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I am a 21yr old student of Electronic Engineering from Karachi (Pakistan), a computer graphics and webdevelopment fanatic and a small-time current affairs commentator!

  • Ideas for youth-oriented songs at a camping event...?

    okay guys.. there's a camping event being held in karachi (all those interested can still contact me ASAP.. last date is tuesday!) and i was wondering if you all could give me some ideas of youth-oriented songs (both slow and energetic tempos) for the event.

    the songs can be in english, urdu/hindi and maybe even punjabi..

    all suggestions welcome..

    need replies fasT!

    thanks in anticipation!! =D

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  • Is it right to blame Pakistan for Mumbai terror attacks?

    It's been a few days since the devastating Mumbai terror attacks. I know it's been a rough time for many. But do you think it's quite right of the Indian media to openly blame Pakistan without proof in their hands?

    Do you think that when the so-called Deccan Mujahideen (based in INDIA) claimed responsibility, it's fair enough to call Pakistan the culprit?

    My point is that if someone claims to be a Muslim or a Pakistani, is it sufficient enough to generalize that all Pakistanis and all Muslims are fueling terrorism?

    There was a call made to a Karachi number? Why cant the Indian government provide that number to the Pakistani government so the authorities can track that down? Besides, is it really necessary that the Karachi number that was called was actually belonging to a PAKISTANI? It could be ANYONE!

    If the Pakistani government was so good at controlling these terrorists, we would not be facing such a fragile law and order situation here in Pakistan.

    PLUS. The boat that allegedly carried the terrorists ACTUALLY passed right through the Indian Navy's exercises in the deep sea!!! Can you actually believe that when it's been reported they were already on high alert.

    All i want to say is that the media in India (and some people in the government too) should not be so reckless. Can Pakistan really afford to launch such a heinous activity with its FOREIGN MINISTER in India while Mumbai was being attacked!?

    Let's just sit back. Wait for the Indian authorities to collect clues. Look into it from all aspects and then share those clues with Pakistani officials so things can be sorted out in an orderly manner. Is that asking too much?!


    Oh and here are some links that offer a different angle into the story altogether.

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  • Pakistan - your views?

    I've been using Yahoo! Answers for a really long time now.. and what bothers (and upsets) me most is the amount of ever-increasing hatred and misconceptions about Pakistan, Pakistanis, Muslims and Islam.

    I would really appreciate if you all can let me know what are your views on Pakistan and Pakistanis for now. I would try my best to elucidate everything! =D

    Oh and participation of other Pakistanis here on Y! Answers would be much appreciated!!

    -- REGARDS

    A Pakistani National!

    PS: No, Osama is NOT in Pakistan! :P

    PPS: And Pakistan is not composed of deserts, dunes and rock formation.. PLUS we use cars to travel, not camels!!! :P

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  • War on terror or war for world-wide rule?

    The front page of the newspaper reported George W Bush telling the Chinese president to free illegally detained people and urged him to give them freedom.

    Could it get any more ironic?

    George W Bush - the person whose government is holding hundreds of prisoners WITHOUT ANY CHARGE in an isolated prison where no one is allowed to go for nearly a decade!

    The latest case - Dr Aafia Siddiqui! Only one of the hundreds of Pakistanis reported 'missing'!! Some of them were traced after the deposed Chief Justice took suo moto notices, only a few were reunited with their families.

    When will this war against humanity end? When will this war against Muslims culminate?

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  • What's with the 'we are taking a breather'!?

    Why is that i can answer other questions but whenever i am answering this question regarding sprint phones, i am getting a 'We're taking a breather' error!! this is paranoiac!!

    Can anyone at YAHOO! Explain this!!!!???

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  • burglar alarm using parallel port!?

    i need to create a burglar alarm using parallel port with software interfacing using Turbo C codes imported into Java (JNI)

    the problem is that i cant figure out how to do the hardware part!

    can anyone suggest me any online resource for that?

    i have to either use the keypad security system model or use a sensor attached to the door that goes on whenever the door is opened. I also need to know which pins of parport to connect the hardware to and what signal should i tell the program to look for..

    please help fast!

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  • IBM Motherboard question...?

    I have an IBM Motherboard with D865G Chipset.

    It has 3 PCI slots, 2 DIMMs (DDR1/2), built-in Ethernet.

    The thing is that I dont know its model number. I wanted it to look up the motherboard map but I dont know where it is located.

    Can anyone help? Or can anyone tell with the configuration I mentioned?

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  • Humorous speech writing --- need help fast!?


    i need to write an English humorous speech on the topic:

    "How you doin...?"

    any ideas? suggestions? tips? things u think wud do great?

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  • Name of the HITMAN Movie song??

    What's the name of the song in the Hitman movie that starts as the credits start to roll?

    It has an arabic touch to it and heavy trance beats,, anyone know the name?!

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  • Atif Aslam - Meri Kahani: what are your views?

    Atif's yet another album is out - Meri Kahani. Apparently he's been in a frenzy just to bring out more albums than Jal and maybe thats why apart from only a few songs most of his previous efforts have failed as mega hits. Hangaami Halaat as a we all know was a disappointment! His 2nd album fared relatively well and the 1st one was just controversy with more than half of the songs from Jal..

