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Stick to Pet Rocks

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I work in dog rescue and training and am a huge advocate of spaying and neutering pets for both the health benefits and population control. You can find articles I wrote about dogs and cats at: I firmly believe if you can not afford a vet you should not get a pet! My mantra is sick pets need vets. Also if you do not know how to train, don't call your dog stupid. It is not your dogs fault you lack skills. Any dog is only as good as the training he/she receives. How I feel, what I know, about pet care is all you need to know about me. Anything personal is just that, personal, unless I choose to tell you. If you want to know more than what is here, I accept e-mails. Ask me, I might tell you. I do not cut other people down to each other. If that is your agenda, maybe you need a forum better suited to your needs. For me, it is all about the best for the pets.

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