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  • funny song about coldness?

    I was driving in my car today and heard a real funny song about was to the same tune as "feeling hot hot hot." and something about fingers going numb. i would really like to find who sings it and what the name of it is...p.s. it is a male singer..

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  • Need Help on about finding a book...?

    Alright so this book was kinnda popular around 2004-2005 there was even a movie about it. I'm pretty sure is has the word Heaven in it. The book is about this guy who works at this carnival on the pier... There was a freak accident and the carny dies...before he goes to heaven he meets up with like 7 people in "their" heaven and he affected their lives in one way or another...I remember there being something to do with a Blue Genie and a scene about the war (where he got his gimp leg)..Please Please can someone help me this is driving me mental.. Thank you

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  • I can't get the emotions on myspace IM to show up?

    Alright, I made some of my own emotions for myspace IM.They were working earlier but now I can't see them but everyone I talk to can..Why can't I see my emotions?

    1 AnswerMySpace1 decade ago
  • How to house break a 6 week old puppy??

    My boyfriend and I just got a new puppy and no matter how many times we put him outside for pooping or peeing in the house he still goes in the house...I don't know what to do...When the dog does his business in the house he show it to him and give him a little tap on the nose and say "That's for outside.." and then we put him outside...and when he goes outside and does his thing we praise him...My mom has suggested that when we clean up the poo that we put it outside in the general area that we want the dog to go so he will have some sort of smell...It's not working...My boyfriend is threatening to give the puppy away if it keeps on doing what its been doing and I really like the dog and dont want to have to see it go....what else should I do???

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  • How can I get my 14 month old to sleep by himself??

    Hi everyone, I am 6 months pregnant with my second baby. My first is 14 months old. We have gotten into the habit where I lay down with him at night and well I feel that he's old enough to start going to sleep by himself. I want to have him sleeping by himself before the other baby gets here. I have tried laying him in his crib and letting him cry it out. Within 10 minutes I feel like I'm neglecting him or something and I feel I have to lay down with him. He is asleep within minutes of laying down with me. I know he's not sick and he has just taken a bath so he has a clean ditey on. He sleeps with a cup so I know he's not thirsty. I'm not sure what else I can do to help him feel ok about sleeping in his own crib. His cry sounds like a scared one but he has a night light in there. What should I do??

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