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  • What skins/cases/covers offer the best protection for a iPod touch?

    My daughter will be receiving a iPod Touch (4th Generation) for her birthday. I not only want to protect the iPod from scratches/dirt I want to also have protection from damage due to drops. I paid an extra $45 dollars @ Best Buy for their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection with Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH)...just in case. I already have a screen protector and a hard plastic snap on case which covers the back/sides and a little of the front; but I don't know if that will offer sufficient protection in case of a drop. She takes of her things, but accidents do happen. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm so lost.

    Should I get a Silicone or Rubber or Gel or TPU or Plastic?

    Should I get a Soft Silicone or Gel Silicone or Rubberized Silicone or Hard Silicone?

    Or should I get a soft silicone skin and put it on the iPod and then inside the plastic case? or can you even do that?

    What do you use to protect your iPod?

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  • Are Non-Skid Socks No Fun For Kids?

    My son has been bugging me for months for a "Snuggie", so for his birthday he got one, it included non-skid socks. He was running up and down the hall with the socks & snuggie on, slippin' and slidin', his sister stated "Those are supposed to be non-skid socks", my son says "I turned them inside out". Why is it so much fun to run around on hard wood floors slippin', slidin', and fallin'?

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  • Am I making to big of a deal out of pencil theft?

    My daughter informed me last week that she was getting low on pencils, ( I sent in a pack of 24 pencils, and 12 pens @ the beginning of the year.)so I sent another half dozen pencils to school with her. Monday she tells me that they disappeared from her desk, along with all but 1 pen. I told her to keep them in her backpack, and take them out as needed this time. We have never had to do this before. Never. She is in 5th grade --There are 3 classes that "rotate" for different subjects, so basically 2 other students sit at her desk through out the day. When she told her teacher that they were gone, her response was, "If you don't want something of value taken, don't leave it in your desk. " Well..duh! Unfortunately we cannot afford to supply someone else's child pencils/pens for the entire school year. I don't have a problem with a child borrowing/asking for a pencil if needed, but to take all of them out of her desk, I feel it's wrong, and equivalent to stealing. I know, I know, it's just pencils and pens. My daughter said that at the beginning of the year, one of the 3 teachers involved in the rotation, told her students, and the other 2 classes "To not take anything from the student's desk they were sitting at." I want to have a discussion with the teacher, and possibly the principal--basically I want them to express to all of the students involved in the rotation, to keep their hands out of other student's desks. Maybe if the principal speaks to the students, maybe it will make them think twice before taking something out of someone else's desk. I'm just really disappointed that someone has such little respect, that they feel they can just take whatever they want, and that it's ok.

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  • Why do PC manufacturers insist on moving keys around on keyboard?

    Oh yeah love that "new computer smell"...but hate the keys being in the wrong place. I got a new laptop today. My old Toshiba Satellite, I had since 2004, had the delete key placed on the bottom row, it was the second key on the right from the space bar..."Space Bar", "INS" "DEL" and "ALT"My new Toshiba Satellite has the delete key on the top row, near the F keys, all the way at the end. I have been continously hitting a "ALT" and some other key, that don't even know what it's supposed to do . LOL How long do you think it will take for me to train my fingers to the correct keys?

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  • Any shows you can recommend? That are available online?

    I am looking for something to watch online. More specifically that will not cost anything, or involve downloading a bunch of crap. These are the current and past shows I like and have regularly watched on television, online etc. This may give you an idea of what I enjoy.


    Rescue Me



    Desperate Housewives

    Law&Order (all of them)

    CSI (all of them)

    2&1/2 Men

    Boston Legal

    I just recently watched the 2 seasons of Dead Like Me on I really enjoyed, it. I unfortunately only watched a few episodes when it was actually on air.

    Sorry, I am bored and the new seasons for most of my shows won't start until the fall. I am really looking forward to Glee. :)

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  • Are You Old When......................................?

    Does it mean your old when you see a question about Mentos and Coke, and you remember mixing PopRocks and Soda kills?

    LMAO...I feel so old right now.

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  • How Many Times Do You Think The A Person Marries/Divorces?

    I wasn't sure if I should post this question in marriage&divorce, or polls&surveys.

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  • Have you read the article about the 2 Kelly Hildebrandts? Do you know anyone that you share your name with?

