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  • How do l determine which port is usb 2 on my old desktop PC?

    Under device manager> universal serial bus, there's a list of 4 "usb universal host controller"s and one " usb2 enhanced contoller". Does that mean there's only one USB 2 and if so, how do i determine which port it is?

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  • Letter to Mother Nature?

    Dear Mother Nature,

    How does fruit taste better than veggies, when the latter is supposed to be healthier?

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  • test particle, central mass, what does the gravity "field" look like?

    If the geodesics of general relativity are taken as force lines of the gravitational field of the source mass, what would the field around this mass look like over the entire 3d space (not space-time)?

    In other words, if we were to construct a "force field" for gravity in 3d space the same way we do for electric fields, what would the gravity field of a single massive object look like? (according to GR)

    Any picutres showing the entire field over 3d space (like electric field of a charge) would be helpful thanks

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  • How can you publish an academic article in a field in which you don't have degree?

    I want to publish an article in philosophy with a BS in engineering. Do reputable journals consider such articles? Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Can you turn straight leg jeans into smaller bootcut jeans without ruining it?

    This seems to be the only webpage on the topic:

    Note that I'm talking about taking AWAY fabric to make the jeans smaller and more form fitting around the thighs, not adding fabric to the lower legs to turn them into bootcut. In other words I want to make bootcuts by pulling in the thighs and lower legs, do u think it's possible to do so without compromising the appearance of the jeans AT ALL? Will it look just like a pair of bootcut jeans u would buy off the rack? Also will this process tighten the waist? It's already tight enough and I don't want it any tighter.

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  • What type of injury to the elbow/ tendons should I expect from prolonged exposure to pressure?

    I had 4 weeks of exams and no prior study, so I had to stay up most nights and read with my hands supporting my head and neck. I would place the area of my arms just above the elbow on the table with my hands supporting the weight of my head, and I would keep doing this day and night throughout the exams to the point where my elbows became sore with pain but I had to keep on going like this through the exams and by the time they were over I had developed chronic elbow pain.

    So my question is what kind of injury should I expect from placing my upper arm/elbow on the table for such a long time? I've already been to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery, he took an x-ray of my arm and said that it was normal and got mad with me for complaining about elbow pain and seeing him in the first place lol.

    I haven't had any prior injury or trauma to my arm or elbow, so what's causing the pain? I can't lift heavy objects without pain. Even lifting 10 or 12 lb dumbells can be a problem due to pain and stiffness in both elbows. Also I can't rest my elbows on the table for longer than a few minutes without experiencing pain.So what's causing the pain? Is it tendonitis or bursitis or some other similar condition? What specialist should I see? perhaps a Rheumatologist? What's the probable cure?

    Also are there any sites where I can ask such specialized questions and get reliable answers from specialists? I have a few other similar injuries with which I need help. Plz mention your credibility if possible thhnx.

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  • How do u tell if the miso is organic or not?

    I've read somewhere (precisely here: that not all miso is fermented with healthy bacteria. Is that what organic miso is all about? How the hell do I tell if the miso is fermented with healthy bacteria (apart from putting it under a microscope- lol)

    P.S. yahoo suggests science and mathematics...I'll take that as a compliment. LOL

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  • How do you soundproof a single wall in a room?

    I live in a noisy neighborhood next to a construction site and would like to soundproof my room against low and high frequency soundwaves (mostly high though). I've already tried dense styrofoam and egg cartons without much luck. Now I'm thinking of adding a brick wall to one side of the room ( the side adjacent to the neighborhood where the outside noise is coming from). Has anyone done this before? Do u have a better idea for soundproofing the room/wall? btw I can't buy anything online and I don't have access to any special soundproofing foams like MLV. So what's your call? Do I go brick wall or concrete or what??

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  • How do u enter safe mode on windows xp 32 bit? (I've tried EVERYTHING)?

    My already lazy computer's infected with both viruses and trojans causing it to become slow to the point that I can't open anything (even "my computer") when windows starts up normally. I figured I would clean it through safe mode but I've tried pressing all the keys from f1 to f12 (including f8) and also the control key but nothing seems to work. I managed to select the hard drive as the first boot device (by pressing the del key) but it didn't help. So how can I enter the safe mode? I've also tried changing keyboards.

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  • How come when u google "why don't girls like sex as much as guys" there's "about 440,000,000" results?

    but when you you google " why don't guys like sex as much as girls" the results are zero?

    And they say you can find anything on the net lol.

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  • need help with french dictionary?

    I got a Larousse de poche bilingual dictionary. How can I find out if it's canadian french or normal french? It says copyright Librairie Larousse 1968, Paris, but then it says stuff like Librairie Larousse (Canada) Limitee, proprietair pour le Canada, Distributeur exclusif au Canada.

