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I'm from Indiana, a second-time college student, and an Accounting office worker in a retail store.

  • Dizziness with tingling in lips?

    For the past year or so, I've noticed that I occasionally will have dizziness and, If I move my head a certain way, a brief tingling in the mouth area. Sometime my top back teeth will feel like they're pulsating as well. Anyone know what could be causing this?

    I'm of normal weight and have a normal diet.

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  • Can't get picture from game consoles to show up on new TV?

    I got a new TV for Christmas (Emerson LED TV). I bought an Audio/Visual switch to connect my DVD player, Wii, and PS3 to the TV so I wouldn't have to unplug and plug devices all the time when I want to use one like I did with my old TV. However, I can't get the picture from either game console to show on my TV. I don't know if it's the switch, a TV setting, or something else that I'm not aware of. Help!

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  • How do I make it clear to a guy I'm not interested in him?

    An old college friend told me he has a crush on me. I let him know I'm not interested in him and thought I made it clear to him. However, he continues to constantly PM me, which I ignore, and "likes" and comments on almost all of my statuses and posts on Facebook. I hate to unfriend him but he's driving me up the wall. Help!

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  • cannot wirelessly access internet on laptop?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L505 laptop and a Linksys wireless router. A few days ago my internet connection died while I was using my laptop. I contacted my internet provider but other than having my laptop connected directly to my modem (which is what I currently have going), they weren't much help. I tried using another router I bought but that didn't do anything and I ended up returning it. I have unplugged and replugged everything dozens of times with no success. I'm running out of ideas and am tired of having to use my laptop in one particular spot. Any suggestions?

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  • How can I make my resume better?

    According to a lot of critiques on my resume I've submitted to resume critiquing sites, my resume is too task detailed and not accomplishment detailed. They say to list accomplishments more and tasks less. Thing is, I work in the Accounting office of a retail store and don't get very many opportunities to do anything outside my assigned tasks. Once in a while I'll help a customer with an issue regarding a charge on a card or something like that, but other than that I can't think of anything else to add to my resume.

    I'm wanting to find a new career and have been sending resumes like crazy for over a year now but getting very few responses.

    Here's how part of my resume reads right now:

    • Count cash and coins

    • Key in coupon, checks, and WIC vouchers

    • Encode checks

    • Research cash registers that come up long or short in cash, checks, or coupons

    • Create cash and check deposits

    • Balance the cash in the office

    • Research transactions for reports, customers, and Asset Protection

    • Filing paperwork

    • Enter Cash Fund Transfers into the computer

    • Resolve customer’s issues either by phone or in person

    • Reimburse employees for travel expenses and supplies purchased outside the store

    • Process restitution checks

    Experienced with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Outlook. Can type 60 WPM. Knows how to use a multi-line telephone and fax machine. Knows 10-Key. Self-starter, strong work ethic, works well with others, and learns new skills quickly.

    How can I word any of these differently so that potential employers will want to contact me about an interview?

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  • What did this dream mean?

    I was on an airplane. However, the plane itself was a combination of a military cargo plane and a commercial passenger plane. At one point the plane gets hijacked. Next when I'm walking toward the front of the plane there's a skinned dead body hanging. I freak out over it. Then a passenger takes control of the plane and radios directions for a place to land. Then a map shows the plane's path from Europe then it mistakenly goes in to northeastern Russia before going back south toward Australia. The plane goes past Australia and ends up crash landing in the ocean. Everyone survives, though.

    What the heck does all this mean? I've never been afraid of flying and I've never been to a foreign country. I'm not nor have ever been in the military. The skinned body is what really gets me. I'd like to know what that is in particular.

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  • Had a dream my ex-boyfriend died?

    Last night I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend died. Everyone was mourning his death and there was a big turnout at his funeral. I, however, could've cared less. As the funeral was ending and the people were coming out of the church, I was going in it to get a book out of one of the classrooms. When he was buried, they put the casket in upside-down.

    As far as my real life goes, we dated for a month and a half earlier this year. He broke up with me because he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. We tried to remain friends for several months but he was trying to play head games with me by flirting with me, sending booty texts, and acted like he still wanted to be with me. I was also annoyed with him about how he was always whining about how he couldn't afford to get his car fixed (it needs a $200 part replaced) but was always going to sporting events and amusement parks. Those two things combined is why I stopped talking to him a few months ago. The last time I saw him was a couple months ago when he was shopping at the store I work at. I pretended I didn't notice him.

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  • TeleNav on Samsung Jack?

    I currently have a Blackjack 2 but am planning on upgrading to the Jack when I'm eligible at the end of this month. I'm also wanting to get a GPS, but am wondering if the TeleNav feature is any good or if I should just get something like a Garmin instead.

