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  • concern over dog's anxiety?

    I have a 4 year old Boston Terrier. She was the runt of the litter, we socialized her and trained her and she is a great family dog. She has been anxious since she was small, but it is getting worse as she gets older. She now has digestive problems (everything from small, hard poops to diarrhea, to vomiting) when nervous. When she is separated from us or alone for more than a couple of hours, and especially during storms/fireworks this happens. When we are here we give her children's benadryl, we cuddle her, and she trembles so violently a few times I was worried she would have a seizure. :(

    We are taking her to the vet, but I was wondering what other options there are besides medication. I worry about side effects. She is on Wellness and occasionally boiled chicken and rice. Does anyone have any suggestions for things I can try to calm her down?

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  • 3 year old with distended stomach?

    My daughter just turned 3, and I'm concerned about her belly. I used to think she had a "toddler tummy" since she was a chubby baby and toddler, then once she was on the move and a picky eater she became all skinny arms and legs, as many kids do. However, now as she's getting older I've noticed that her tummy still looks bloated, more so than it did before. It's not "fat" per say, it is hard almost like a pregnant belly. It doesn't bother her and she never complains of pain. We have an appt this week for a physical and I'm asking then. What are the common causes of this?

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  • how do you know when to start solids?

    I know that you begin solids between 4 and 6 months of age. My son is formula fed, and he is big for his age. He is about 15 pounds at 3 months old. He is taking between 5 and 7 oz feedings between 3 and 4 hours a day, and he sleeps through the night. I am noticing though, that he doesn't seem satisfied at the end of his feedings. He also gets hungry frequently, usually by about 2 1/2 hours, and I hold him off until at least three hours - thankfully he takes a pacifier and is soothed by me wearing him, so he doesn't get too upset being held off for a bit

    . My dr. said 32 oz of formula is the most they should have in a day - so is the fact that he wants more/isn't satisfied after a feeding an indication that he needs rice cereal introduced sooner? I'm paying attention to his hunger cues as much as possible - when he wants to stop eating, not coaxing him to finish the bottle, noting when he roots and seems dissatified by the paci....

    My daughter, almost 3, was textbook with this, starting with solids at 5 months and easily satisfied, and she was what you'd consider an "average" sized baby. I'm not used to having a baby who eats so much so often and is so big, so I'm not sure whether I'm handling this correctly. Thanks!!!

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  • questions about lunch meat?

    My 2 1/2 year old is a very picky eater, and one of the only foods she likes is ham. I don't really like her having it, but do I exclude it completely from her diet because of the nitrates and nitrates used as preservatives? Is it okay in moderation (like a slice on a sandwich once or twice a week?)

    It's concerning to me because it seems like every time you turn around they tell you something or another is terrible for you....I honestly don't know what to believe sometimes and have taken a "most things in moderation" approach. Where can I find credible info on this?

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  • drinking alcohol and anxiety/depression medications?

    My dr is putting me on a low level medication for postpartum depression. I have never taken any medication before and will be calling him to check, but I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not it's safe to have a glass or two of wine occasionally while you are on it? I occasionally have a glass with my husband in the evening, but I am fine with not drinking. However, I am going to a wedding where I would like a couple of drinks during the evening. Do you simply not take a pill if that is the case or do you just not drink at all?

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  • question about the ob/gyn and periods?

    This is going to seem silly but I'm making an appt for the ob because I think I have either a UTI or something else going on - just went on the pill this month ten weeks postpartum and feeling terrible. I have my period now, and have been spotting the whole cycle with this pill - will they want to see me if I have my period or will they have me wait to come in? Strangely, this has never happened for my annual appt before. Thanks!

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  • health insurance question?

    We switched our family onto my husband's health care plan (aetna hmo), and though effective as of Sept. 1st, we were told we "weren't in the system" yet - no cards or ID numbers. I have to take my 2 month old for vaccinations and a well check, and my daughter for a sick visit, I assume I am just billed and then reimbursed? Does anyone know if you pay up front and about how much these things cost? Also, how long before you are usually reimbursed?

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  • how to shift baby's wake-up time?

    My son (5 weeks old) has a difficult wake-up time that he sort of implemented himself, 4 am is when he is up and alert for the day....he goes down early, like around 8, while most newborns (I remember from my daughter, now 2 1/2) take a feeding around 10 or later. It's impossible to keep him awake past 8. He gets extremely fussy and the only way to console him is to wear him in a sling or swaddle him tightly, both of which put him to sleep and make him nearly impossible to rouse.

    We wake him around 10 or so to eat, and he wakes again around 1:30 and then at 4, when he is up for the day.

    Any ideas on how to shift this? I would like him to stay up a bit later until he can sleep through the night and I think that 8 is rather early for a newborn, and I know this is why he is up so early in the morning. With being up a lot at night and then chasing a toddler who is up at 5:30, I'm simply exhausted by the afternoon! Thanks..

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  • postpartum depression diagnosis?

    Who diagnoses postpartum depression? Is it your ob/gyn? Can he prescribe medication if you need it or treat it, or do you go to someone else? I'm not sure if I have it or if I am just struggling as a new mom with two little ones under three. My first child is having a hard time as a big sister and my infant is fussy, so I am not really sleeping or eating well although I try. I have lots of help, but I am very overwhelmed and sad a lot and I feel like I'm not doing a great job as a mom right now. Any advice or ideas? I'm nervous even calling about this to my ob but I think maybe I should.

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  • ideas to help a sad big sister?

    I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a son who is a week old. My daughter is going through such a rough transition now that the baby is here. She loves to snuggle him and is patient and gentle with him, but she is becoming increasingly sullen and seems to want to play alone more and more. She acts out when I change and feed him, when I coo to him or sing to him, during times when she knows I can't be with her. She's close with my husband and our extended family, but she's always been "my girl" and it's been hard (on both of us) to adjust to other people stepping to do what I normally do for her.