    I just read the article about the 2 Kelly Hildebrandts that met on facebook, they are getting married. What would be some pros/cons to marrying someone with the same name?

    Pro--She will not need to change her name on any of her identification, accounts etc.

    My name actually appears to be fairly common, but I do not personally know any of the individuals that share my first and last name. I have gotten credit card offers in one lady's name...the middle initial is different.

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  • Do you LIKE or DISLIKE when your Significant Other takes in an interest in the computer?

    My boyfriend has suddenly become interested in the computer, well interested in watching UFC, South Park, and That 70's show on my computer. He has never really bothered with it before, we have had a computer and interenet for the last 6 years. He just this past weekend asked me to look for a UFC fight, He ended up hogging my computer all day yesterday. :| Don't get me wrong, I am glad that he is beginning to realize that computers are not the cause of all the problems in the world, but I wish he would hurry up and learn to turn it on/off, and do the searches himself. lol

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  • Why is it people are automatically terrified of a PitBull but think a barking, snarling, snapping...?

    hair standing on end Min Pin is "aww how cute" ? We have two pitbulls, and have had them for years, everyone who walks through the neighborhood seems to be terrified of them, they have never bitten or intimidated a person, but the min pin we now have will runs out after people barking, snarling and snapping...and they look at her and say things like "aww she's so cute.", but when 1 of our pits comes out to say hi, and get petted the look like they are going to crap their pants?

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  • Who Is Your Favorite Kid Act on this season's America's Got Talent This Year?

    I posted a question earlier asking for favorite acts this season of America's Got Talent, I felt the kids deserved a question of their own.

    Who has been your favorite kid so far this season?

    I was very impressed with Tallan the 9 year old guitarist .

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  • Who has been your favorite(s) on America's Got Talent ?

    Who has been your favorite(s) on America's Got Talent this season? I have not watched every episode this season, but I have had a few favorites so far. I like the "unusual" acts especially. I prefer America's Got Talent, to American Idol--you can be any age, and showcase any talent.

    Feel free to list your favorite not so talented act too.

    Manuela Horn--yodeling dominatrix --she was awesome!

    I loved Kevin Skinner--the former "chicken catcher" who sang the Garth Brooks song "If Tomorrow Never Comes."

    I thought Matt and Anthony from last nights episode were great! Putting a singer/guitarist and tap dancer onstage together seemed so random, but it worked. Anthony (the tapper) dominated the stage, and you sort of forgot that Matt was even there.

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  • Should I start at the end and work my way back or at the beginning and work forward?

    Should I start with filing last year's tax return first and work my way back, or start with the first missed tax return and work my way forward, or just do it all willy-nilly, and hope I get them all done?

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  • Oh No. What Do You Do If You Cannot Find Your Receipts?

    Oh crap...I seem to have misplaced, or inadvertently disposed receipts from the last 2 years. I found 2006's in the file cabinet in folders labeled by month, but I cannot seem to locate most of 2007's or 2008's. I found a few here and there stuffed in folders, or boxes with other miscellaneous stuff, I know there was more, but I don't know where they are now. I am so screwed aren't I? I don't even want to bother with 2007 I found 2 receipts totaling less than $40 it seems a little silly to try to deduct $40. ;{

    Hey--no comments about what you are just filing 2006!? and 2007!? There is a perfectly good explanation for it, I just apparently misplaced it along with the receipts. ;}

    Hey if any IRS guys are checking out answers...I'm getting the stuff done as fast as I can.

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  • Standard Mileage Deduction?

    O.k this question has several parts:

    Attempting to claim standard mileage deduction on taxes, on the form it requests "Business" ; "Commuting" and "Other", is "Business" only included in figuring the deduction amount?

    Let's say you install flooring for example...

    You drive from your home to the flooring store that sold the flooring to the customer,and subcontracted you to install the floor. Is this mileage classified as "Business" or "Commuting" ?

    You transport the flooring to the customer's location, install it and travel back to the flooring store to turn in a bill, and ask if they have a job for you the next day. Are these miles classified as "business"?

    You leave the flooring store and return home. "Commuting" or "Business"?

    You leave the job site and travel to Lowes or Flooring Store for supplies. "Business" or "Commuting" or "Other"?

    You leave one job site and travel to another to begin work. "Business" or "Commuting"?

    You leave the job site and return home. "Business" or "Commuting"?


