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I am neither the best nor the worst person you'll ever meet. I'm just me.

  • Have you ever carried a torch for someone?

    If so, were you also carrying a pitchfork?

    (And did you ever catch them?)

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  • When was the last time you were stoned.....? an angry mob?

    Inspired by Ms. Itty (who i blame for corrupting me).

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  • Who are the members of your Dead Band?

    No, Rock n' Roll will never die.....but over the years a lot of Rock n' Rollers *have*, in fact, died.

    So i would like you to select your own personal Dead Band.

    Here are the ground rules:

    Your band can have between three and five members.

    Your band *must* have a drummer, a bass player, and a guitar player.

    There must be at least one singer.

    One or more of the band members must compose their own music.

    And all of them have to be *dead*.

    Please list your band members, what instrument(s) they play (if applicable), whether or not they can sing lead and/or back-up vocals, who among them are composers, and what band or bands they played for (in case i do not recognize one or more of your choices). And please be sure they are dead.

    And *sell* me on your Dead Band. Convince me *why* these people would make a great band. *Make* me want to pay good money to go and see them play after i'm dead.

    I will award a Best Answer to the person who convinces me that their Dead Band is the best Dead Band of all.

    (Note: i am not just going to automatically pick an answer from one of my favourite people. I really am going to pick the answer i feel is best.)

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