    So how do I find out if it's canadian french or not? Also it has bicyclette, but I couldn't find velo. Does that have anything to do with the type of french dictionary it is? Why doesn't it have velo?

    Another strange thing about the dic is that I can't find the key to the phonetic pronunciations.

    Lastly,does anyone know of any good sites with canadian and normal french audio pronuncations and phonetics? Or do I have to spend another 5 points? lol kidding

    3 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • Street french vs academic/book french?

    I wanna learn french at home and I wanna know if I should opt for street french or book french or a combination of both? I mean my ultimate goal would to become a fluent speaker who could pass as a native, someone who could both understand academic text and communicate with people on a daily basis, I wanna learn all of this without even having to go to France or Canada (I know it'll be tough but I can do it).

    So my question is, how different is today's spoken french from academic french? Will I only learn academic french if I consult learning courses and stories, novels, etc?

    I wanna learn correct pronunciation so I can easily understand people and vice versa, and I was wondering what type of books/DVDs etc I should be looking for. I don't wanna just end up learning formal french with formal grammar and formal pronunciations and formal...I think u get the idea ;). That would be good but I wanna learn practical french as well. I want the whole package! lol. So any ideas? So how different is spoken & written french in Canada? Is it as different as France? Which one has more books on it? I have a talent for learning languages so if only u could give me some detail as to where to start and stuff... just remember, I want correct pronunciation and everything, don't wanna look like a fool when I'm speaking french lol.

    Any websites with good audio pronunciation that u know of? How do I tell if it's quebec french or parisian? Am I asking too many questions again? lol

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  • How do you store whey protein powder?

    I bought a 2lb container of whey protein with low carbs and opened it and now I wanna know if I should keep the powder in the fridge or store it in the cabinet. Note that I'm not talking about protein shakes, just the powder that comes in the container. It says to keep in a cool and dry place, so I guess that means the fridge right? On the other hand, it's just dry powder, so common sense says it shouldn't go bad in room temperature (cabinet temperature, whatever lol)

    So what do u guys think?

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  • Are these sentences correct?

    1) People don't always die because they are so debilitated and weakened from lack of food that they are an easy prey for disease.

    Doesn't sound right to me.

    2)Somewhere sits a lone figure, his finger hovering over a button which, if we allow him to push it, will release such a cataclysmic barrage of warheads that the whole world, not just a single combatant, will fall as a result.

    Shouldn't it be :"if we allow him to push"?

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Sorry, nothing to see here! (your contact's) activity is private?

    Ok so here's the story, I wake up this morning only to notice that Y! A has changed looks...AGAIN. Anyway I decide to check on a question I'd recently answered and, instead of taking me to the question it reads: "You cannot view this question at this time."

    This has never happened before, so I figure it's probably just a glitch, right? Especially with all the weird profile changes and stuff, so I tryrefreshing the page, restarting the computer and using a different browser but nothing seems to work. I figure maybe someone's blocked me (again hasn't happened before, at least not that I have noticed of lol) so I signout and search for the question, and sure enough it's there. So up to here I'm like: " Ok, keep your cool man, every thing seems to be ok, someone's probably just blocked u, no biggie, oh and, SURPRISE! yahoo has rearranged a few buttons again lol"

    But then... something terrible happens!...I sign back in and notice some of my contacts' Q&As aren't available to me anymore!!! OUCH! One hell of a block! lol

    So for some of my contacts it reads something like: "Sorry, nothing to see here! (your contact's name) activity is private?"

    I mean wtf??? I can't even see my own contacts' questions?

    What's the point of adding someone "interesting" to your contacts list if u can't even view their interesting questions? HELLOO????? YAHOOO??? lol

    Anybody else have this problem? HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLPP!!! lol

    P.S. **Hell of a way to start of the day*** don't u think? (no points for answering this one :P lol)

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  • Ever wish u could answer a resolved question?

    Like ever stumbled upon an interesting question but it's too late? lol

    Like this one:;_ylt=ApxnG...

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGG!! It drives me crazy lol.

    Once I was answering this question and I had carefully thought through this REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAALLYY long answer... and by the time I was done the question was resolved!!! I mean what are the odds of that happening?

    Take your time lol

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  • Girls, what do u think?

    What do u think of a guy who'd have like a dozen gfs in his ideal world? hmmm, I think I like the thought :P lol

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  • girls, have u ever asked a guy out?

    Like actually "ask him out"?

    P.S. lol at having to direct the question to "girls", u never know what u could get on yahoo these days lol

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