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Wow, about me?? Forty, Fufilled, Enjoying the life God gifted me with. In love. 3 great daughters and 3 beautiful grandchildren. I love to learn, to grow in Christ. I like old music, new socks, and well worn books. My dogs are Boston Terriers and my cat is a prissy thing. The saddle on my Harley is leather, and so are my boots. I can't wait for my next adventure, whatever that will be! That's bout it... I am a blood bought, born again, spirit filled, adopted by Jesus, christian. I believe that we are all saints, my sins are thrown as far as the east is from the west. Every day I am taught something new about Jesus! Never looking back, but standing on what God has done!;_ylt=AgB2_OOyFIlqBbPLtYCTgFWqAOJ3?cq=1

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