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I am a very unique person. I like to keep journals, blog, I write my soul out its like a disease. I have a wild and twisted side that normal people fear. I have much luv for my friends they are like my stalking pray. I am a glam gurl at heart, luving to shop!!![its an addiction a very bad one]. I like to catch up on the latest fashion and, designer updates, and celeb gossip. I take pride in my medical school eduation, majoring in forensics and minoring in psychology. I am interested in alot of various subjects regarding my education and choices such as serial killers, unsolved murder cases, crime invesigations, Frued, mental illnesses, as well as human anatomy prior to death and after. I've worked in a various number of situations already such as body modification studios, the morgue, the emergancy room, porn shops, and even a nursing home. life. I like to help people in any way I can and love to chat and meet new people and make new friends! I'm just a party girl at heart!