    If I were to get TeleNav, could I get it now and still have continuous service when I get the new phone?

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  • Is there a way to unbrick a PSP?

    I got two PSP games for Christmas. After I put one of the game cartridges in the game slot, the screen said I needed to update the software. I scrolled through all the screens I needed to get to the point it started downloading the upgrade. As it was doing this, the screen went off but not the power. Figuring it was going to take a few minutes to download, I left the system alone for about five minutes. When I came back to it and tried to turn the system back on, it wouldn't do anything. Only the green "power" light would come on. My brother said I "bricked" the system. Is there any way I can fix unbrick my PSP? The warranty is expired since my system is over three years old and it's going to be a week or two before I can afford a new one. I have the original PSP, not the 3000 or Go.

    Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask. Thank you in advance.

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  • Trying to find a hard-to-find song?

    I heard this song on a rock station a couple weeks ago on my way to work one night. I really liked the song but there was no announcement of the name of the song or who sang it. The singer was male. I think the name of the song is "Midnight In the Garden". The only line I can remember is "well, it's midnight in the garden and..." It's a rock love song. I know that's not much to go on. And for those who'll say "Google it", believe me when I say I've googled it to death and even e-mailed the radio station and the radio show they thought the song was played on.

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  • Need recommendations for a new camera?

    I had a Kodak EasyShare M753, but lost it at a football game yesterday. Even though I left a message with the campus' lost-and-found, I have high doubts anyone turned it in. Since my camera was two years old, I know the same model is not sold in stores anymore. Therefore, I'm shopping around for a new camera. I want another Kodak camera similar to the M753. I want one with a rechargeable battery, a variety of modes and scene settings, and has as much zoom as possible for under $200. Pocket-size would be a plus, too. Keep in mind I'm one of those types that takes my picture-taking seriously.

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  • Getting a second credit card to transfer balance?

    I currently have a Visa card with an $800 limit through my bank. After a financial near-disaster a few months ago, I had to basically start from scratch as far as paying it off. I have no problem making at least the minimum payments and have always made my payments on time. However, my current APR is over 27% and over $17 of my monthly payments go to finance charges.

    I'm debating on whether or not to get another credit card and transfer the balances just so I can have the current card paid off and never use it again. I won't cancel the card because I know that will kill my credit score. Is this something I should seriously do?

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  • songs about a potential cheater?

    I have different ring tones for different people on my cell phone. I need a ring tone for the following guy: he's an ex-boyfriend (we dated in college and he did the dumping) I'm still friends with. He's married and his wife is expecting their second kid. However, lately he's always calling me saying how he wants to get back together with me, blah blah blah. I was really wanting to use the song "Crowded" by Jeannie Ortega (

    Youtube thumbnail

    ) but that's not available as a ring tone through AT&T's web site. What are other songs with that similar theme? No country songs please.

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  • Why aren't hockey goals fastened to the ice in the NHL?

    One would think it would keep the goal from sliding around when players are near the goal.

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  • song played on "Mike and Mike"?

    It's a song they seem to play at least once a week. It's a female singer. The lyrics I catch are "When you walked through the door it was clear to me you're the one...". The last time they played it was this past Thursday or Friday before they talked about Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco/85/etc.

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  • which is cheaper, meat from the deli case or deli counter?

    I'm specifically talking about getting a whole pound. I'm not too picky about how it's cut. I'm particularly wondering about turkey, ham, and roast beef.

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  • help! I have termites!?

    I just noticed today that one of the walls in my apartment has termites. They chewed holes under my windowsill and infested my bedroom. I managed to get most of them vacuumed up and borrowed a can of ant killing spray from my parents (because I originally thought they were flying ants, but the spray does work however, there's not much left and I'm too broke to buy any more).

    Of course I'm going to inform my landlord about the problem when she comes in tomorrow morning. I filled the termite holes with caulk in hopes that it will prevent any more termites from coming in. What else can I do to keep the termites from coming into my apartment until my landlord can get pest control over?

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  • timing belt on a 2000 Escort ZX2?

    I went to Auto Zone to have see why my check engine light came on. According to their diagnosis, one possibility is that my timing belt either jumped or has tensioner failure. When researching possible estimates, I saw that it can get as high as $600. Thing is it's going to take me MONTHS to come up with that kind of money. What is the absolute longest I can hold off on getting this fixed?

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  • need a dress for sister's graduation?

    My baby sister graduates from high school this May. I want to get a casual dress to wear to the commencement. Since it's indoors in the gym that has no air conditioning, I need the skirt to be knee-length and be sleeveless but not strapless. At the same time I need the dress to be appropriate for me since I'm a 30 year old (so nothing from a teen store or a juniors department), 5'3", short-legged, and busty. I also don't want to spend more than $50 on a dress.

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