    I try to cuddle her and reassure her as much as I can, as well as praise her for being a great big sister and for being such a big help. I'm also trying to find time to spend just with her, but it's SO hard since he basically eats and poops around the clock.

    I am very close with my daughter, and it makes me so sad to watch her feel this way - I know this is common, so how to I best ease the transition for her. Also, how long do most kids go through this sort of thing after a new baby comes home?

    If anyone has any thoughts on how to juggle two little ones under three, please let me know....I'm terrified of not doing a good job once my husband goes back to work and it's just me and them!!

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  • "bloody show" and labor?

    How quickly after you had the bloody show did you find yourself going into labor? I have heard everything from 24 hours to weeks. I had mine yesterday, and have lost the mucus plug over the course of about a week prior to that. My due date is Monday. Just wondering!

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  • bleeding gum by one tooth - pregnant?

    I am nine months pregnant and have had more sore than usual gums, as well as one area that seems to bleed often when I floss at night. At my last dental appt at 6 months pregnant they obviously couldn't do x-rays, so I was told just to continue to brush and floss well. Today that same gum area by my tooth (it's an incisor on the top) is bleeding again. I didn't even floss or eat anything hard, but it is sore and bleeding an aweful lot for no apparent reason.

    What can I expect from the dentist when I go? Can they do anything anyway for me while I'm pregnant?

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  • vitamins for toddlers?

    My doctor doesn't seem to feel that my daughter (2 1/2) needs a multivitamin, but my mommy instinct says yes. While we strive for the whole well-balanced five a day approach she has become very picky over the past month or so. She used to eat any fruits and some vegetables but now I have to sneak them in and she can usually pick them right out - even of her favorite meals. She loves milk and dairy but no meat or fish or eggs at all. I have the protein covered using dairy and beans, but I can't imagine she's getting everything she needs.

    Any suggestions for a good multi? Do I buy drops at this age and are chewables a choking risk?


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  • How long after the baby drops....(second child)?

    I'm almost 37 weeks with my second child. With my little girl I didn't drop at all and I was a week late, with this one I dropped a couple of days ago and have felt a lot of discomfort, constant braxton hicks (some painful, but no timed contractions), and off and on menstrual like cramping. People have said with your second you drop right beforehand, whereas with your first it's usually a couple of weeks before. Anyone know if this is true?

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  • unexplained laundry stains?

    I have been getting random oil stains on my family's clothing off and on. It doesn't seem dirty until it comes out of the washing machine, and at first I thought someone had left chapstick in their pocket or something, but I check and it still happens. The stains are small and circular, and they come out with spray and wash or stain stick. I just don't know if it could be a problem with the washer, and if so, is this something easily fixed?

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  • double stroller question?

    Anyone have a Baby Jogger City Mini Double? I just bought one (have a 2 1/2 year old with another on the way in a month). I like it, I is smaller than most doubles I have seen and actually fits through most doorways. I was wondering if anyone had experiences with it though - I wondered what shopping is like with it and if it was hard. After all, it's lightweight and thinner than most doubles, but the seats ARE still side by side.

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  • pregnancy and depression...questions?

    I am 6 months pregnant with my second child, my daughter being 2 years old. I have had sort of a rough pregnancy this year and I feel like maybe I have depression. Not the serious, totally debilitating kind where you can't work and care for your family, but the kind of overall sadness/lack of enjoyment kind. Between the stress of work and the terrible twos AND the horormones, I am really worried about what will happen AFTER the baby comes, during the postpartum period.

    I don't want any medication now because of the baby, but I want to be put on something afterward. Hindsight being what it is, I think that I had a mild postpartum depression after my first child during the first four or five months but I didn't want to deal with that fact - and I didn't have any problems with it while I was pregnant, just afterwards.

    I want to talk about it with my OB but I'm scared he won't take me seriously. I'm also worried about breastfeeding should I go on anything - can you even breastfeed if you are taking medication for that?

    So many questions - I wish it were easier. thanks.

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  • buying a home while on maternity leave?

    Our family is growing out of our home as we speak (I'm due in July with our second child) but with the market the way it is we want to wait to sell our home. If we do so while I'm taking a year off for maternity leave and we apply for a mortgage, will they still take both my husband and my salaries into consideration? We'd need both salaries to live in a larger home, and I don't think we'd be approved with just one. I am under contract to go back in a year, and I'm sure I can get documentation to prove that - plus we have excellent credit and a lot of equity in our current home.

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  • slow cooker question?

    I like to make meals in bulk and freeze them for use during the month. I have never done this with a slow cooker. Do chicken meals made in the slow cooker freeze well or not?

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  • head banging during temper!?

    Please help me with this terrible two issue! My daughter turned two a few weeks ago. She has been swatting at people and objects when frustrated. Pretty much testing us - if she hits a person or our dog, we put her in time out and she has to far this has worked out, she is hitting less and when she does swat at us she ends up giving a gentle tap and you can tell she is trying to restrain herself.

    Now a new issue - when we put her in time out today (her crib which was the closest) she began throwing her head against the crib bars. She bruised her farhead, and I don't know if I handled it correctly. I walked over and quietly told her that banging her head must hurt. Then when she did it again I waited until she took a breather and told her she could come out now that she was calm.

    The whole episode took less than a minute or two. I can't ignore it and I don't want to give up time out. Unfortunately I can't think of a time out place where she won't find a spot to bang on.

    I know it can be a preverbal frustration thing, but my daughter is very articulate. She can speak in full sentences and communicates well for a two year old. She is loving but has always been intense - so I know this isn't something she can control. How do I help or guide her through this?

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