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  • is there any other ways of abortion than surgical abortion for 16weeks pregnancy?

    too late to know it was pregnant. surgical abortion is not possible. very urgent.

    4 AnswersPregnancy10 years ago
  • you've idea for this>>?

    let me explain,I gave a gift to a girl(desire one)

    but she don't accept it.

    any idea on how to give that to her in special way..........

    I'already propose to her but she said "I can't love u" :-(

    i've some instinct that she has some feeling toward me and not to mention,there is some behaviour too.

    i've no idea for what should I continue next...........

    I appreciate your kind help

    btw,my email is

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  • Help me>>>>>?

    I am a boy,18yrs.I want to gain 20pounds in a month,can I?

    if possible,pls let me know in details..........

    your reply is appreciated.

    8 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Guys only.........?

    i want to know how to flirt a girl in every situation.

    what is cocky & funny?

    what is important in you to be interested by other girls?

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  • if you know how...........I am feeling?

    I have some moustache which looked good with me.and there is also some on lower lip.they became a little longer and yesterday I shave them all.when I see my face on mirror,I feel

    this is because some say,"you will look good when you shaved them".

    today,some say,"you look young","nice" but some "laugh","not like it".

    I am still at uni so that I want to know in future,should I have moustache or not?

    I will appreciate if more girls answer my question and help me.

    Thanks!! ;-)

    7 AnswersSkin & Body1 decade ago