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  • Online Cookie Sales?

    So I'm sitting here thinking and an idea poped up; I wan't to see if anyone would buy cookies online. I figure lots of people buy flowers online for gifts to be sent around the world, so why can't I make a nice decorated package with cookies.

    I figure shipping would be around $10 since people don't want stale cookies and overnight would be a must then, and I'd sell packages of various cookies and prices from say $5 to $100 for a large party box; orders above $50 I'd probably offer free shipping. No one seems to be doing it yet, and I figure if theres interest I can have it launched in about a week with minimal investment since pratically every brick and mortor place has cookies that I could buy before repacking it in a nice box and shipping it to whoever wants them.

    So whats your thought?

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  • Between these two, which do you think would make a better business name. A) Armenton ~or~ B) Veloceva?

    Armenton - The name is completely random.

    Veloceva - Loosely translates to "Fast it goes" in Italian.

    I have both names registered as they were for seperate projects originally. I'd like to choose just one name to go with.

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