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  • Ever feel like sometimes you just get in way over your head?

    Without going into extreme detail I let someone do what they wanted for several years, and now he is in way over his head, and I don't know if there is anyway to get him out. ;( I am trying to help, but I think I am in way over my head too.

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  • Will Credit for another child be retroactive in determining a new child support amount?

    Here are the facts:

    All parties live in Virginia.

    In the Code of Virginia--A basic support obligation is calculated using combined gross monthly income and number of children for whom the parents share joint legal responsibility and for whom support is being sought.

    When obligation was set, custodial parent was not working. Only noncustodial parents income was considered when setting the amount. It also appears to be based $2 higher than what custodial parent earned per hour then, and is $1 more per hour than what noncustodial parent earns now.

    The noncustodial parent was assessed 100% of the obligation for the two children.

    Since the original order 1997, a child was born to the noncustodial parent in 2000. The case has never been reviewed or adjusted.

    The custodial parent has worked since 2000, and is working now. Possibly making more money than noncustodial, and has had no new children.

    I was informed that when determining child support obligations, other children in the home, that the noncustodial parent are responsible for, are considered, and the noncustodial parent is given "credit" for the other child.

    I know that sometimes retroactive child support can be ordered, that is that the noncustodial parent is ordered to pay child support from the time the parents separate, not just from the date the order is set.

    Will or Can the credit the noncustodial parent receives go back to the year the child was born, or will it only affect the amount paid from the date the Motion to Amend or Review is ordered.

    I am just wondering because some I know has been put through the ringer the last few years, and everytime he falls a little behind, she takes him to court, and the Judge orders him to pay a large lump sum, and he has even been to jail because he could not come up with the amount required. Which did nothing but make him fall even more behind, and be away from his child. The monthly amount has never changed, he has never filed for a reduction before, and his child is 8 years old.

    The odd thing is she has never tried to file for an increase either, makes me wonder if she knows it will possibly be reduced when the fact that she is working, and that the noncustodial parent has had another child is considered. Your opinion please.

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  • Are You Amazed at the Kindness and Generosity of Others?

    Have you ever had anyone do something so kind, and generous, that you were actually amazed?

    We have been having a rough time, and our neighbors, have just done one of the most kind, unselfish things I have ever seen in my life. I don't even know how to thank them or begin to repay them.

    If you would like to share your story, please do so.

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  • If your computer does it the hard drive?

    Earlier today, while trying to re-install a "new" air card for wireless computer screen--went blue--with lots of happened so quickly I could not see what it said....then the computer restarted and I got a Microsoft Error reporting window...."Your computer has recovered from a serious error..." , pc ran fine for a period of time, then it did it again...I ran the Recovery cd that came with my laptop, restored it to factory defaults, and not 5 minutes after happened again. This is not a good sign I am certain. The computer is +5 years old. I have never suffered from any viruses that I am aware has been acting a little off the last few months...nothing major...just really slow to start the word program, things like that..and the drive seems a little noiser than previously....I don't think it's the air card causing the problems, but I had recently switched the type of cards...same provider, but different style cards...the new one was used by my father with no problems. We are also former Alltel/ new Verizon customers. The first was UTStarcom PC5750 Slot card, the new one is a UTStarcom UM175....On Thursday, I removed the slot card, and uninstalled all the associated software, so I know it's not competinbrowsinge causing the problems. I installed the new air card, and have had nothing but problems--while browseing...I was constantly being told that web page could not be displayed because I was not connected, but the card program was running and stating that I was connected. So my question I going to need to replace my hard drive soon? I can definately not afford a new computer at this time.

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  • When exactly did putting a silly name on a "mutt" make them become desirable and expensive?

    Do not misunderstand--- I love "mutts" they tend to be the best dogs. I visited the pet store near my home today and saw an assortment of registrable puppies including--Chihuahuas, Min Pins, A Basset Hound, Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Schnauzers a Toy Fox Terrier, there were also "Chi-weenies" (Chihuahua and Dachshund)--Absolutely ADORABLE...a "Shorkie" (Shi Tzu and Yorkie) Isn't it odd that a short time ago...if a litter of puppies was born to a "pure bred" and the father was a another breed they were "undesirable"..."mutts" often given they are refered to as "hybrids" and you can stick a silly name on them and sell them for hundreds of dollars!

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