    The title song in this album is great and possibly one of the best he's come up with so far.. the video is nice too!

    I'm a Jal fan but that doesnt mean i'm an Atif-hater.. I really like his voice but he needs more work on the music and rhythm he chooses.. he's a fine artist but needs work at some critical places..

    interestingly enough both jal and atif have signed up with fire records for the release of their latest albums! hmmm....


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  • Benazir Bhutton assassination - what do you say?

    The leader of the largest political party of Pakistan and only the second person to serve two terms as Prime Minister of Pakistan, the first female PM in the Muslim World - Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated.

    Many people have different opinions about her. Her two terms as prim minister and her political career had been marred by scandals and allegations of all sorts.

    What are your views about this history-in-making?

    The government apparently has no plans to offer a proper funeral either. A world-renowned personality and 2-time prime minister. Do you think that overlooking the scandals that surrounded her, she deserves a proper funeral with foreign dignitaries and proper protocol?

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  • Benazir's Assassination -- the riots?

    Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated - history is in the making. It's all quite sad and terrible and I am sure the whole nation (and the world on a whole) is in a state of mourning.

    A lot has been said about her political career, scandals and her overall personality. Different people will definitely have different opinions - some would be positive and some would be negative.

    But the question is .. how do we respond? I mean look around you! The whole city of Karachi in particular and the whole nation in general is in the grip of terror. Everyone's locked inside their homes, shops and stores have been closed down and riots have erupted.

    Go outside and you will be targeted by an angry mob for something you are not even remotely involved in. I called my friend and he informed me that it took him 5 hours for him to reach his house from the business center of Karachi (a journey that takes 45 mins on a weekend and over an hour on a weekday).

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  • Jal's Boondh - what do you think??

    Hey all..

    everyone who has listened to Jal's new album - Boondh.. what do you think?!

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  • PAKISTAN - Absolute turn of events?

    Emergency imposed in Pakistan. The constitution has been suspended and the chief justice replaced. 10 judges besieged in the supreme court. The main target is the judiciary which has been annoying the government for a long time and fearing musharraf's disqualification as president, emergency has been imposed.

    What do you think?

    Share your opinions whether you are a Pakistani or not! DO NOT USE DEROGATORY TERMS OR ABUSE ANY ONE.


    PS: SInce we are having a media black-out and all that we are getting is the state-run TV, can ANYONE FROM OUTSIDE PAKISTAN tell me what is going on news there?! What channels are giving reports on this developing news? How are they reporting this history-in-making?


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  • Pakistan: the most dangerous?

    NEWSWEEK claims Pakistan is the *most dangerous nation* in the world. I reject it. Do you?

    Register your protest on the news link above,

    or fax at: ax: +1-212-445-4120

    or email at

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  • Amplifier Design or Wave Generator.. anyone?

    Okay apart from the previous question..

    there are two other ideas:

    1- Design a 2-channel audio amplifier. Input and Output ports must be visible. Ability to use DC batteries available in the market.

    2- Design a square wave and sine wave generator. Amplitude can change from 10mV to 1V and frequency to vary from 10Hz to 1kHz.

    Any ideas or circuit diagrams for the above?


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  • Variable Power Supply designing help...?

    Hey people.. i need urgent help!

    I am supposed to do a project and the objective is:

    " Design a power supply of 5V, 9V, 15V and 21V DC using single-phase AC coming in home supply "

    Can anyone provide me with a circuit diagram?! All hardware gurus and people having any idea reply!!!

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  • Pakistan - let's see what you think!?

    After 9/11 all those who never even heard of Pakistan and never had any kinda information about the country stood up and started a kind of online warfare against the country with all sorts of hate speech, slurs and everything nasty to slander the reputation of the country - mostly under the impression of the biased western media.

    Let's hear what kind of beliefs do you have! What do you think Pakistan is like and what're your opinions about it? How would you compare it to any/a particular country?

    Post your replies here and me (and hopefully some of the Pakistani and Pakistan origin Y!Answers members ) will answer all your queries, misconceptions and questions!

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  • Eid Mubarak!?

    To all the people out there... have a blessed eid! May all your dreams and wishes come true! May Allah shower his blessings on you all and may He guide us to become a good Muslim and a good human being. Ameen!

    To all the non-Muslims.. may you all have a great time too! And may you all get a chance to study Islam in a better way. May He give you proper guidance!


    Hope everyone had a great ramadan...

    PS: Do tell how did your eid go!

    PPS: It's the second day of eid here in Pakistan (Karachi)

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  • Inzamamul Haq - a sad ending?

    It's kinda sad. I mean look at it this way... how he ends his ODI career? Not at all in an impressive way -- blames all over-- comes under fire from PCB and the media!

    then he tries to get 20 runs to become the highest test scorer ever in pakistan cricket and give pakistan a great victory in the second test but fails miserably... to top it all there are all kinds of news about a 'deal' between pcb and inzi to make him wind up his career in lieu of 10 million Rs.!

    i really feel he had the potential to play for another year or two.. i mean look at brian lara... he's still playing!

    what do you say?

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