the idea of "Drill here, drill now, pay less" may not be the environmentalists, but Exxon and the other oil companies themselves.

    Why else would Exxon have to be prodded into drilling for oil? Why the wait?

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  • Can WorldNetDaily be trusted?

    Look at the chunk between "But in 2003, a New York court ruled that graduates of New York City's public schools did not have the skills to be "capable of voting and serving on a jury." (Worse, some kids coming out of New York high schools are so stupid they don't even know how to get out of jury duty.)" and "Illegal aliens cost the American taxpayer more than $10 billion a year, net, in Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, free school lunches, prison, school and court costs. And yet cities, counties and states across the nation are openly refusing to enforce federal immigration law against illegal aliens – all while accepting billions of dollars of stimulus money on top of a litany of other federal payouts."

    It's present in the cached article, but not in the article in it's present form. It's like it just magically vanished. Why is that?

    It seems like WorldNetDaily is trying to restrict the information it's readers get.

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  • Were Republicans lying before the "surge" or are they lying now?


    "More and more Democratic and Republican members agree: The surge in Iraq is working."

    - Freedom's Watch

    Before the surge:

    "Insurgency is in it's last throes"

    Dick Cheney, 2005

    "The war was the hard part. The hard part was putting together a coalition, getting 300,000 troops over there and all their equipment and winning. And it gets easier. I mean, setting up a democracy is hard, but it is not as hard as winning a war."

    Fred Barnes, 2003

    "Over the next couple of weeks when we find the chemical weapons this guy was amassing, the fact that this war was attacked by the left and so the right was so vindicated, I think, really means that the left is going to have to hang its head for three or four more years."

    Dick Morris, 2003

    If the "surge" turned Iraq around, does that mean that Republicans were lying or does it mean that they don't know anything at all when one considers all the glowing things they said about Iraq before the "surge" happened?

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  • Where exactly was the "liberal media" in the early part of the Iraq War?

    How can one reconcile quotes like these...

    "This will be no war -- there will be a fairly brief and ruthless military intervention.... The president will give an order. [The attack] will be rapid, accurate and dazzling.... It will be greeted by the majority of the Iraqi people as an emancipation. And I say, bring it on."

    (Christopher Hitchens, in a 1/28/03 debate-- cited in the Observer, 3/30/03)

    "Chris, more than anything else, real vindication for the administration. One, credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Two, you know what? There were a lot of terrorists here, really bad guys. I saw them."

    (MSNBC reporter Bob Arnot, 4/9/03)

    "Now that the war in Iraq is all but over, should the people in Hollywood who opposed the president admit they were wrong?"

    (Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes, 4/25/03)

    With the myth of a so-called liberal media?

    Our media sure wasn't acting like the media, and it sure wasn't liberal in the early part of the Iraq War, right?

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  • Did you know that Turkey might invade Iraq?

    And here's the kicker...

    It's to stop terrorists from attacking thier country. And the Bush Adminisration opposes them! Whatever happened to the doctrine of pre-emption. Why isn't the Bush Administration supporting Turkey in their fight against terrorism?

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  • Did you know Alberto Gonzales himself admitted that mistakes were made?

    Gonzales acknowledged his department mishandled the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys and misled Congress about how they were fired. He said he was ultimately to blame for those "mistakes" but stood by the firings.

    "I acknowledge that mistakes were made here," Gonzales told reporters at a news briefing after he canceled an out-of-town trip. "I accept that responsibility." He promised changes "so that the mistakes that occurred in this instance do not occur again in the future."

    So Cons, would you please stop with that pathetic "But... but... Clinton" comparison already?

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  • Convicted Felon, Jack Abramoff, knew US would invade Iraq before we did?

    On March 18, 2002, Jack Abramoff told a friend, known as Octagon1, that "I was sitting with Karl Rove, Bush's top advisor, at the NCAA basketball game, discussing Israel when (your) email came in. I showed it to him. It seems that the President was very sad to have to come out negatively regarding Israel but that they needed to mollify the Arabs for the upcoming war on Iraq. That did not seem to work anyway. Bush seems to love Sharon and Israel, and thinks Arabfat (sic) is nothing but a liar. I thought I'd pass that on."

    This was a year before any war actually happened and even before Bush was talking about exhausting diplomacy first.

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  • Question about political correctness?

    Many Conservatives want certain books, such as the Harry Potter series of books or Huckleberry Finn, banned because it upsets them, is that politically correct or politically incorrect?

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