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Live in New York, love to run... I am 18 too lol

  • Trying to hook headphones up to my tv?

    I have a Samsung HDTV (not sure the model) and am trying to hook up my Sennheiser HD 238 headphones into them. I bought a 1 foot Y cable for the white/red things in the back of my tv. It says "dual RCA (phono) Male to 1/4 inch stereo female". It connects the white/red, to a 1/4 inch headphone jack. I needed to buy a headphone jack adapter to connect my 1/8 inch headphones into the 1/4 inch Y cable. The adapter says "1/4 stereo male to 1/8 mono female". My problem is that I only hear it through the left ear. Also, when I bring just the headphones and the headphone adapter (not the Y cable) to my stereo, I still just hear out of one ear, so it's probably the headphone adapter. Would I need a 1/4 stereo male to 1/8 stereo female? Is it the 1/8 mono female that is causing the issue?

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  • i have a webcam and i use AIM?

    i have a logitech webcam and i use aim. it works every so often on aim with my friend, but most times it doesnt work. when i open up the logitech quickcam on my desktop, it says i dont have the right version of aim to work a webcam with. i have 6.0 and pro (newest ones) and it doesnt work all the time.. any suggestions or reasons why? thx

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  • madden 07 for 360.?

    ok, so i was looking at madden for 360. i am a little confused on which one to buy. i want to know if the regular version of madden 07 for 360 has superstar mode? meaning that u go thru combines like 40 yard dash, weight lifting, etc...

    does only the hall of fame version have this? i see HOF: superstar mode on the HOF edition like its only on that... i dont care about the 2 hr video, so should i go with the regular version and i would still get my new superstar mode?

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  • Do you have many people saying "what are you listening to??"?

    Believe me.. i LOVE my metal music. My parents dont completely agree with my music tastes, but i am allowed to listen to whatever i want. Are there people out there that can't listen to something for whatever reason? Do many people say "oh my.. what is this crap that u have on?" even though u love it for your own reasons?

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  • Does anybody here run?

    I am 18 (well tomorrow) and the most i ran at once was 13.1 miles. NYC marathon in november... i hope i can make it lol... anyone else trying for any big goals such as that?

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