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  • Complex situation of Last Will and Testament in Texas?

    Two siblings have just found out their father bought land in another state (CA).

    The deed is in their dead father's name, and their mother died just 2 years ago.

    Their second father paid the property taxes, but says that it isn't worth much.

    There seems to be a water hook-up, and 2/3s of a house sitting on their property.

    The owner of the house is eager to purchase, (duh), but this is a legal nightmare.

    Where do we even begin?

    What are the options?

    We do not know which lawyer to ask, Texas or CA? Property or Probationary?

    10 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Special coin, is it collectible or valuable?

    I asked earlier but I will ask again now that I have a photo to prove it.

    I have a special dollar coin with the native American on it. It is without any yellow color to it, almost like it is silver or aluminum. Can anyone tell me if it is valuable?

    3 AnswersHobbies & Crafts6 years ago
  • oddity coin??

    I have an unusual American dollar coin. It is not a presidential coin, or a Susan B. Anthony. It is not a bronze or gold color, but it looks to be silver. I think it is something else, because it is not that heavy. Anyone know what I need to do to verify this as an oddity??'

    5 AnswersHobbies & Crafts6 years ago
  • Can anyone tell me what the designation of "librarian" is in the army, in the field?

    This person was stationed on active duty, but there is this designation on her paperwork.

    She was a sharp-shooter too.

    5 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Does anyone know Tom Clancy's cause of death?

    He was only 66, and I thought he was in good shape.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • e cigarettes: Crutch? Lifestyle? Fab Fad? or just another friend of Nick O'Teen?

    I watched a commercial which made this seem like a Statement, just like graffiti is not Vandalism, but Art. OK, so I have heard I should praise someone who swapped e cigs for cigs. What are your thoughts on this?

    1 AnswerOther - Society & Culture7 years ago
  • What would you choose to do, and why?

    If you accept the hypothesis where you can have one major strike weapon (bomb, atomic and/or cluster, etc.), plus several single strike weapon, (gun, knife, etc.); then you must choose the greatest risk to humanity, go back in time, and destroy them.

    Who would you choose, and how would you do it??

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • What about your local library?

    Could you give your area, and say what is the best and worst thing your librarians do?

    Is there anything they do that you feel is frivolous?

    Do you feel they need to offer something they currently do not provide?

  • Question about the good old days of Six Flags over Texas?

    I think I visited this amusement park in the 1960s, and I want to write down about my youth for genealogy. So much time has passed however, I am not certain about the accuracy of some memories.

    When we stood in line to purchase our tickets, we could purchase a small uncut loaf of bread in a wrapped like regular bread. I cannot remember for certain if it was Mrs. Baird's or SunBeam brand. Does anyone know? Also there was a stage-wagon ride, which would take you past an old open-on-one-side salon. The salon had skeletons dressed in old west garb and posed around the salon. There was a glass blower and a candy shop too, and a few rides in Spain Texas that have been removed. Does anyone recall these facts? Do you have your own facts to add? (the current place is great, just not the place I recall).

    Last question, does anyone know where I can go to get multiple years of the park map? Has there been anything else published about the park?

    Thanks to everyone for a trip down memory lane!

    1 AnswerAmusement Parks9 years ago
  • What do you expect a library to provide for the community?

    Please also add which state you live in, and anything else you feel about libraries.

    Thank you very much!

    6 AnswersCommunity Service9 years ago
  • What can I find out (legally) about my sister?

    She is in lock-down at a nursing facility. I wish to have her moved closer, so I can visit more often.

    The more I try, the more complications I find. How do I check various court records to see if she was declared incompetent? Where would I look to see if she is in lock-down due to a crime with a mental disability plea? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I understood a Medical POA might be a waste of time due to her current mental state.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics10 years ago
  • Will there be a Ghostbusters 3 ?

    I heard there is going to be a Ghostbusters 3, and maybe a 4! I love both Ghostbusters movies, and comics, and everything about them. So I want to find out if this is true. I told someone that, and they laughed at me and told me it was an April Fool's joke, since it was posted on April 1, 2011. Can anyone who knows the truth behind this fill me in? Is it a joke?

    5 AnswersMovies10 years ago
  • what is the worst thing your sister haz done to you?

    I just wonder what other sisters have caused, to know how to put things into perspective.

    5 AnswersFamily10 years ago
  • does extracts, seasonings and candy/icing decoration ever go bad?

    The expiration date on the packages and bottles has past, but I tasted the candy stars and they taste fine. I also have some food coloring, can it go bad? How do they go bad? Does the extract become less strong, or can it make someone sick to ingest any of this?

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 years ago
  • Question about Josh Gates from Destination Truth?

    Every time I watch Destination Truth, I see Josh wearing some sort of pendant around his neck. Does anyone know what it is? I have checked online, but could not find it under any of my current search engines, Does anyone know the reason why he has a variety of investigators? Other groups seem to have the same investigators on each investigation, Thank you very much for your time,

    3 AnswersTalk Shows1 decade ago
  • Shaving razors article in the Wall Street Journal, any thoughts?

    I saw the article about men's razors, and I justified. For years I watch for coupons and drug store sales to get the name brands, with store brand purchases in-between. I bought in large quantities, so my friends remarked, "How many times a day do you shave?!" So now they might realize it takes every bit of penny pinchin' to get by. What about you?

    1 AnswerOther - News & Events1 decade ago
  • Opinions please: Banning the Burka?

    Although my opinion it discriminates, and might cause some teasing at school, I also see how a steady set of rules provides security to children; such as a set dinner time, set food allowance, set bed time, etc. So those children might also get teased at their spiritual centers if they do not wear the Burka. At a time when some children are overwhelmed with too many choices, should a parental standard ever be banned? What do you think?

    3 AnswersGender Studies1 decade ago
  • Anyone know anything about planting strawberries?

    We might try to grow some strawberries. Our main questions are:

    1-Can you plant the tops off of store bought strawberries and have plants grow from the seeds under the leaves?

    2-Is there any special care required to grow good strawberries?

    3-We live in Texas, can we grow strawberries in this climate?

    5 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • In "White Christmas" does anyone remember...?

    An old musical with Danny Kaye and Bing Cosby, there is a song, "Gee, I wish I was back in the army". At the end they have a cutout where they put their heads through and are a typical character, like boardwalk caricatures. One of the guys is seen as a butcher. Does anyone know which one it was?

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • What do you think is the reason for Alvin Greene's surprise win?

    I have heard many proposed reasons for this phenomenon, from alphabetical preference to a count error. My personal favorite is "the other guy" movement. The other guy movement occurs when a voter is unhappy with the actions of a current government elected officia., Then when time comes to vote, they vote for thomever runs against that official. What do you think happened? Are there any other "surprises" you've heard of, (like this one)?

    6 AnswersElections1 decade ago