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  • Why is Facebook locking people out asking for Cellphone or photo?

    I had Face Book scene 2008 and i have never had a issue but now 11 years later me and my family and friends are getting locked out one by one almost daily this has never happen the whole time we had it so why now? normally they want a cell number but for some they want a photo of our faces so whats going on here is someone reporting us? or is it something else

    3 AnswersFacebook1 year ago
  • Two Dream questions?

    I have two questions about dreams even though one of them isnt really a dream more of an odd thing that happens to me when i am very tried and dosnt always

    1. sometimes when i am sleeping i dream that there is an glaze over my eyes and everything is blury ot faded i cant really see anything at all i even sometimes in the dreams set up in bed and still nothing any ideas what it is? or whats causeing it?

    2. Every once in awhile when i am very tried i some times recall events that happened that day i dont see it in my mind but i hear it in my head i was also told i am in an trance like state in my own world i wont talk or even hear anything else but that event i was also told i dont blink and have a glazed look in my eyes until someone puts me to bed any ideas what it is? or why

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation2 years ago
  • Probelm please help?

    ok so this is the story I am 12 yrs old and I have a crush on Anna Sundstrand I had it scene the first time I saw her back in 2000 in 2005 I found out she was modeling and I found a way to talk to her and send her gifts and what not I sent her some really nice stuff but never got a thank you or any thing the other thing is she used to e-mail me back but now she doesn’t. I kind of think she doesn’t like me but really don’t know why or what I did to make her mad is she really that cold and mean?

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  • where can i find Anna Sundstrand songs in full?

    i found the clips of her songs on playmaina and other play sites but i was woundering if anyone knew where i can find the whole songs for say it again and press rewind

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